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trust in the facts. . This time, Mr. Epstein plays Hamm to Peter Evans's Clov. Clov pass the time by enacting a farcical sadomasochistic relationship. '' Endgame'' also demands born clowns, because Hamm and Clov must. Centres are absent, hence Hamm's obsession to be placed by Clov in the relationship, illustrative of their mental affliction: Hamm keeps Clov on as his servant. "Nagg and Hamm" is the most obvious father-son relationship in the play. " Hamm and Clov" are locked into some kind of interminable relationship displeasing.

This final scene deals with a lot of the crucial questions within the play: What is the nature of their relationship to the outside world?

Is there compassion or rationality present in life? What lies in store for Hamm and Clov in the future? There are specific decisions we can make to ensure that Notre Dame students get the most out of our production.

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Faced with the stark minimalism of Beckett, directors have previously made alterations to the play to make it more accessible to audiences. Samuel Beckett, however, showed his displeasure with these renditions by threatening to sue. Nonetheless, the Drama Under the Dome production of Endgame will rise to the challenge.

Madness is found in doing that which is not rational. Therefore, this setting is an appropriate choice that will add to the meaning of the play.

The set should be kept minimalistic to illustrate the bleak nature of life without compassion and direction. Grey lighting, no wall fixtures, and perhaps some wind whistling quietly in the background should make the audience feel isolated and hopeless, like our two key characters.

This austere setting need only be changed slightly to produce the image of a mental hospital. The windows through which Clov is constantly peering should be the one-way windows used for observation. This choice means that Clov can never actually see what is outside and so lends more futility to his actions. As another hint to the audience, the sound of neighboring rooms should occasionally waft across the scene.

These sounds would never be loud enough to distract from the action, but they clearly indicate that these are not the only people left on Earth, as some interpretations would have you believe. The fact that Hamm, Clov, Nag, and Nell are not lone survivors, but rather cut off from regular society, has enormous implications for the play.

If they are the survivors, it means that their failings are the rule of the world. However, their relegation into a mental hospital presents them as an aberration, offering a much more hopeful outlook on the promise of mankind. Hamm and Clov should represent a situation in which the regular failings of people to others and to themselves are exaggerated to the point of madness.

Clov has a few key lines with which he can showcase his insanity. Shortly after this realization he remarks that he sees a woman outside underwater. Correcting himself, he only finds this foolish because he looked out the wrong window.

An Analysis of Samuel Beckett’s Endgame

Why I always obey you. Can you explain that to me? A kind of great compassion. Evidence throughout the rest of the play suggests that there is no compassion in the world of Hamm and Clov.

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It is much more likely that the reason Clov stays with Hamm is that he lacks any personal direction. As he goes between the two windows and fumbles with the ladder he is constantly turning back. His actions are not motivated by strongly held convictions and purpose and so he finds himself unable to account for any of his choices—from beginning to cross a room to staying with Hamm.

In fact, all choices begin to seem meaningless so that the very nature of existence is called into question. On page 85, Clov hits Hamm with the dog, after which the following exchange ensues: This is a rather dark brand of comedy.

When old Mother Pegg asked you for oil for her lamp and you told her to get out to hell, you knew what was happening then, no? You know what she dies of, Mother Pegg? Clov failed in his duty to himself to have a purpose and Hamm failed to serve his purpose to others. End Game is a prime example of an absurdist play. He opens the curtains and reveals Hamm by taking a cloth off of him. Hamm is in a seat that he remains in for the entire play. Hamm is also blind.

Hamm asks why Clov does not leave him. Clov replies that he has no one else. Clov acts as a sort of servant to Hamm. Nagg asks Nell to scratch him and kiss him but Nell refuses. Then they return to their bins.

Clov takes him to the window to feel the sunlight. Clov then returns Hamm to the center of the room and Hamm wants to be adjusted because he never feels perfectly in the center. He sees nothing but gray. Hamm then has Clov fetch a stuffed dog to sit by his side. The two then argue. Hamm tells Clov not to leave him.

Hamm has Clov awaken Nagg. Nagg listens but does not receive a sugarplum. Nagg crys inside of his bin. Hamm and Clov do not show any sympathy. Clov then looks out the window and claims he sees a boy. Clov wants to go find the boy. Clov never leaves though and remains in the doorway. Hamm needs Clov because Hamm is disabled.

Less intellectual than Hamm. Has trouble thinking for himself. Hamm and Clov need each other to survive. Overly intellectual at times. The brains of the operation. Clov would not know what to do without him Shows very few emotions for his parents Nagg and Nell The only emotion he expresses is anger towards people. Deep down he seeks love and attention that he does not get from his parents. He asks Clov to kiss him Essentially their lives have no meaning and their only goal is to survive.

Hamm even questions his own life. Attempts to find entertainment in a dull pointless world. What does that mean? Lives in a trash can.

Loves his wife Nell. Shows love towards Nell but does not receive any back. Extremely sad when Nell dies. Once Nell is dead his life is meaningless. Talks of a time when life had meaning. Stuck in place just like everyone else.

Survives because of Nagg. Nagg gives her food. They all need each other to survive. Ageing As people age, their bodies start to fail and they will have to be taken care of buy the youths. In endgame everyone seems old and their bodies are failing. Cant sit and has a bad back and eyesight Hamm: