Barry allen and iris west relationship advice

The Flash's Rag Doll Debut Improves Iris & Nora's Relationship

barry allen and iris west relationship advice

In my honest opinion she just loves The Flash not Barry. Personally, wouldn't advice their relationship, but seeing as many movies turn out. Since learning Barry Allen's secret, Candice Patton's "Flash" character, insight into Iris' relationships with characters like her father, Barry and Patty, other for advice in daily life, but Iris is still grieving the loss of her fiance. As I've been catching up with The Flash, I have been excited to see Iris relationships are not nullified or changed by his relationship with Iris.

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"Flash's" Candice Patton Opens Up on Iris' Relationships, Wally West Revelation

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barry allen and iris west relationship advice

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Now, Iris finds herself in a similar situation to the one Joe and Barry were in last season, lying to them about her newly-discovered secret, and dealing with a hypocrisy she is aware of but seems unable to work past -- for now.

New "Flash" Photos Show Zoom's Costume in Painful Detail In speaking with CBR News about this recent turn of events, Patton shared her insight into Iris' relationships with characters like her father, Barry and Patty, and expressed her admiration for the character's strong moral compass and protective instincts. Last season, Iris had an amazing scene where she took Barry and her father to task for lying to her. Now, she's been placed in a similar situation with her mother and brother.

How has she been coping with the decisions she's made? She's in a difficult position, you're right. Having seen her really take Joe and Barry to task for keeping secrets in Season 1, we ironically see Iris in a similar situation of having to keep a secret in order to protect the ones she loves -- or so she thinks.

barry allen and iris west relationship advice

I think she's really struggling with being a hypocrite in a way, but also finally understanding what it means to lie and keep secrets in order to protect the ones you love.

Her moral compass is so strong I don't know that she can sit on that information and keep secrets and lie for much longer. Has any of this changed the way she sees about her father at all? I think when her father revealed that her mother was still alive we saw a new version of Iris understanding that his intention wasn't to harm her, but rather to protect her and keep her safe. There's an understanding, with Iris having gone through Season 1 and seeing what Joe, Barry, Team Flash and the city are dealing with, that everyone is really just trying to protect each other.

At the end of the day, that's kind of what the West family and the Allen family are trying to protect -- we're all just trying to protect each other. It's finally out that not only is Wally West is headed to the show, he's Iris' brother. Can you tell us where she is emotionally right now, having recently made this huge discovery?

barry allen and iris west relationship advice

It's like being slapped in the face. She finds out that her mother's not dead, and now she's realized her mother had another child and that this child is her biological brother, perhaps. It's a lot of information, and then deciding that's something that she should tell Joe -- it's a huge, huge weight on Iris.

Iris has had her fair share of action sequences this season. What was that like for you, and can we expect to see more of that as the season moves forward? I'm always an advocate of Iris being a badass.

barry allen and iris west relationship advice

I love seeing her hold a gun, I love seeing her be fearless and jump out of windows. It's a really important character trait.

As she gets stronger and just evolves as a woman, I think we're seeing more and more of her strength. I think we can expect to see more as episodes come and seasons come.

How has Iris' relationship with Linda Park evolved since last episode?

The Flash 2x20 - Iris confesses her feelings for Barry

It's just Iris' instinct, I think, to protect people. She's a hero in her own right, you know?

15 Times Barry And Iris From 'The Flash' Were #RelationshipGoals

She may not have super powers, but in those moments, you see Iris will defend the weak if she's able -- and even when she's not able, sometimes. I can say, she definitely cares about Linda and there's a friendship there and she and Linda share a lot of similar qualities. I think you'll see, in episode seven, that -- now that Erik Larkin has died -- Linda wants to help.