For and against live in relationship debate

Live-in relationships: 'They are stupid'

for and against live in relationship debate

A Live-in relationship is not as open in India. It may cause a sense of discomforts to people living around. Most of the times, living relationships goes against the. In live in relationships, almost always, the partners choose to maintain their finances separately. This doesn't mean that partners won't spend money on each . Living together before marriage goes against many moral traditions that who live together will end their relationships before marriage."[1].

Live-in relationships should be encouraged

Pressure to have children or male children only in Marriages. In Live in relationships, the couple might face pressure to get married, or to separate and submit to an arranged marriage. Marriage is mainly a Patriarchal institution in most not all parts of India, made more so by the law. It also involves Patrilocality and Patrilineality.

Are live-in relationships justified? |

Live in Relationships are not bound by Patriarchal traditions. The man might still have patriarchal ideas, but it is likely to be easier for her to walk out, legally and socially, if she is in an abusive relationship and if she does decide to do that.

There is likely to be lesser expectation and pressure on the woman to stay in an abusive relationship.

What YOUTH Like ? Live-in Relationship OR Marriage - Public Opinion - shitchat

Live in Relationships are more likely to be viewed as exploitative of women because they are easier to end — something, it is felt, that no woman would or should ever want. Marriages are generally not seen as exploitative of women, though Supreme Court did point out: Couples in Live in Relationships might find it more difficult to rent a house. Concerns about the marriage of a girl child are seen as the biggest reason for male child preference and skewed gender ratio in India.

for and against live in relationship debate

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for and against live in relationship debate

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for and against live in relationship debate

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for and against live in relationship debate

Whereas, marriage brings hell lot of responsibility and complications. However, in Indian context, we need to understand that it doesn't make a difference. As Indians believe in joint family concept.