Dingdong dantes and antoinette taus relationship quiz

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dingdong dantes and antoinette taus relationship quiz

Other fan clubs of Dingdong Dantes were also excluded. .. When Antoinette Taus and Dingdong broke up, after the former decided to pursue. Manny Pacquiao Trending News Today, Innov8tive Marketing Solutions, Dingdong Dantes, Curlytops Online Shop, EK Clothing, ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes. Revolvy connects you with interesting topics, lists and quizzes. In , top leading men Richard Gutierrez and Dingdong Dantes left the show that the two of them have a "wonderful working relationship and are very good friends." the fact that Dingdong and previous SOP co-host Antoinette Taus were an item.

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dingdong dantes and antoinette taus relationship quiz

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Dingdong Dantes

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This article was romantically involved with, resulted in. Opera is dingdong dantes relationships netflix watch antoinette taus younger brother. Viva on valentines day offers. This paper explored on the various motivations why a fan becomes a fan and stays as a fan of a celebrity.

At the same time, understanding how a celebrity maintains interaction with his fans is an important factor in the relationship. Statement of the Problem The main problem of this study was to find out the rewards and costs present in the relationship of Dingdong Dantes and the DongYanatics. Specifically, this study aimed to: They are seen, heard and experienced everywhere in the local, national and international community, especially in the media.

Celebrities serve many functions such as providing entertainment for the public and serving as good role models and inspiration for others especially among the youth. There are some whose life experiences are set as bad examples and somehow, learning experiences, for the audience. They can also be a source of pride of our country. They have been recipients of awards and have served as ambassadors of goodwill or of a worthy cause.

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Indeed, celebrities have come a long way from just being mere magazine covers, conversation pieces and entertainers. Fandom has come a long way too, from being just a group of screaming mob or individuals who may be psychologically challenged. They have become important part of the celebrity industry. In fact, they are people whose feelings, interests, and well-being must be considered in making business decisions involving advertising, programming, marketing and the like.

It is important to know and note the various motivations of a fan for becoming a fan and staying as a fan of a particular celebrity.

dingdong dantes and antoinette taus relationship quiz

On the other hand, it is interesting also to know how a celebrity feels about the celebrity-fan relationship and how does he handle such. This paper will be of significance to the celebrities and fans who want to make the most of their encounter with each other. Even celebrities, much more the fans, need relationships that will bring out the best in them. People in this business shall also find the information useful which can guide them in creating new products, initiating marketing plans and making business decisions that can make or break the industry.

It can also be rewarding for the celebrity, fan, and the media. Scope and Limitation This study focused on the rewards and costs present in the celebrity-fan relationship of Dingdong Dantes and the DongYanatics. Fan Club management and talent management were not included in this study. Issues and controversies involving the subjects of this study were also excluded. Other fan clubs of Dingdong Dantes were also excluded. This study shall only be true to the abovementioned subjects and within the months this study was conducted.

Definition of Key Terms The following terms are used in the study and are defined conceptually and operationally as follows: A celebrity is a famous person that usually evolves from the sports or the entertainment industries and is highly visible through the media Turner3. This study focused on the celebrity, Dingdong Dantes. This is the kind of relationship that a celebrity and a fan have.

The relationship referred to in this study is the interpersonal relationship of Dingdong Dantes with the leaders of his fans club. A fan is an ardent devotee or an enthusiast of a celebrity The Free Dictionary, n. A fan is also a patron who displays interest, affection and attachment, especially for figures in, or aspects of, their chosen field Jenson9.

This is defined as a satisfying return or result; profit; positive reinforcement. Also, it means to satisfy or gratify; recompense. The Free Dictionary, n. In this study, it is used to refer to the various benefits or perceived benefits of both parties in the relationship. This is the expenditure of something, such as time or labor, necessary for the attainment of a goal. It also means to cause to lose, suffer, or sacrifice The Free Dictionary, n.

In this study, it refers to the things, tangible or intangible, that each of the parties had to give up in order to maintain the relationship. This is where twelve Philippine residents are forced to live inside a house, the Big Brother house, for about 3 months or days. He specializes in evening wear for both male and female.

His television career started in Celebrity Duets, a singing contest of celebrity non-singers in GMA 7. Her popularity began when she won the Bb. Pilipinas Universe crown and was dethroned shortly after because of inconsistencies in her birth certificate entries.

She regained her title after much-publicized petitions, interviews and features of her roots as an illegitimate child of an Indian national father and a poor Bicolana mother. Her popularity reached its peak when she delivered her infamous answer to the final question in the Miss Universe pageant.

Many believe that she could have won the title had she given a different or better answer. He is the first boxer in history to win nine world titles in seven different weight divisions. He recently has become a member of the Congress as Congressman of Saranggani Province. Aguilar is alleged to have concealed Ivler in their house. Ivler is wanted for murder. He was murdered by his fan, Mark David Chapman.

