Asuma and kurenai relationship marketing

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asuma and kurenai relationship marketing

Jordy Kurogane Tell Kurenai that trying to put Itachi under genjutsu gave me more cancer than my cigarettes" Market · Trophy Room. SHOP MEMES. Buy Meme Merchandise · Buy Meme T-shirts Cancer, Dank Memes, and Last Words: Asuma's last words. .. Dec 1, You have to face problems in your love relationship. Well out in public kurenai and asuma appeared pretty much average together like two friendly coworkers, anyway after asuma died he entrusted shikamaru to take care of kurenai and his kid, Why does Kurenai look so old in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations?. Since becoming a member of Team Kakashi once again, he had never felt so Halting his steps, shrouded under the shadows of a closed-market awning, . Sakura walked towards Shino and Hinata, setting the child down.

She got things done. Efficiency was a primary watchword. Her career and life was centered firmly around an organized schedule of optimal actions which were to be conducted at optimal times for maximum results.

Somehow, he had known that she was present in the room, despite it being seemingly empty after the Hokage's departure with her colleagues for a hidden training ground which could only be used by the military ruler of Konohagakure no Sato.

The greatest taijutsu expert in the village and the strongest, long-lived Hokage in Konoha were going to engage in a full out duel. Rather than being there to observe and learn, to improve the mediocrity of her own skill in the might of titans, she was here… "Jiji would never know! To call it mere babysitting however, would be a slight oversight.

Instead, she chose to view her actions as important, as she was protecting the Hokage's Office and the doubtless, numerous important documents and secrets which were kept within them. Her gaze through her mask flickered down to the boy in the room, who was bouncing up and down excitedly around her.

A part of her questioned why the Sandaime would ever do such a thing as granting full access to his office library to the boy, to visit and peruse as he so desired. Another small part of her, would not deny, the spark of envy that came with the realization that this boy was essentially being mentored by the Professor, the God of Shinobi himself, albeit indirectly, and he may not even realize it.

It was not her place to decide what or who the Hokage chose to impart his wisdom to, and perhaps, as far as she knew, the young boy might actually be capable or worthy of his knowledge. The boy let out a long sigh. Thankfully, her mask was still in place, so he could not see her left eyebrow slightly ascend.

Yet, despite standing at attention, her body never moving nor making any slightest indication as to the change of her willingness to either listen or aid him in any manner, he somehow knew she was intrigued. Yeah, that's right you wouldn't know! Once I've done that, he'll let me become a Genin-ttebayo!

asuma and kurenai relationship marketing

It was an incredible failing, considering her status as a distinguished member of the ANBU corps, known and renowned for impeccable emotional control.

However, she could not help it. The boy in question merely blinked at her. Though the Sandaime may deny it, or perhaps, refute it, there was a clear bond between him and the young boy — Uzumaki Naruto. The last thing she needed was a reprimand from her superior officer. Her initial utterance had been instinct, a slip of tongue, a rare moment of embarrassing lack of professionalism caused by the inherent surprise and frank, sheer ludicrousness of the boy's claims.

There's no way I'm gonna let you just clam back up after that! What exactly did the boy think or believe he could do to her that would make her speak? Was he baiting her? Was that a comment made purely to incite a negative reaction? Because if it was, Yugao would applaud the stroke of genius at the boy finding just the exact right buttons to push, and then she would promptly concede to her ANBU training, stifling her emotional response in turn and not deeming him worthy of a rebuttal.

She could tell, from his eyes, his posture, the manner in which he had said it, the stress and articulation — Those words had not been uttered as fighting words. They had been uttered as facts. You are essentially dismissing their struggles, growth and achievements there as a complete waste of time and energy.

Grinning like a loon, the fool. I'm going to become the strongest Hokage that ever lived! What in the world did the Sandaime see in this boy exactly? A spark, like a tiny firefly had been placed into round, cerulean lanterns. Depth filled those orbs with a sense of severity that Yugao was not certain she had ever seen from accomplished ANBU Commanders, let alone upstart academy students. The resounding silence made the professional woman let out a brief, slightly irritated breath.

