Evangelion rei and shinji relationship poems

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evangelion rei and shinji relationship poems

In everything I have seen of Evangelion there is no legitimate good ending for the bond between Shinji and Rei. Its kinda disappointing to me. Shinji writes a poem, as a class projrct, to someone he likes. "Rei Ayanami, thank you, that poem was um interesting. .. a soft feathery kiss on her lips "I love you Rei" "I love you too Shinji" and they went for another kiss. Rei Ayanami is the First Children, designated pilot of Evangelion Unit 2 Profile and Relationships with Other Characters. With Shinji; With Gendo .. For an interpretation of Rei's monologue or poem: See Rei's.

Shinji took six shots at the12th Angel but it didn't seem to effect. It took six direct shots and I didn't even phase it, not even a scratch! Calm down Shinji, its ok the angel you see before you is just a mirror image, actually more like a hologram. Yes, its shadow is the real angel. No, it's much more difficult than that Shinji. If you were to attack the shadow it will most likely not affect the being. Well just standing here, while it gets closer wont defeat it. But it was too late unit 1 had already started charging towards the angel.

Rei, tell me what it is. It has something to do with the poem, right wondergirl? Please, I'll explain later, not send her out. Do as she asks. Are you defining my commands? Of course not 'can't even show some emotion? Thank you and you too second child. On the battle field Shinji was having more trouble then he thought he would.

I need a plan' While Shinji was thinking, the angel approached. But it was all too late, Leliel got to Unit 1 a second before Rei could. Ahh somebody help me! Rei saw Unit 1 vanish right before her own eyes. Everyone even Asuka felt sad for Rei. An hour has passed since Leliel had taken Shinji, and Rei has been sitting in that same spot since she came back.

Yes, we are all hurt but not as much as Rei, all this time I have worked with Rei I had never seen her like this. Asuka had told them about the poem and what had happened in school.

At first everyone was surprised and quiet, but the tension was lifted as Misato made some jokes on how cute they would look together and on how she was going to tease Shinji when he gets back. Yes, I got it. Everyone's head turned to the direction they heard the voice. Rei's head snapped up at the mention of Shinji's name. Ritsuko noticed this and continued "I seem to notice that got most of yours attention.

Asuka, Rei are you both in position? Unit 0 and Unit 2 surfaced only to find half of Tokyo 3 still remained "Oh my god" Asuka gasped "this can't be true" But it was, the scene was horrible, there was nothing left.

Only the tallest of the buildings remain. Rei, Asuka don't be frightened, once the angel is destroyed all will be restored.

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Got it, Rei you ready to save your boyfriend. I must correct you; Shinji is not yet my boyfriend. Hey lighten up it was just a joke and what do you mean by 'not yet my boyfriend' hmm, are you planning on asking him out. Rei blushed "I do not know what you mean, dear? See your learning and it's all thanks to Shinji" Misato: That's great but if you don't hurry Rei, you won't have a chance to thank Shinji!

Asuka carefully approached the angel; the plan was to bomb the shadow of Leliel and damage it so Rei could get Shinji out while Asuka will land another N-2 mine on the angel to finish it. I'm in position, you ready Rei? Yes, I am ready. Affirmative, proceed with phase 2. Well here goes nothing. With one last battle cry Asuka attacked, running toward the angel as the world would be over. To tell the truth if the angel was not destroyed, the world might be destroyed. The N-2 mine went off, and the angel was damaged just as planned.

As the smoke cleared something caught Rei's eyes, it was in the middle of the shadow. Rei's eyes widened 'Shinji?

evangelion rei and shinji relationship poems

We're not sure if the shadow is stable yet! Too late the first child had already grabbed a hold on unit one's arm.

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Well at least we know it's stable. What are you doing? Did you know you could have been sucked up too!!! As Rei brought Shinji back she responded "now is not the time second child" Rei continued to drag Shinji away from the scene. Oh yeah the angel. The mine landed directly on top of the angel, and BOOM!!! The angel was no more. Yeah we did it!

That's what I'm talking about, Whoooo, yea! Once they all settled down they could hear sobbing, and it was defiantly from Unit 0, Rei was crying. Rei what's wrong, Rei? Are you there you ok? No, Shinji he's not moving. Everyone gasped, from all the commotion they had totally forgot about Shinji. Akagi's voice was heard.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

But before Rei could do anything she fainted. Hey Rei you awake? When Shinji addresses the being as "Ayanami", the pits turn into Rei's eyes. However, Shinji is traumatized already by the events, and so Lilith appears to Shinji in the form of Kaworu who is believed to be within the new Lilith.

