Aragorn and legolas relationship quiz

Are you in love with Aragorn?

aragorn and legolas relationship quiz

That's why it was so exciting to see Gimli and Legolas become such good friends in Eomer is captain of the Rohirrim in the land of Rohan while Aragorn is the heir to A relationship between an immortal and a mortal is practically taboo in Middle-Earth. .. The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World. After the destruction of the One Ring and of Sauron, Legolas stayed for the coronation of Aragorn and his marriage to Arwen. Later, Legolas and Gimli went . Love and relationship quizzes -» Your celebrity lover tests -» Lord of the BTW, Aragorn has grey eyes not blue. Legolas, Aragorn or Gimli?.

Are you in love with Aragorn?

In the film he dies atop his tower in Isengard. In the books, he dies in the Shire. Question 21 Who is this creepy and giant spider? Aragog Sherab Shelob Atop the steps of Cirith Ungol there is a series of caverns that have been etched away at by the acid of this evil spider.

She doesn't exactly like the taste of orcs, but she won't think twice about trapping them in her webs and munching on them as she pleases. She almost gets her fangs into both Frodo and Sam. She does paralyze Frodo temporarily but she doesn't manage to eat either of them. She despises the light, and is certainly a formidable foe in the darkness of her caves. Question 22 Who is this brave little hobbit?

This particular one ends up riding with the people of Rohan when it comes time to fight on the Pellenor Fields.

He aids Eowyn in killing the Witch King and he is gravely injured in the process. He's great friends with another hobbit, and while this one is the smarter of the two, they both are jokers and fun-lovers in their own right. What is this hobbit's name? Question 23 Who is this tall humanoid tree? So long that they can't quite remember. And they've been around so long that they can afford to spend an entire afternoon simply saying hello to each other.

This particular Ent is persuaded by two hobbits to travel towards Isengard where he sees all sorts of devastation of his beloved Fangorn Forest. This drives him to call the other Ents to go to war against Saruman, and they destroy Isengard. Question 24 Who is this pale man of Rohan?

Gamling Wormwart Agrippa Wormsbane Grima Wormwood To be fair, this guy was once a man of Rohan, but he turned once the corruption of Saruman took hold. He is responsible for helping Saruman send away Eomer and his Rohirrim and keeping King Theoden in a zombie-like state.

He is also presumed to be responsible for the death of the king's son. He's desperately in love with Eowyn and he seeks only to be on the winning side Question 25 Who is this silly hobbit? Pippin Peregrine Took Merriadoc Brandybuck While he's not the brightest hobbit around, this little guy is perhaps one of the more noble of the hobbits. He may be a bit dense, but he does what he knows to be good in his heart and even if he's afraid, he's willing to stand fast to protect those he loves.

He saves Gandalf from the swing of an orc's axe at one point. He pledges himself to Gondor, but also goes against the wishes of the Steward to light the beacons which call for aid from Rohan. Question 26 Who is this big glowing eyesore?

aragorn and legolas relationship quiz

Saruman Sauron Sowrun This giant eye does have a more humanoid form which is that of a beautiful elf But during the course of the films an the books you will know this character more from the giant eye that sits atop the tower of Baradur. He can speak through the power of the One Ring as well as the seeing stones known as palantirs. He is eventually destroyed when Gollum falls into the magma of Mount Doom with the Ring in hand. Question 27 Who is this rider of Rohan?

Boromir Theodrid Eomer This specific man of Rohan was banished by the king while Grima Wormtongue and Saruman were corrupting the king's mind. He is eternally loyal to the king though and returns to save him at the battle of Helm's Deep. He also rides for Rohan on the Pellenor Fields.

He is the brother to Eowyn and finds her on the battlefield after she has killed the Witch King. He takes her to the Houses of Healing where she meets Faramir who has also been gravely wounded.

Question 28 Who is this brown wizard? He was one of the five wizards or Istari. Being the queen of Lothlorien, she is one of the members of the White Council and worked to stop Sauron when he was the Necromancer in Dol Guldur.

Having been there when Sauron was defeated, he fears what the Dark Lord could bring back to the world. As such, he has often spoken with the wizard, Gandalf, about how to save the free peoples of Middle-Earth. Before the battle at the Black Gate, Eowyn of Rohan and Faramir of Gondor were recovering after suffering severe wounds. The two managed to fall in love in that time and become married soon after. Question 18 Trolls Mumakil Sauron can be accused of many things, but not being creative isn't on that list.

On top of orcs and wicked men, he also drafted trolls and giant mumakil into his army to ensure that the people of Minas Tirith would be burned along with the city. Question 19 Lurtz or the Mouth of Sauron? That's why he created Lurtz to head the charge of finding the Fellowship. Sauron, on the other hand, needed a voice for negotiation. That's why he had the Mouth of Sauron talk to Aragorn before sending in his armies. Question 20 Gimli Sam There are countless characters in The Lord of the Rings who are a bit shorter than the average man.

That said, they still have plenty of courage and heart. Gimli was one of the bravest dwarves in Middle-Earth at the time, and Sam was one of the bravest Hobbits. Question 21 Tom Bombadil Glorfindel The Lord of the Rings is a massive series, but there were several things that Peter Jackson didn't bring over from the books.