This was no time for her to be contemplating the inner workings of a child's delusions of grandeur. She had a job to complete, and a Chunin to question about the nature of a particularly mouthy student. Sarutobi Hiruzen was annoyed.

Powerful explosions rocked a desolate training ground. Earth shattered and was sent uprooted into the sky as though the very foundations of soil had been replaced with gunpowder and dynamite. Sonic booms echoed repeatedly, like chaotic claps of clamoring giant.

In a blur of speed, the aged Hokage appeared on a treetop, fully garbed in his combat form, scuffled, battered, and clearly exhausted.

Yet, despite this, he found his left eye twitching heavily in annoyance as he heaved a giant staff in his hand over his shoulder, and a stream of words came pouring into his right ear. Even counting the time with Daimyo Hakamura's four daughters!

Telling Maito Gai to "not hold back", do you possess a death wish? Are you impatient for the Shinigami's blade Hiruzen? The tree was uprooted from the ground with a sickening crack that could only have resounded from the force of a kick, and it was then immediately sent as a missile towards the airborne Kage. Twirling the adamantium staff in his hands in the manner of fan blades, Hiruzen smashed the tree into millions of unrecognizable splinters, before creating a one-handed sign that sent a nameless generic wind technique rushing towards the splinters and transforming them into razor sharp weapons soaring through the air towards their target.

I will respond in kind most earnestly! Every punch that Gai threw possessed the same force as a cannonball launching at Mach speeds. Every block that Hiruzen made successfully with his staff had the side-effect of rattling and cracking his bones, skidding him backward with every successive hit.

The Hokage found himself entirely on the defensive in the midst of the fierce assault, as his speed was outmatched, his strength was outmatched, his reaction time was utterly outmatched — Only instinct, pure, unadulterated instinct born from years and years of combat experience — It was all he could rely on. Only instinct enabled him to block every incoming punch, to time every fiery kick, to account for every feint and every surprise maneuver.

Still, instinct alone was not enough. A kick finally connected with his stomach, the aged Hokage's eyes going wide as spittle and blood flew from his mouth. He folded in half like a chair from the impact, even as he felt the sandaled leg shatter his armor like tissue, certainly crack a rib or two, and sent him soaring backwards like a hapless old man.

Hiruzen felt his entire world spinning, as dizziness and fatigue crashed into him all at once. His bones felt as though they were on fire and his legs were numb as though he had been struck by concurrent lightning techniques.

Belatedly, he supposed it was indeed a bad idea to have insisted that Konoha's foremost taijutsu specialist not hold back against him in their spar. Yet, despite his age, Hiruzen possessed his pride, he had his pride as the Hokage, as the man who was supposed to be the guardian of the people of Konoha.

Telling Gai to have gone easy on him would be an insult not only to himself, but to Gai and to the people of Konoha in its entirety. Still, he had not expected such a one-sided battle. Hiruzen, for his part, laughed, however little he could without hurting his damaged ribs, as he lay on the ground and gazed up into the large blue skies above him.

asuma and kurenai relationship marketing

Perhaps, he supposed, it was time to storm mourning his successor. He did not feel any true satisfaction from slaving away for the children in the Academy, the ungrateful bunch, to whom he hoped, and prayed, that they would get brutally slaughtered on their very first missions.

Some of them perhaps, like the Uchiha boy, showed promise, tremendous promise, and those rare talents that were actually capable of becoming deadly shinobi, he cultivated and promoted. The rest however, were an amalgamation of welcome mats and dusty staircases in which their more talented colleagues would eventually step on and climb in their ascent to greatness.

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The Academy's syllabus was a joke, the type of joke that could be found in a fifty ryo book on the clearance pile in a discarded gift shop. Either the Hokage had grown senile from his numerous years in office, or it was all a deliberate ploy by some higher powers to cripple the development of Konoha by methodically severing the roots. He snorted, shaking his head as he enjoyed his cup of coffee. Lunch break was not the time to begin contemplating possible conspiracy theories.

Mirai Sarutobi

For now, he would enjoy the relative safety and paycheck offered to him as a member of the teaching staff. Less than what he would get if he was in the field, but the lack of life-threatening situations was a suitable trade off.