The result of this penetration is the creation of the Tree of Life. With the tree of life created, and the Black Moon ascending into space, the new Lilith appears as an even larger, angelic Rei. Shinji, choosing the latter, kills the new Lilith, who falls apart and releases the souls of humanity back unto Earth.

Shinji wakes up on the surface of Earth, and is visited one last time by an apparition of Rei, which parallels the apparition in Episode Profile and Relationships with Other Characters "Making something Nurturing something is really great.

You can see and learn so many things from the process. With Shinji Rei's relationship with Shinji is one that plays a large part in the series progression. The two meet when she's brought out to pilot Unit 01 when Shinji refuses, despite being in critical condition.

evangelion rei and shinji relationship poems

The two still are apart at first; many awkward scenes playing out between them, both due to each other's lack of social skills. In one particular scene, when Shinji goes to her apartment to give her her new ID card for Nerv. He finds her naked; having just gotten out of the shower. Later, when talking to Shinji, he criticizes his father: Gendo, to which Rei responds with a hard slap across Shinji's face.

However, once the fifth angel Ramiel attacks, the two start getting close, with Rei protecting Shinji from the angel's destructive beam, damaging Unit 00 and herself in the process. When Shinji breaks down crying after seeing her alive, she responds with confusion at what to do, but soon smiles when Shinji asks her. It's the first one not aimed at Gendo. From then on, Rei continues to build her relationship with Shinji, despite her abnormal nature. To her, Rei sees Shinji as the first one to give her kindness after Gendo's selfish use of her.

With Gendo Rei's bond with Gendo is one of the most complex throughout the series. Being at least partially derived from the salvaged remains of his wife, Gendo has kept Rei very close to his side.

Until Shinji becomes an Eva pilot, Gendo is the only one who is established to have shown Rei any act of kindness. Her memory of Gendo saving her after Unit 00 goes berserk during an activation test has been held cherished to her, so much so that she keeps his burnt glasses held in a case as a memento. Despite this, Rei claims to not pilot the EVA because of Gendo, but because it is her "bond" with all people.

As time went on, Rei became more wary of Gendo, focusing more of her attention of Shinji; even countering Asuka's claims that "She's the special one" in Episode Her disobedience starts when she refuses to take down Unit 03 after being affected by Bardielknowing that Shinji's friend Toji is trapped in the entry plug, even getting herself hurt in the process.

It's taken to extremes when she sorties without orders to fight Zeruel on her own, or when she disobeys direct orders to eject from her EVA when she sacrifices herself to defeat Armisaelprotecting everyone in particular, Shinji from getting killed as all EVA's were out of commision. Despite dying, Rei returns to life through NERV's cloning technology, and she still retains a vague remembrance of her past life.

The trauma causes Rei to reflect more deeply on herself and her relationships, coming to antagonize Gendo as a result.

Thus, when Gendo tries to assume control over Instrumentality through her, she flat out rejects him and instead rushes to help Shinji. With Asuka From the moment Rei rejected Asuka's request to be friends in Episode 09, the two are set up to have different feelings for each other.

Rei shrugs Asuka off at first as "the other Eva pilot" during her inner monologue in Episode 14, in part due to her lack of social skills. She is seen by Asuka as a stuck-up girl who thinks she's better then everyone else; constantly being picked on and nicknaming her "Wonder Girl".

On multiple occasions, when Rei is with Shinji - whether it be working or hanging out with him - Asuka gets more fired up [8]. Rei's silence only adds fuel to the fire when it's misinterpreted for arrogance. However, overtime, Rei becomes a lot more sturdy in standing up for herself.

Starting in Episode 11, with overgrowing suspicion of Gendo, she shuts down Asuka's claim on being treated better then everyone else. It continues in Episode 16 when ignoring Asuka's frustration at Shinji getting the highest sync ratio and if she pilots the Eva for her own benefit instead of helping others.

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Naturally, both moments are meant with bitterness. In Episode 22, after a long period of ignoring each other in an elevator ride, the two get into a heated argument with Rei trying to convince Asuka to calm down if she wants to improve her below average sync ratio stats.

Asuka, with her downward descent into depression, lashes out more then usual at Rei, calling her Commander Ikari's doll and even slapping her when Rei says how she'll die if commanded to. Even with Rei's best intentions, the image of her as a useless puppet stays planted in Asuka's mind throughout the series, and it is unknown if she ever comes to terms with it.

Officially, Rei Ayanami is fourteen years old, but it is stated that all records of her background have been erased. Unusually for a child her age, Rei lives alone in an decrepit apartment. Rei attends Tokyo-3 Junior high school and is a member of Class 2-A.

