Gerald croft and eva smith relationship poems

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gerald croft and eva smith relationship poems

【 Gerald Croft Essay 】 from best writers of Artscolumbia ✅ Largest The connection between Mr Birling and Eva Smith is that Eva used to work. Act 1 - the stage directions tells us that Gerald is a 'well-bred young man-about- town'; Act 1 - we get hints of potential friction in the relationship. 【 Relationship with Sheila Essay 】 from best writers of Artscolumbia ✅ Largest This is shown in the play when Eva Smith asks for a higher wage, but is As Eric admits to his mistake, Mrs. Birling still refuses to face the . His first priority is to make money, he quotes, 'It's my duty to keep labour cost down.

This meant meeting men in a place used by prostitutes. However, play revolves around her which makes her a leading character. We do know that she was pretty enough for Mr Birling to remember her, for Sheila to become jealous of her and to attract the attention of Gerald and Eric.


What we learn contrasts sharply with what we see of the Birling family. She worked hard, supported her fellow workers and was kind. Although she was reduced to earning her living by picking up men from the Palace Theatre bar, her honesty prevented her from considering marriage to Eric and protected him from his folly in stealing money.

It could be said that she stands for all the people we meet in our everyday lives, and J. Priestley uses her to make us think about our responsibility towards others. He interrupts the Birling family gathering.

gerald croft and eva smith relationship poems

He establishes that each character did something unkind or cruel to the dead girl. He gradually takes control of the situation and, while being polite, refuses to acknowledge that any of the others is superior to himself. He leaves them after making an impassioned speech about social injustice.

He wants to do things his way: Priestley to build the play as a chain of events. At the start of the play it could be said that each character is wrapped up in their own life and have little consideration for others especially those who are not of the same social class.

By the end of the play there are some significant changes. Who and how are the characters changed? Try to find evidence to support your theories. Finds reasons to doubt the validity of the case.

gerald croft and eva smith relationship poems

His main concern is the possible threat to his chance of a knighthood. In essence and effect, he does not change at all. Regards himself as reasonable and pays the going rate to employees. Proud of his status and is a social climber Daughter's marriage for status. Mr Birling is a successful businessman, who has been active in local politics, has been Lord Mayor of Brumley and is the father of Eric and Sheila.

Two years ago he fired Eva Smith from his factory. He tries to intimidate the inspector, but also tried to protect himself and his family. He becomes increasingly concerned about any possible scandal. He is the one who takes the final phone call.

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He likes to air his views and is aware that he tends to monopolise the conversation, suggesting he has a high opinion of his own importance: He expects respect as he has been a member of the town council, a Lord mayor and a magistrate: His views are made clear early in the play and they do not change. He represents what socialists feel is wrong with society. He is a man with money, power and social responsibility, but he has no sense of social justice. Introduced as her husband's social superior.

Is very snobbish, conscious of and uses social position to try and intimidate. She expects other to respect her, her opinions and defer to her. Resents being contradicted, even when caught lying by the inspector. She does not change in a positive way; she becomes even more determined to see her position as being correct and her actions justified. Mrs Birling praises Gerald for his timing and presentation of the ring. She treats the inspector as an inferior. She persuaded the charity not to help the pregnant girl.

Gerald Croft - Character

She looks down on most people and expects the inspector to treat her with respect: She does not like and does not expect people to disagree with her, she is used to being listened to and having her opinion accepted as right: She is accepting of the way things are and is indifferent to social hypocrisy.

She is not cold-blooded like her parents are. She and Eric are the only cause for optimism in the play because they change in attitude. Affected by the Inspector's revelations about family and society.

gerald croft and eva smith relationship poems

Her redeeming feature is that she is willing to accept her portion of responsibility and is truly sorry. She helps the Inspector get to the truth in other characters involvement. Sheila sees that at the end of the play that her parents do not learn. She shows genuine emotion when she hears that a young woman has died. She was responsible for making the girl lose her job in the dress shop.

gerald croft and eva smith relationship poems

She realises that the inspector is not someone who can be lied to. After hearing about his affair, she breaks off her engagement to Gerald. She reveals tat Eric drinks too much. Was it an accident? She is prepared to accept responsibility for what she has done: Her parents are relieved that they may prevent a scandal, but she is concerned that they all harmed someone: At first she is playful and self-centred, enjoying the attention her engagement brings.

When she realises her own jealousy and bed temper led to the girl losing her job, she is genuinely sorry. These things all help to make her a more sympathetic character. Eric, in a drunken stupor forced himself upon Eva. He declared that there was no love involved, it was purely sex for him. He is hostile and an irritant to his father, asking awkward questions and making comments that embarrass.

Arthur Birling thinks that Eric has not befitted from the expensive education he has had because it was bought to improve status and not intelligence.

A weak and lonely figure. Blames his mother for killing his child her grandchild. His emotional outburst shows that he does recognise his part in the tragedy.

Gerald Croft - Character - Character analysis in GCSE English Literature

But after they came back from their holidays that August, they were all rather restless, and they suddenly decided to ask for more money. He sees her asking for more money as a bad thing, as Eric later states 'I don't see why she should have been sacked just because she'd a bit more spirit than the others.

gerald croft and eva smith relationship poems

You said yourself she was a good worker. The audience warm to Eva and see her as human. If Priestley had not shown this side to Eva then she might have come across as 'too good to be true' and would not be believable as a character. Sensitive The diary Eva kept after her affair with Gerald ended shows that she felt emotions very deeply and the audience empathises with her as a result. And she said there that she had to go away and be quiet and remember 'just to make it last longer'.

She felt there'd never be anything as good again for her - so she had to make it last longer". The Inspector explains how Eva Smith went away to be 'quiet' and to 'remember'. These words clearly show that Eva was emotionally sensitive. The fact she also felt that 'there'd never be anything as good again for her' make us realise how devastated she was when Gerald ended their relationship. The fact that Gerald just got back on with his life and relationship with Sheila makes the audience empathise even more with the sensitive Eva.