He was shot four times at the back as he was entering Dakota, his apartment building in New York City. She was killed by her fans club president, Yolanda Saldivar, after her family discovered that Saldivar was embezzling money from the club.

Chapter 2 Review of Related Literature This chapter presents the various related literature and studies gathered related to the study.

Sources include books, articles in books, compilations, graduate theses and online resources such as journals, newspapers and magazines. The article discussed the negative effects of the current celebrity culture and how celebrities have become negative role models for the adolescents and teenagers. This negative modeling includes drug and alcohol abuse and casual sex. A similar article but of a Filipino author, Bong Austere, also mentioned that our fascination with celebrities and the expanding and popularity of this celebrity culture is brought about by the lack of other role models in our society today Manila Standard Today, June 9, Many pupils also believed that academic success was unnecessary because they believe that they would be able to make their fame and fortune easily via a reality TV show.

It also mentioned that some celebrity behaviors encouraged underage drinking and antisocial behavior. The first three articles dealt with how celebrity creates impact to their audience through the various forms of media.

Celebrities are liked by their audience for reasons such as having a lavish lifestyle that the audience wants to be a part of, their image, their appearance, or their skill.

The present undertaking has a certain degree of similarity in the articles cited in the aspect of likeability or sociability of the celebrities and how fans react to these things. The positive and negative modeling of the celebrities was discussed in the articles while this paper discussed the rewards and costs present in a celebrity-fan relationship.

Fan Culture and Popular Media mentioned that fans are generally classified into two types: She described the various characteristics of a fan as described by the socio-psychologists and by the media. She mentioned that all of us are fans in some ways. But because of the supposed culture of the low art and high art, the fans of the popular media are discriminated against. In the article, she stressed that the same attributes are seen even in the fans of high art, for example, a fan of an operatic singer.

A fan, whether of high or low art, would seek autographs, line up in concerts, collect memorabilia and would want to know and meet the celebrity personally. At the end of the article, she suggested that "we respect and value other people as if they were us, because they always are Avoid, assiduously, the seduction of separateness that underlies the description of fans as pathological".

She further stated that "Fandom is an aspect of how we make sense of the world, in relation to mass media, in relation to our historical, social, cultural location". This article was found useful in the current study. This promotes that we are all fans and that fans seen in a different light are also people like us who have needs and that these needs may be addressed by the celebrity-fan relations.

The current study also wants to understand fans in the light of their interpersonal relationship with their celebrity idol. An article in Biotech Week stated an interesting insight about how fans treat and emulate their celebrity crushes. The article emphasized that contemplating on the qualities one likes about a celebrity crush can lead to the discovery of personal insights and identification of needs that one seeks in a love relationship Fans, This article was useful in this study since the current study also tackled the qualities that are likeable in a celebrity and how these qualities were perceived by the fans.

This study however did not compare the qualities of the celebrity with the qualities of significant persons in the life of the fans. Fanship is defined as team identification; it is the individual connection between the object or celebrity.

Fandom on the other hand is identification with others who share a connection with the object or celebrity. This is similar to group identity. Reysen and Branscombe's research is composed of four interrelated studies.

Study 1 assessed fanship in any of the interests like sport teams, TV shows or musical groups. The MCSD scale measured the individual degree of sociability and need for approval. Study 3 provided data on fan behavior, social distance and fanship. The results of the 3rd study showed that greater fanship is related to more fan behavior and a greater desire to keep non-fans at a distance from one's life.

The last study measured fanship, perceived entitativity, identification with other fans as a group and collective happiness. The results clearly established positive correlations among the four items.

Ingroups and outgroups existed and fanship is related to positive social identity and collective happiness. The study is similar to the current study that it concerned itself with the identities that may be gathered in fanship and fandom. However, this study only dealt with the fans' personal identity related to the object celebrity or the fanship factor. Relationships with fellow fans, collective happiness and the issue of ingroups and outgroups were not included.

Another article on fandom and the music industry featured the various functions of Internet-based fan clubs. Fan Clubs, Blogging, and the Quotidian Rhythms of the Internethe mentioned that music fan clubs nowadays serve functions not only for the fans but to the music industry. They serve as promotion and a form of direct marketing for the industry, at the same time creating a sense of identity and belongingness for the fans.

The article also presented a different take on how we see fan clubs. It also tackled the various promotional and merchandising activities associated with Internet fans club.

This article is useful in the current study in the sense that it provided information on how the fan clubs create that sense of belongingness and community. The current study though focused on the personal, face-to-face encounters of fans with their celebrity idol.

The study utilized Singaporean adolescents, aged 11 to The study is similar to the current undertaking in the sense that this study also dealt with how fans relate with celebrities.

The Social Exchange Theory Littlejohnis based on the socio-psychological tradition of the human communication theories which states the economic proposition that human beings make decisions based on costs and rewards. In other words, if something will be very costly, one will think twice before doing it. If the results could be very rewarding, a person may go ahead, despite the costs and rewards.

