Chanticleer and pertelote relationship test

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chanticleer and pertelote relationship test

Discuss Chaunticleer and Pertelote as husband and wife. Or Comment on the husband-wife relationship in The Nun's Priest's Tale. In 'The. In fact, Pertelote exemplifies the faithful, loving wife by dying when she sees Chanticleer being taken by the fox. d. There is no direct relationship between Chanticleer's beauty and skill, and his love for 2 pages Spenserian Sonnet Quiz. The unit test comes in two formats: all multiple choice-matching-true/false or with a Chanticleer doesn't realize that he is proposing marriage, but Pertelote.

In terms of literary analysis, an authority is defined as: Someone of importance or in a place of power, like the police.

Using the language of heroes to describe ordinary people. Which of the following BEST describes the character traits of the fox: Crafty, timorous nervousand derisive sarcastic. Ugly, crafty, and boastful. Handsome, brave, and debonair suave.

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Crafty, insincere, and boastful. What does the fox say to Chanticleer to get him to stay in the barn yard and talk: He knew his parents well and even had them over for dinner. That Chanticleer would have great singing technique if he stood on his toes, stuck out his neck, and closed his eyes.

All of the above. Inability to see danger.

chanticleer and pertelote relationship test

This is an example of how Chaucer achieved his mock-heroic style, which means to: Give his tale as a maxim. Liken Chanticleer to a god. Use heroic language to depict ordinary creatures involved in a commonplace barnyard event. Set the events of this story within the framework of another story. Her husband backed down and ran away from a beast. Her husband is really bothered by his bad dream.

Her husband favors one of the other hens. Which answer best paraphrases the following line from the old man: My life will take. There is no man in this town or country who will swap his youth for my age — not even Death himself. Even Death thinks I am too worthless to barter with. The youngest reveler plans to: Murder the oldest b.

Poison both of the other two c. Sneak back and steal the gold for himself d. Stab both of the other two Who do the 3 men go looking for and why? How many did he write? Who does the narrator meet at the Tabard Inn? Why is everyone at the Tabard?

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Why were they going to Canterbury Cathedral? Who is the host, or owner of the Tabard Inn? What game does the host propose to the pilgrims? Is the group mostly the same homogenous or a diverse group? How is The Canterbury Tales a frame narrative? Read the description of the Pardoner found in the Prologue. What do you learn about the Pardoner from the Prologue? What is ironic about how the Pardoner gets people to repent from the sin or avarice greed? They meet an old man as they begin their journey.

Where does the old man send the rioters? What do they find where the old man sends them? What happens to their search for Death?

chanticleer and pertelote relationship test

Why do they decide to take home the treasure at night? Why is one youth sent into town? What plan do the other men make to kill the one when he returns from town? What plan does the one who goes to town make to kill the two others when he gets back to the tree? Who dies, and what happens? How does this tale serve as an exemplum?

Pertelote says that the dream isn't real and to stop freaking out. Chanticleer talks about a bunch of men who died after they dreamed of it.

chanticleer and pertelote relationship test

Then he gives more evidence and tells Pertelote she's beautiful and then they make love. One day Chanticleer is walking thru the forest and the fox stalks him and his wives.

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Then the fox confronts him with politeness and flatters him. When Chanticleer starts to sing the fox grabs his throat and drags him away. The wives find out and are sad. They spot the fox with Chanticleer and chase him down. Chanticleer tricks the fox into opening his mouth to boast and escapes and flies into a tree. Don't trust flatterers Pardoner Three people who party and drink a lot. They go out to "kill" Death as revenge for killing an old friend of theirs.

chanticleer and pertelote relationship test

As they go on their way, they find 8 bags of gold. They decide to share it among themselves but secretly are gonna kill each other.