It also helped that the… thing had long since stop attending the Academy. With such horrible attendance rates, there was no doubt in Mizuki's mind that it would never graduate, much less wear the proud headband of the village and perform missions in her honor. Hence, for the first time in a long while, life was looking up for Mizuki.

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All of you get in here! Dropping his tea in the teacher's lounge, a group of his co-workers all turned to stare at each other, before they followed the shout of another one of their peers. You're telling me that pansy finally lost it? Kurenai-sensei leaves us to babysit and I don't get blamed for whatever goes wrong.

It's all on you, Sakura! I need to pummel a confession out of Kiba-kun. Sasuke, Sai, and Naruto watched the comfortable exchange — Hinata and the child cheering loudly for Sakura, Kiba teasingly tackling Sakura to the ground, and Shino weaving away from the shadows to come to her rescue.

Sakura-chan has just as many — if not more — the rookie nine and Team Gai; the people at the Hospital; people from other countries. It happens a lot — and I don't see it lessening any time soon. Naruto shook his head, "Not enough that it affects her relationship with Team Kakashi.

Her priority will always be us. But…" Naruto sighed, watching as Sakura laughed hysterically while Kiba ran away from a horde of Shino's bugs, "…We don't exactly have the…right…to keep her all to ourselves. She beamed brightly with genuine excitement.

asuma and kurenai relationship marketing

Kakashi, Yamato, and Sai were on a mission, away from the village, and Sakura had politely declined their sparring session for other plans. With extra time on his hands, Sasuke found himself detouring though the long route, towards the Training Grounds, weaving along winding streets that crossed through the different parks.

The skies were cloudless and the weather was warm. His hands were characteristically shoved in his pant pockets. He strayed towards the side of the road where trees provided tolerable shade while his thoughts drifted towards the past several months — to Sakura and the sociable personality that seemed to have emerged over the years. Since the time Sasuke had been officially reinstated as a Konoha shinobi, Sakura had waived the company of Team Kakashi for the company of others more than a handful occasions — roughly one or two times a week.

There had been several missions she had accepted in the camaraderie of other squads and Sasuke was beginning to really consider and question the ties and bonds that she kept with her original team.

Naruto and Sai didn't seem bothered, but there was something in Naruto's blue eyes that displayed his sadness, yet understanding, of the situation — something that Sasuke couldn't see himself. Laughter and conversation roused Sasuke from his inner musings and he shifted his head to regard a tranquil area of grassy, green hills. Again, his silent disdain and annoyance resurfaced. He halted in his steps, blending into the shadows of the nearby trees, observing the spectacle in curious, yet critical, silence.

Lazily lounging on the distant peaks of grassland, Haruno Sakura was accompanied by Team Asuma. Yamanaka Ino sat behind Sakura, braiding her waist-length pink locks as she hummed a quiet tune. Lying on Sakura's immediate right, Nara Shikamaru stared up at the skies, hands behind his head, and right leg bent at the knee.

asuma and kurenai relationship marketing

A few feet on Shikamaru's other side, Akimichi Chouji munched on a bag of BBQ potato chips, eyes trained further down the hill, where a civilian park for children was located. Sharingan irises flashed and Sasuke easily read their lips.

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Remember the last one? You sent the guy flying before he laid a hand on you. The first Chuunin team to pass with two kunoichi on the same squad!

asuma and kurenai relationship marketing

You are all coming to my apartment and teaching me — and then we can watch movies! Sasuke allowed his Sharingan to fade, his frown deepening as he turned away from the sight and continued to walk — stalk — towards Training Ground Three.

It wasn't uncommon for Sakura to invite Team Kakashi to her apartment for a night of dinner and activities — but to extend that invitation to others?

Naruto was no stranger to doing the same — but not as frequently as Sakura did. Why was Sakura so well-known — so popular — and open to so many different people?