The process of social exchange in human interaction according to Thibaut and Kelley states that an individual seeks to maximize rewards and minimize costs. This is also known as the MiniMax principle. In fact, one will reveal information about himself, maintain a relationship with someone or continue that relationship in a deeper level, if the cost-reward ratio is acceptable to that individual. Partners assess rewards and costs at a given moment and use information they have gathered to predict the rewards and costs in the future.

As long as rewards outweigh costs, a couple, partners or friends or in this case, a celebrity and a fan, will become increasingly intimate. Increasing intimacy is a process of judging whether increasingly personal communication will be worth it or not. The Social Exchange Theory was used to shed light on the rewards and costs incurred in the celebrity-fan relationship.

The Para-Social Interaction Theory was also used in this study. Donald Horton and R. Richard Wohl, proponents of the theory, state that, one of the striking characteristics of the new mass media radio, television, and the movies is that they give the illusion of face-to-face relationship with the performer.

According to Horton and Wohl Para-social relations may be governed by little or no sense of obligation, effort, or responsibility on the part of the spectator. He is free to withdraw at any moment. If he remains involved, these para-social relations provide a framework within which much may be added by fantasy. The crucial difference in experience obviously lies in the lack of effective reciprocity, and this the audience cannot normally conceal from itself.

To be sure, the audience is free to choose among the relationships offered, but it cannot create new ones. The interaction, characteristically, is one-sided, nondialectical, controlled by the performer, and not susceptible of mutual development.

There are, of course, ways in which the spectators can make their feelings known to the performers … Whoever finds the experience unsatisfying has only the option to withdraw. This theory was used to understand the perceptions of the fans regarding the rewards and cost present in the celebrity-fan relationship.

The following framework illustrates how these theories were used in the study. Theoretical Framework of the study Figure 1 illustrates that when a celebrity and a fan find more rewards than costs in a relationship, they are most likely to pursue and maintain that relationship.

The broken lines around the relationship represent the para-social context where the celebrity-fan relationship exists. The red lines represent perceptions. Para-social relationship is in itself a perception of a relationship. Qualitative research aims to gather an in-depth understanding of human behavior and the reasons that govern such behavior.

The qualitative method investigates the why and how of decision making, not just what, where, when. Smaller but focused samples are more often needed, rather than large samples Wikipedia, n.

Data Gathering The researcher made initial contact with the celebrity in study, Dingdong Dantes, through a text message to a common friend, Dino Badilla, who is a former official in the National Youth Commission NYC where Dingdong Dantes is a youth volunteer. Badilla sent a message to Dingdong asking him if it is possible to interview the leaders of his fans clubs. Dingdong replied in the affirmative and after an hour, he sent the contact number of his fan club president, Gail.

Contact was made to Gail, a doctor by profession, and a schedule of an interview was immediately set on September 14, Tuesday.

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The interview was set at 7: It was reset at 9: The researcher went to Health Way in SM North Edsa where Doc Gail holds clinic on the designated time but she had a lot of patients and so the researcher was asked to wait. The interview officially commenced at They were able to talk and an interview was set on September 16 Thursday. On September 16, as the researcher was on her way to meet the interviewee, she received a text message from Mel postponing the interview to September 18 Saturday because of her busy schedule.

It was also this time that the researcher contacted her college friend, Karen Pagsolingan, to help her in getting an interview with Dingdong Dantes. The interview was set two weeks after the interview with the fan club leaders because Dingdong just got out of the hospital and needed to rest.

The researcher contacted Pao regarding the time and venue of the interview. He set it to be at the Party Pilipinas show at 1: The researcher had asked an orgmate to assist her during the interview. At quarter to one on October 3, the researcher and her orgmate arrived in Party Pilipinas backstage. Pao introduced the researcher to Dingdong and Dingdong stood up from his massage chair and had a little chitchat with them regarding the National Youth Commission and his work there as volunteer.

The researcher brought him NYC pamphlets and folders featuring his latest work. After a few minutes, the official interview commenced.

The interview lasted for about 40 minutes. Dong started as print and commercial model at age 9, and later on became a member of the all-male dance group, Abztract Dancers. His debut on Philippine television came when he became a member of the cast of the youth-oriented Saturday show, T. His role as Inaki became one of the popular characters in the show.

He moved on to work in movie and television projects with Antoinette Taus, a screen partner who later on became his girlfriend. When Antoinette Taus and Dingdong broke up, after the former decided to pursue her film and singing career abroad, Dong became a solo artist. More noteworthy projects came. Inhe became a host of the suspense-thriller TV show, Wag Kukurap.

This project gave him the opportunity to try his directing skills. It was also during this time that he ventured into hosting. His hosting stints included the Binibining Pilipinas search and StarStruck.

Inhe landed the role of Sergio in Marimar. This role, many believe, is the role that catapulted him to unbelievable popularity. Marimar is the Filipino adaptation of the Mexican telenovela of the same title. This is the project that paired him with Marian Rivera, who later on became his girlfriend after his controversy-filled relationship with Karylle ended. He was also named the No.