Hasnat khan and princess diana relationship with dodi

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hasnat khan and princess diana relationship with dodi

Princess Diana fans know that after her marriage with Prince Charles ended, she was in a relationship with Hasnat Khan. with Hasnat ended in the summer of and she was involved with Dodi Al-Fayed at the time of the. Diana, Princess of Wales photographed with Dodi Al Fayed while on He was Dr Hasnat Khan, a Pakistani heart surgeon from a wealthy and. While Diana rose to fame as the wife of Princes Charles, her life came to an end seated in the back of a Mercedes beside Dodi Al-Fayed.

hasnat khan and princess diana relationship with dodi

But somewhere in between relationships with these two high-profile men, Diana fell for someone else that friends believed to be the one true love of her life: Hasnat Khan, a Pakistani heart surgeon with whom the princess had a two-year on-again, off-again romance. As the year anniversary of Diana's untimely death approaches, here's what you need to know about the man Diana famously called "Mr.

He met Diana at work. Though Diana spent much of her life doing charity work, her reason for being at London's Royal Brompton Hospital one September day in was personal: She was visiting the husband of a friend who was recovering from heart surgery, according to the Telegraph. Hasnat Khan had assisted in the tripe-bypass surgery, according to Vanity Fairand Diana was instantly attracted to him physically.

hasnat khan and princess diana relationship with dodi

The princess then returned to the hospital following that first visit "almost every day for three weeks to pursue Khan," reported the Guardian. Diana saw something special in him. While Khan's career was impressive, he wasn't exactly the type of man you'd expect one of the most famous women in the world to go for.

Hasnat Khan

He's not sporty, he's not handsome, he's not wealthy. So what is it? She said she'd never met anybody like him. Khan recalled to police that once when the couple was out at a pub, Diana wanted to order the drinks because it was something she'd never had the chance to do before.

Princess Diana: The truth about her relationship with Hasnat Khan

Khan has always been tight-lipped about the emotional aspects of their relationship, offering only sterile compliments such as that she was "very down to earth and she made everyone feel at ease. Their love affair started out top secret. When calling the hospital, Diana would leave messages for Khan using the name "Dr.

Armani," according to the Guardianand when going out with Khan, Diana sometimes went so far as to disguise herself with a black wig and dark sunglasses. For one thing, Diana was hounded by paparazzi at every turn, and that was not a world Khan wanted to be a part of. He and Diana couldn't make it work.

In the final weeks before her tragic death in Paris infriends say it was Hasnat Khan—and not Dodi Al-Fayed, the man killed alongside her in that violent car crash—who was occupying her thoughts.

The affair with the heart surgeon had begun two years before. They met when she visited a friend at the London hospital where he worked.

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Minutes after first laying eyes on him, she described him as "Mr. Wonderful"—a nickname which stuck and ultimately sent the press into a frenzy when the media found out about her new suitor a few months later.

The War of the Wales had left Diana a husk of her former self. Yet despite the breakdown of her marriage, the public's fascination with her life seemed to only increase with each passing month. The Princess of Wales she was allowed to keep her title was hounded everywhere she went. Photos Remembering Princess Diana But her relationship with the press was mutually beneficial; the year Diana met Hasnat,coincided with the explosive "there were three of us in this marriage" interview she gave to the BBC's Martin Bashir.

In Hasnat, Diana found comfort. As a friend of hers told me recently, "She was extremely lonely by the time they met. She had lost everything and because things had gotten so bad with Charles, she didn't know who to trust.

hasnat khan and princess diana relationship with dodi

He was different and she knew she could rely on him. There were clandestine meetings at his flat and also Kensington Palace, and she even introduced him to Prince William and Prince Harry; however, not many other people got to meet him, as Hasnat would often sneak past the royal security guards by hiding in the trunk of a car.

In an exhaustive statement given to the final inquest into her fatal car crash, Hasnat described how being together exposed the woman, who once thought she would be queen, to the normality of everyday life: For example, we once went to the pub together and Diana asked if she could order the drinks because she had never done so before.

She really enjoyed the experience and chatted away happily to the barman. On another occasion we had to queue to get into Ronnie Scott's jazz club. She later said she loved queuing as you get to meet so many people.

hasnat khan and princess diana relationship with dodi

We Feel We Owe It to Her In the limited time they were together, they discussed marriage, the possibility of moving in and all the usual things lovers contemplate when considering a future. But, in the summer ofit all came crashing down and they decided to split.

Facts About Diana's Relationship With Hasnat Khan That Will Explain So Much

In the years since, it is often written that Hasnat was "the love of her life" but was unable to handle the public attention which accompanied her fame or bridge the cultural divide between her English aristocrat and his Pakistani upbringing. The doomed circumstances have always fascinated me, the idea that Diana could have died while in the middle of trying to make her ex jealous by publicly dating international playboy Dodi.

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