Chicago fire casey and dawson relationship quizzes

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chicago fire casey and dawson relationship quizzes

At the heart of Chicago Fire is the relationship between Matt Casey and Gabby Dawson. In Thursday's episode, 'Put White on Me,' that. “Chicago Fire” recap (): “Packing all weekend” who have eye sex like a couple of rabbits, Mouch announced his run for Union President, Mills continued The boys scamper off while Casey tells Dawson he hopes Heather gets out of jail soon because . QUIZ: What kind of token gay cousin are you?. QuizzesPersonality QuizQuizCelebritiesChicago FireChief Wallace Boden Christopher HerrmannGabriela DawsonJoe CruzKelly.

chicago fire casey and dawson relationship quizzes

Well, no, but there are two motorcyclists who got trapped when the thing came off the truck. While Severide goes all HGTV on the house to pull the guys out, Casey and Dawson track down an adorable kid who jumped out of the back of the second car and hid. Back at the firehouse, Boden is getting his ass handed to him by The Wizard. Apparently, Mouch is the most valuable commodity in this campaign.

The lady who was supposed to take care of the Darden boys has arrived to drop the buggers off because her daughter is sick.

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Ben has no such qualms and enjoys being escorted in by Dawson smart boy. Severide picks him up causing millions of straight ladies to have spontaneous ovary explosions and shows Ben the map of all the houses in their area. While staring at the map, Severide goes all John Nash and his beautiful mind realizes something. Griffin tells Casey that this place is bullshit and he wants to go home. Casey figures he can buy a little good will with a sandwich on the pier.

Maybe you should get Dawson to say it. It might work better if you pair your words and her, ummm, face. Meanwhile, Ben is getting to break the rules by going up on the ladder. Ruh roh, Clark the narc is watching. Severide is up in his office doing some paperwork when Renee comes in bearing gifts.

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She holds up a firefighter costume and Severide barely looks at her. She slaps him and storms out. Severide runs down the station only to find out they have nothing tying the guy to the fires.

Big John chirps at Severide who shoves him and gets an earful from the investigator.

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When he told Louie, "I will always be your dad. Young Louie comes into his life when Dawson rescues him from a burning building. Casey is hesitant at first but then agrees to try and adopt him. However, the boy's biological father shows up and they give him up in the end but they'll always have this tender moment. Chicago Fire Mega Buzz: A Case Threatens Casey and Dawson's Relationship Shining a light on Dawson during his own ceremony What's better than a loving husband who knows how to give credit when credit is due?

During his big ceremony in which his promotion to captain is made official, he turns the spotlight on Dawson, calling her a hero and an inspiration for her incredible efforts during that parking garage collapse.

If you didn't think it before, this moment definitely certified them as CouplesGoals. When he realized it was a bad idea to criticize his wife's work — Chicago Fire NBCChicagoFire October 13, In addition to supporting your partner, knowing when to back off is also important.

That's why we're tipping our hat to Casey for quickly backing down when Gabby delivers that stern look after he criticizes her penmanship.

chicago fire casey and dawson relationship quizzes

Yeah, you don't want to mess with Dawson. That time he spared our feelings and survived that out-of-control warehouse fire Casey's fate was left in the air in the Season 5 finale when he found himself trapped and without his mask in a gnarly warehouse fire. Believing he was going to die, he made an emotional call to Dawson to tell her how much he loved her.