Daine and numair age difference in relationship

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daine and numair age difference in relationship

I'm 30 now and the idea of a 30 year old in a romantic relationship . You've got the large age and experience gap with Daine and Numair. But in the Protector of the Small series I loved what their relationship had become . Age differences become less important as the characters get. Pierce addresses the age difference head-on in The Realms of the Gods Daine and Numair's relationship is often the topic under discussion.

I had lost any illusions about teenagers I had ever had. I wrote about the things those girls had taught me teenage girls thought and did and I was straightforward about it. Without knowing it, without really thinking about it, I just made a pact with my readers that I was going to be as straightforward with my readers as I could be.

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Pierce promptly marched her to the nearest drugstore to show her the over-the-counter options. At the group home, one of the teenage girls already had a child, and another was pregnant, but Pierce discovered they knew very little about female anatomy or reproductive health.

daine and numair age difference in relationship

So she located a plastic model of the female abdomen and uterus and used it to give impromptu biology and sex education lessons in the dining room. Kel also receives advice on birth control, this time from her mother, Ilane.

daine and numair age difference in relationship

Then, if you do get carried away, you can surrender to your feelings. Alanna and Kel and other Pierce heroines weigh seriously whether or not they want to have sex and with whom and what the consequences will be. Here is Kel debating whether to sleep with her friend and fellow squire Cleon: She wondered why he joked about making love to her but never tried to do so.

Squires tumbled girls of the lower classes all the time; they were infamous for it. Kel feared both possible explanations for his refusal to press her. Either her large, muscular body was ugly to him, which seemed unlikely when they kissed; or he meant to marry her as people of their station married, with the bride a virgin.

When her agent, Claire Smith, suggested that Pierce turn the original Alanna manuscript into a series of shorter books for young adults, Pierce toned the stories down. But the books still featured forthright discussions of menstruation, sex, and contraception, especially when compared to other young adult fantasy novels. Still, Pierce has said that she encountered very little pushback when she began publishing in the s.

The only fight Pierce recalls with her first editor, Jean Karl at Atheneum, was over a scene in Lioness Rampant in which Alanna drinks wine as medicine. Pierce pointed out that the use of alcohol for medicinal purposes was historically accurate, but she ultimately agreed to change the beverage to a mug of tea brewed with special herbs. Years later, working with a new publisher, Scholastic, on a different series of books set in the Emelan Universe, her other fantasy worldPierce encountered another of the random red lines of young adult fiction.

For her novel Shatterglass, Pierce had described a population of prostitutes, the Yaskedasi, who were targeted by a mysterious killer. So, at the request of her editor, she changed the women into street performers. That her publishers were most concerned with mentions of alcohol and prostitution is striking in light of all the other provocative topics Pierce has touched on in her writing.

The most controversial and complicated sexual relationship in her work is that of yet another Tortall hero, Veralidaine Sarrasri or Dainewho talks to animals and studies Wild Magic — a career choice that appeals to animal-loving readers.

Daine falls for her teacher, the powerful mage Numair Salmalin, who is some 20 years older. It is the basest kind of trickery, even when the man does not intend it. Pierce has several practiced responses to those who feel that inter-generational romance is an inappropriate story line for teenagers.

Historically, the plot makes sense, she says, since men often married much younger women in the Middle Ages.

daine and numair age difference in relationship

Then, she explains that Daine is in many ways more emotionally mature than Numair, despite being much younger. But Pierce takes her characters — and readers — more seriously as young women and adolescents than Rowling or most of her other contemporaries. Instead, she treats the lives and ambitions and worries of her female characters with surprising frankness, nuance, and respect. When to have sex, how to deal with the risk of pregnancy, whether to marry the handsome prince who was your best friend and first lover but perhaps not your true love — these are important and hard decisions, Pierce recognizes, with real consequences and significant emotional stakes for her young heroines.

