Boy george and jon moss relationship

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boy george and jon moss relationship

Boy George has dumped his ex Jon Moss from the band after a series of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has admitted her relationship with A-list. Jonathan Aubrey Moss (born 11 September ) is an English drummer, best known as a . Moss had a relationship with Boy George during the height of Culture Club's popularity, although it was not public knowledge at the time. Their affair. Yet behind the scenes a secret four-year love affair between singer Boy George and drummer Jon Moss was imploding with physical and.

2010 ➤ Three key men in Boy George’s life, but why has TV changed some of the names?

Today IRL such a neat online term they are all family men whose pasts seem fated to guarantee them no chance of a private life. Marilyn at Planets club, Peter Robinson lived his life as the Hollywood legend.

boy george and jon moss relationship

The broadcast version sees Slag Sue and Myra seemingly merged into a punkette called Mo guesswork, thiswhile Hilda is renamed Sarah and the tragic Mitsu becomes Dawn. This is naked point-scoring by George who was famously sacked by Strange for pilfering in the cloakroom.

boy george and jon moss relationship

His envy was impotent, however. Reluctant cloakroom attendant, A lot of people got off the track. During and Moss was involved in another group, Promised Landwith his schoolfriend Nick Feldman. The two released two singles, "Something in the Air" and "Circle in the Square", and also a self-titled album.

boy george and jon moss relationship

In he met Sebastian Wocker, vocalist of the indie band Yeah, and soon joined them. For two years the group played several concerts on the London circuit, made various television appearances and filmed one video Engerland in at the former home of Hendon F.

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Their last concert was at The Underworld in Camden Town in Moss was a part of the Culture Club reformation between and Charities, b-side projects —10 [ edit ] From to Moss joined several punk rock and rock bands, among them Fassbender, DanMingo and Dirth.

Without official press statements, band manager Tony Gordon said in that the project was "on hold", while Jon stated that the project was shelved.

boy george and jon moss relationship

Old friends initially suspected a classic attack with a hatpin, harking back to the old feuding of the 80s. But talk within Culture Club circles this week confirms that Jon has suffered an authentic injury and is due to go into hospital for treatment. The camaraderie between George, Jon, Roy and Mikey is reported to have been rekindled and rehearsals actually enjoyable and relaxed enough for whoever is around to join in with the writing.

boy george and jon moss relationship

At band dinners in Dubai and Sydney there was agreement that the two shows had gone well. George was being particularly sociable with everyone after hours, rather than doing his own thing as in the old days.

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Do you really want to hurt me? One other interview during December gave a glimpse inside Culture Club family relations. It was more personality things.