He could understand spending time with the girls — Tenten, Hinata, and Ino — and Team Kakashi — but absolutely everyone? A small part of his mind didn't doubt that if he had invaded on the gathering of Sakura and Team Asuma — or any of the other teams — and had asked Sakura to follow him, she would have — with no question and with little reason. But years before, Sasuke would have never had to ask. Was he being selfish? After several hours of sparring with Naruto — and taking out all of his built-up aggressions on the oblivious blond — Sasuke's inner musings from the last several months returned full force when he crossed paths with Sakura on his way home.

Evening had already arrived; the skies were a dark blue and the air was still humid. Sasuke was bruised and battered but the discomfort of his injuries were forgotten when a flash of pink entered his line of vision. Her hair was still tied together in a braid and her green eyes were wide and curious as she regarded him with mild surprise.

Sakura blinked, confused, "I don't understa—Sasuke-kun, I'm right here. Where do your loyalties lie? I-I'm a kunoichi of the Hidden Leaf — always. They're still my comrades of the Hidden Leaf.

It's not like I'm…fraternizing with the enemy! She sighed, closing her eyes, and suddenly tired, "…What is the problem, Sasuke-kun? Her lips were pulled down into a deep — hurt — frown and her brows were steepened with such palpable sadness that Sasuke was already reanalyzing his behavior and regretting every single word that left his accusing mouth.

Sasuke didn't reach out; he didn't call out; he allowed her to walk away — because he didn't feel like the damned teammate — friend — that he faulted her for not being. The following two weeks, Sasuke didn't see Sakura for more than several fleeting seconds.

She refused to attend their Team Kakashi sparring sessions and she spent most of her free time covering shifts at the Hidden Leaf Hospital. Shino shook his head.

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Team Asuma witnessed Sasuke heading home one evening, under the dim light of the dango stand they were seated at. Ino stood up, ready to initiate direct confrontation, but was stopped by an equally displeased Shikamaru. Naruto didn't judge — in fact, he was the most understanding of the situation.

However, he didn't aid Sasuke in getting back into Sakura's good graces, simply stating "you two need to work it out on your own…just like we had to. Sai only smiled, shrugged, and offered him quiet sympathy. At least Team Kakashi was on his side — he only needed the last member to return to it.

It was the twentieth day, since his last confrontation with Sakura, when a sudden knock sounded on his door. It had started raining, after months of warm weather, and the quiet pellets of water against the windows and rooftops was a little soothing to Sasuke's restless form. When he opened the door he was greeted by a rain-drenched Haruno Sakura. She didn't have an umbrella but she carried her messenger bag, which she usually took with her when she was assigned rounds at the hospital.

Her pink hair was plastered to her pale skin but her green eyes were still large and bright, staring at him piercingly as he stood at his doorway, frozen.

Sasuke locked his front door and promptly retrieved a towel to help her dry off. She was led to the kitchen table and Sasuke began to make a pot of hot tea. There was a palpable tension in the air and Sasuke wanted to clear it completely — he wanted to apologize for his harsh words yet the simple act of speaking seemed to always get him into trouble.

When he confronted me a couple of years ago — the same way you did — I reacted a lot more bitterly and angrily. It doesn't make your words hurt any less, now, but I still needed some time to think. She took the beverage with a small smile, curling her palms around the ceramic to retain the temperature throughout her pallid skin.

Sasuke intently listened to her. Ashamed, he bowed his head, completely attentive as she continued her quiet explanation. Team Asuma, Team Kurenai, Team Gai — sometimes, even, the Hidden Sand — took me with them — allowed me to tag along on missions because I didn't have a full squad. But not as great as the Chuunin Exams. The first Chuunin Team to pass with two kunoichi on the same squad! They were there and I'm grateful for that.

I always will be. I've fought for you — for us. I'm honestly, truly sorry. I was…I was being selfish. We're not lonely anymore. Naruto grinned upon witnessing Sakura's and Sasuke's renewed friendship, sharing a significant stare with both of them. Sai smiled, reveling in his personal inclusion of the team. Kiba grinned, waving the team down in a gesture to join them, promptly causing Sakura to grin and lead her three boys towards the large group of shinobi.

Her hand reassuringly slipped into Sasuke's. A spectrum of varying glances regarded Sasuke — especially after the most recent conflict — ranging from suspicious and wary, to hopeful and assuring.