If Pierce was influenced by Tolkien and other major fantasists, her books also bear the marks of less obvious predecessors, including Louisa May Alcott. They were boating, they were shooting arrows, they were setting up theaters and doing plays and walking and sledding. He worked as a juggler and a lowly street magician, and thus survived while journeying to CorusTortall from Carthak. He almost died of starvation while on the road. They brought him to the king's attention, and Numair quickly garnered the king and queen's trust.

He lived for a time in the Tortallan Royal Palacein hiding. After several years of service, he became the King's chief mage. He also worked as a spy, because of his ability to shapeshift into different types of animals, namely a hawk. He acquired very practical magic knowledge, including the ability to detect poison. In the King's Service As a very powerful mage and spy, the King used him as a tool in order to scope out possible threats. Because of his shape-changing abilities, he was able to sneak in places where he would be unnoticed.

However, one mission did not go as planned in HE. He was caught by a mage in service to the lord of Sinthyaand was fed drugs [7]. He shape changed into a hawk because he got scared.

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The drugs were very potent and thus, in hawk form, they swamped him even more than they would have as a human. He managed to escape, but was tracked and hunted by Stormwings in the Lord of Sinthya's service, including the Stormwing queen, Zhaneh Bitterclaws [8].

Discovery of Daine the Wildmage Veralidaine Sarrasria thirteen year old girl who was working as the Assistant Horsemistress of Onua Chamtong, was able to call Numair back into his human body, using her potent wild magic. When he approached her later about it, he made the mistake about asking her directly if she had the Gift. He became positive that she did not have the Gift, but very strong wild magic.

He accompanied Onua and Daine back to Corus. In a meeting with King Jonathan and Daine, Numair was ecstatic to inform the king of Daine's wild magic, especially as she was able to sense the arrival of Stormwings at the palace, and the ability to sense animals in colors. Numair convinced Daine to become his student by telling her that he could teach her to heal animals, but didn't understand when the girl refused to learn meditation and more about her magic. He learned later when she informed him and Onua about what happened in Snowsdale and how she lost her human self.

Numair helped her form a barrier to keep her wild mage self from mixing in with her human self, and informed her that it was quite an easy feat of magic to accomplish [9].


When they had been staying at Pirate's Swoop for a few days with Alanna and her husband, George CooperAlanna was called away to deal with three 8 ft tall ogresspotted near Fief Mandash [10]. This was later revealed to be a ruse to lure the King's Champion away from Pirate's Swoop, so Carthaki pirates could attack and kidnap Queen Thayet and her two children staying there, Prince Roald and Princess Kalasin. The pirates were defeated with the help of a dragon and the kraken.

The dragon died in battle, leaving Daine with a vision of a newborn dragon in a cave along the cliffside. Daine brought Numair and Alanna with her, and thus she adopted the dragonet Skysong. Numair later said that she could live at his tower with him, but Alanna said that was hardly proper and that she needed women to talk to.

Numair's young student was offered a home at the palace with the King and Queen, as well as a home at Pirate's Swoop [11]. Dunlath rebellion When Daine was approached by two members of the Long Lake wolf pack for help, King Jonathan agreed to let her and Numair travel to Fief Dunlath and help the wolves, if only because some soldiers and Riders had gone missing near Fief Dunlath.

The wolves guided the humans back to Long Lake and along the way, Numair saw that a battle mage had blown up the missing Queen's Riders' camp, killing them all [12]. At Fief Dunlath, they learned about an earthquake that happened near an opal mine. Numair thought that the war mage who caused it could have been complicit in the attack on the Rider encampment [12]. While staying in town, they rested at an inn. Numair demanded that if Daine and he had adjoining rooms, the door between should be locked, for propriety's sake.

Staghorn was apparently a very accomplished war mage at the University of Carthak. Numair was already guessing that Staghorn was involved in the blasts [13].