Rei Ayanami is most famous for her distinctive appearance. She has blue hair, pale skin, and red eyes. It has been stated that Rei's unusual appearance was intended by the creators of the series to make her stand out.

Strangely, Rei's unusual appearance is never commented upon throughout the series, even by Asuka. Rei is a vegetarian. This is seen in Episode It is not clear whether this is by choice, or through quirk of her physiology.

Secret of the Blue water [9] Outwardly, Rei can seem somewhat cool and aloof, often spending time on her own reading books. Yet, she can easily be confused by emotions, and is somewhat detached from her own. This is most obvious in Episode 6when Rei finds her self unsure how she is supposed to feel after being rescued by Shinji Ikari. In Episode 12 Rei did not come to Misato's party, even though she was specifically invited by Asuka.

Rei was specifically brought to the synch-training party at Misato's apartment in Episode 09but that seems to be because Misato actually brought her.

evangelion rei and shinji relationship poems

Rei isn't simply mysterious to people she doesn't know at first i. Rei is disconnected socially even from the other Eva pilots.

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When Rei is invaded by Armisael in Episode 23the Angel forces her to feel her own true loneliness and pain. In the next scene, Rei is shown crying and not even understanding why she is crying.

evangelion rei and shinji relationship poems

Episode 25 further shows that Rei has a deep despair and a wish to return to nothingness. Rei has been shown to place no value on her own existence. In Episode 19 she states that If she dies, she can be replaced, but it is not unitl Episode 23 that finally the audience understands what she means by this. This is further shown by her indifference towards her own comfort or personal space. In Episode 5, she shows nothing but indifference to Shinji when he accidentally falls on top of her, in what would be seen as a compromising position.

Yet, she is also aggravated enough when he makes disparaging remarks about Gendo Ikari to slap Shinji in the face for it. Yet she is also capable of placing value in investing herself in people. She has a strong connection with Gendo Ikari throughout the series. Rei keeps a broken pair of Commander Ikari's glasses as an memento of his rescuing her after EVA's failed activation test shown Episode 4. It can be suggested that Rei is seeking to stave off her own despair, by investing herself fully towards the needs of one single person, in order for her to be recognized as a person.

As the series progresses, Rei began to distance herself more from the Commander. Meanwhile a bond began to develop between herself and Shinji Ikari; beginning shortly after the attack of the Sixth Angel, Rei was shown talking with Shinji on several occasions, something stated within the series that she almost never does to anyone else.

As the series finale approached, Rei eventually chooses Shinji over Commander Ikari and allows Shinji to control Third Impact through her. She also destroys Commander Ikari's glasses, the symbol of her bond with him. Origin Rei's true origins are revealed in their majority through Episodes 21 and Rei Ayanami is partly derived from the remains of Yui Ikari and on some level, she may also incorporate DNA from the Second Angel, Lilithseeing as she is the vessel for Lilith's soul.

Rei Ayanami was created sometime between the yearandas suggested by her appearance in Episode At this stage, she is a child capable of walking unaided, apparently around four years old in She is later seen in apparently aged This would suggest that on some level, Commander Ikari has the ability to manipulate her growth. In Terminal Dogmaa large tank of Rei clones are maintained, being used as "spare parts".

The clones also serve as parts to the Dummy Plug. Rei's birthplace in Central Dogma is also shown in Episode It is noted by Shinji Ikari as being remarkably similar to Rei's apartment, and Ritsuko makes it clear that the room certainly has made it's mark on Rei's subconscious.

On the concrete walls, different states of quantum particle spin and different quark names are painted. Up, Down, Strange, Charmed, Top, Bottom- Up and Down quarks form normal matter, the other four are much rarer and have been generated only in particle accelerators so far. It is likely that this is where Rei spent the majority of her early years. Incarnations Through the run of the series, Rei Ayanami died at least twice.

On these occasions, she was apparently resurrected through the use of the Dummy Plug system and the tank of cloned bodies. Despite this process causing her to lose recent memories, in Episode 23 she is apparently able to recognize that she is her own third incarnation.

Her new incarnation differs from the preceding one See below. Rei I Rei 1 was first Introduced in Episode She is shown as a small child wearing a simple red dress. She is later murdered by Naoko Akagifor revealing that Gendo Ikari referred to her as an 'old hag' behind her back displaying behavior noticeably different from her later incarnations. The term "Rei 1" is also used in the script for the distorted image of Rei that is seen inside Eva, suggesting strongly that the part or the whole of Rei 1 was used for Eva's soul.

For more on this theory, see Eva's soul.