Among them was the strange man known as Tom Bombadi, who was unaffected by the Ring and Glorfindel, who saved Frodo from the Nazgul. He enlisted the forces of the Easterlings, armored men with spears and heavy shields as well as the Haradrim, lancers who were skilled in controlling the Mumakil. Together, they helped raze the city of Minas Tirith. Both wandered Middle-Earth but are royalty and work to claim their homelands.

aragorn and legolas relationship quiz

Thorin has to fight a dragon to get the Lonely Mountain while Aragorn only needs to kick the steward off of his pedestal. Question 24 Smaug Balrog Middle-Earth has no shortage of legendary creatures.

Among them is Smaug the Terrible, who single-handedly took over the halls of Erebor and killed all the dwarves that lived there.

Second, there was the Balrog of Morgoth, who struck fear in the hearts of an entire goblin brood. Bilbo worked with the company of Thorin Oakenshield while Frodo fought alongside the Fellowship of the Ring.

They both went down in history. Eowyn was a shield-maiden of Rohan who managed to kill the Witch King while Arwen was the daughter of Lord Elrond who gave up her immortality to stay with Aragorn. They're very similar, but which one is the best? They were the first to let Gandalf the White free the king from Saruman's control. Unfortunately, Hama died soon after when the people of Rohan were ambushed by a party of Warg Riders. Question 29 Faramir Eomer Faramir and Eomer hold similar positions within their own kingdoms.

Question 8 Who is this silly Hobbit? Meriadoc Brandybuck Sackville Baggins Samwise Gamgee This guy is probably one of the most bumbling of Hobbits in the entire series but he is also one of the most meaningful and heartfelt Hobbits. This guy really just wants to help his friend and refuses to ever leave his side. He is also very optimistic Even when he does finally get pushed away from the side of his dearest friend, he still finds the courage to fight his way back to his friend.

And even has the courage to carry him to the brink of victory! Question 9 What does Sam say you should do with Potatoes? Peel them, blanch them, fry them in a pot Boil them, mash them, eat them with a spoon Boil them, mash them, stick them in a stew Peel them, cut them, wrap them in some foil There is a wonderfully hilarious scene once Frodo and Sam have been travelling for some time with Gollum that is all thanks to Gollum catching some rabbits.

Gollum just wants to eat them raw but Sam insists that they get cut up and boiled in a stew.

aragorn and legolas relationship quiz

Sam then brings up wishing he had some taters to cook up too. Gollum doesn't know what he's talking about at all, but Sam talks about how he would love to cook them up Question 10 Who is this great eye? This is the all-seeing eye form that he takes until he finally gets the One Ring back. Then, his intention would surely be to take full form once again and wash over the free peoples of Middle Earth with his vast armies of orcs and other evil creatures. He once appeared as a beautiful Elven figure and that is how he manipulated all of those who accepted rings of power from him.

Question 11 Who is this iconic character? Boromir Haldir Denethor Everyone who knows internet memes will at the very least recognize this photo and this actor. This is Sean Bean who is probably the most famous for his uncanny ability to di in almost every single production he has ever been a part of.

Anyway, the meme for this photo comes from this character's line "one does not simply walk into Mordor". There have been many versions of this meme out there and they are funny. But who is the character who gave birth to this meme?

aragorn and legolas relationship quiz

Question 12 Where does Gollum send Frodo and Sam when they climb the stone stairs? Minas Morgul Osgiliath Dol Goldor Gollum is a pretty devious creature and he goes out of his way to try and get a hold of "the precious" whenever he can.

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Gollum then figures he can easily grab The Ring and be happy again. What is the place called that he sends them too? Question 13 What is Gollum's real name? Deagol Gollum Gothmog Ok, this should be a real easy one. Why, you might ask?

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Because there is a whole intimate scene between Frodo, Sam and Gollum where Frodo calls Gollum by his real name and there is a whole breakthrough in their relationship. And Frodo calls Gollum by his real name from then on in. Question 14 What is this eerie place? Originally, this place was a strong outpost to keep an eye on the pass of Cirith Ungol and the back way out of Mordor.

This was a Gondorian city which gave a great deal of protection to the realm. Obviously, this was taken over by the orcs at one point and then the Witch King sat there with his fell beast and his army, waiting to launch an assault on the Gondorian capital. Question 15 Who is this man of many colours? Sauron Severus Slytherin To be fair, this guy is more than a man and you might only think of him as white but in the books, this guy describes himself as a wizard of many colors because when you break the white light you can see the many colors in it.

He gets manipulated by the dark lord and turns on his closest friends in order to serve the forces of darkness. And he causes an awful lot of damage. He was once wise but clearly goes crazy. Question 16 Who is this deluded character? Boromir Thranduil Denethor This guy is not necessarily a villain but his mind is definitely warped by the power of Sauron in the seeing stone; palantir.

He is the father of two pretty important characters and while this guy is only the Steward of Gondor, he tries to run the nation as though he is a king. And he tries to keep his power all the way until the bitter end when he ends up trying to burn his son and himself when he thinks that there is no longer any hope and that the enemy will most certainly win.