After Daine made this mistake of informing Lady Yolane that she could talk to animals, Numair ordered her to pack when they got back to the inn [14]. They also wanted to warn King Jonathan of the treason taking place at Fief Dunlath. Numair also knew that Staghorn was under Emperor Ozorne's wing, and loyal to him, thus he surmised the emperor's involvement in the plot.

Daine separated from Numair before leaving Fief Dunlath, saying she had the wolves to look after.

daine and numair age difference in relationship

Numair warned her from keeping still longer than she could help it, as she was a fugitive now. It is revealed later that Gissa of Rachne had slipped nightbloom in his wine.

There was also a magical barrier around Fief Dunlath put there by Staghorn [15]. Numair realized this and used the sleight of hand that he learned while homeless and a street magician to make it seem like he drank the wine.

Daine later looked at Staghorn's correspondence and say orders from Emperor Ozorne to bring Numair to him via Stormwings. Daine warned them about the Bloodrain in the water. Finally, Numair and the warriors he brought managed to get through the barrier. He fought Staghorn and turned the war mage into an apple tree using a word of power [16]. Daine was sent along to heal the emperor's birds, which had fallen ill [17]. Numair returned to Carthak because the emperor pardoned him [17].

daine and numair age difference in relationship

There were conditions to the pardon, of course. When the delegation docked in Carthak Citythey were greeted by Prince Kaddarthe emperor's heir. Numair was less glad to be in the presence of the Emperor Mage, but when greeted by his old friend Lindhall Reedhe was incredibly glad [17]. One time, when Daine changed into a bird and flew around Emperor Ozorne's bird enclosure, Numair argued with Ozorne.

He basically told the emperor that Daine was his weak spot, and he tried to hit the other man [18]. When he saw that Daine and Prince Kaddar were spending a lot of time together, he confronted Kaddar in front of Daine and asked very personal questions about whether or not he had affairs and informed the women that things could not be more serious [19].

Emperor Ozorne revealed his true intentions later. He kidnapped Daine and spread a lie that she had gone underground in his empire to convince his people to rebel against him [20]. Numair had sent his simulacrum to be caught by Emperor Ozorne. The emperor had Numair's simulacrum executed and forced his old lover Varice Kingsford to watch [21]. The real Numair stopped Daine from killing Ozorne as a hyena. It took a bit to convince her he was real, and he explained about the simulacrum. The Tortallan delegates negotiated a treaty with the new Emperor Kaddar.

Onslaught of the Immortals War Numair awoke in a panic after realizing that the barrier between the Mortal and Divine Realms exploded due to the work of a human mage.

Daine and Numair both realized that the Immortals would be on them immediately, and there would be no stopping them from coming into the Mortal Realms [22]. Numair and Daine were brought to the Divine Realms by Weiryn and Sarra Beneksriafter they were attacked by Immortals known as Skinners and nearly died [23].

Numair learned for sure that his student's father was a god. He also met Gainel the Dream King. They also realized that UusoaeQueen of the Chaos Realmswas gaining power through her human vessel, Ozorne Tasikhe, the former Emperor Mage of Carthak, who was now a stormwing [23]. They also found darkings. Numair asked Daine to remain with her parents in the Divine Realms, something that she promptly refused to do [23].

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They traveled through the Divine Realms, and Numair saved her from spidrens by using a focus, in this case a hair and a picture. Daine learned that Numair was in love with her, and he was dismayed when she thought that he just wanted to have sex with her. Later on, Numair fought the Scanran mage Inar Hadensraand managed to defeat him.

Numair was drained of magic, however, and was found later by Daine, who had defeated Queen Uusoae and Ozorne Tasikhe.

He asked Daine to marry him, but she said only if he was very good. He also taught magic to the pages. One time, in late HE, Keladry of Mindelanher friends, and a group of bullies that included Joren of Stone Mountainaccidentally disturbed Numair. He used a freezing spell on all of them, so they could not move.