Henchard and farfrae relationship tips

henchard and farfrae relationship tips

Donald Farfrae is, in many respects, the complete opposite of Michael Henchard. He's forgiving where Henchard is resentful. He is practical where Henchard is. and comparison of the characters Michael Henchard and Donald Farfrae in " The as one of the first hints to Michael Henchards character given to us by Hardy. The opening scene continues by telling us more of the relationship between. The Conflicts Between Henchard and Farfrae in the Mayor of Casterbridge the Old Testament's First Book of Samuel: A Study of Some Literary Relationships.

henchard and farfrae relationship tips

In the opening paragraph, Michael Henchard and his wife Susan are approaching the village Weydon-Priors with their child Elizabeth-Jane on foot. The family looks like they are poor. However, they are plainly dressed, not badly dressed. The reason why their clothes look bad is not due to the fact that they are shabby or broken.

Their clothes look bad simply because they are full of dust.

Conflict between Henchard and Farfrae as the Central Thematic Element

For this reason, Henchard and his wife look worse than they usually do at that moment. Therefore the two of them are at a disadvantageous situation now. Right after, Hardy not only tells us what Henchard does for a living, but he starts to look and to describe him carefully. At least the first impression we get of Henchard is not a very pleasant one. The opening scene continues by telling us more of the relationship between Henchard and his wife Susan and thus allows us to get a clearer picture of the two of them and their characters.

Even though the couple is walking next to each other, neither Michael nor Susan utters a word. As they are walking in total absence of conversation, Henchard is reading- or at least he is pretending to be reading.

Chapter 11 The Mayor Of Casterbridge Thomas Hardy

He is not paying any attention to his wife or his child at all. His wife on the other hand is the one who makes them walk together, even though she is not happy at all with the situation and does not feel comfortable. However, Susan does not touch Henchard, for example by taking his arm while walking, for he might would not like it.

It seems like she does not want to make things difficult for her husband, maybe she can be considered to be a weak woman. The situation and the relationship is not like this just now, but rather all the time: Henchard and Susan are always quarrelling.

Mayor of Casterbridge--Character Relations by Rebecca Wood on Prezi

Even their attitude towards the landscape is negative. They see nothing pretty in it and it is always the same, just like their relationship. To sum up, the opening paragraph is not a very happy scene, but rather a quite nasty way for a novel to start.

However, the opening scene gives us crucial and important information about the character of Michael Henchard.

henchard and farfrae relationship tips

We get to know Henchard as a pretty unlikeable, grim fellow. It is obvious that he is stuck in an unhappy and bad marriage. Nevertheless, Michael is not willing to change anything in order to improve the current situation. He refuses not only to talk to her, but also to walk close to her.

henchard and farfrae relationship tips

It is Susan and not Michael who makes the couple walk next to each other. Therefore, his wife and not Henchard is the one who at least tries to work on their relationship. In contrast to her husband, Susan did not give up hope totally and at least tries to keep the family together. But this celebration ended in fiasco failure. Again Henchard tried to defeat Farfrae. But it too ended in fiasco.

Then Henchard tried to destroy Farfrae in a threatening way.

Finally, in this inner game of destroying Farfrae Henchard destroyed himself. Again Henchard tried to defeat Farfrae by creating a deviation in the relationship between Farfrae and Henchard. The more Henchard felt defeated the more mean and aggressive he became.

In each of these steps Henchard's activities produce the reverse consequence. Finally, he went bankrupt. At the situation of bankruptcy, Henchard faced, Farfrae wanted to help Henchard by setting up a small corn business.

Conflict between Henchard and Farfrae as the Central Thematic Element

Farfrae tried to do this out of his generosity. Each generous act of Farfrae produced a reverse consequence in Henchard. Answer is- Henchard used to think that it is he who established Farfrae. So Henchard expected that Farfrae should be loyal and subordinate to him. But Farfrae was rising at every step, whereas Henchard was sliding from the popularity. How can Henchard humiliate himself, how can be lower himself by accepting generous care from his rival Farfrae.