Hiyori and shinji relationship goals

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hiyori and shinji relationship goals

Shinji doesn't like to force stuff like interpersonal relationships. . too much too since by then he was already used to Hiyori hitting him way harder than that. .. goal, though, and so his resolutions never sticks for longer than a couple of weeks. Tags: BLEACH, Kurosaki Ichigo, Wallpaper, Hirako Shinji, Vizard, Kuna Hirako Shinji - Hiyori Bleach Characters, Anime Rules, Bleach Manga, Fariy Tail,. Abrir Byakuya Hisana Manga Illustration, Bleach Anime, Relationship Goals, Good. Shinji advises Urahara about Hiyori and being a captain. .. in to calm everyone down and remind them that the Gotei 13's purpose is to protect Soul Society.

He continued, "It's just… I think there's something special between you and her. Like special bond, but not as a 'brother and sister 'relation or friendship. Kinda special relation like…" "Oh, ya must be kidding me. I rather die than be her boyfriend!

He is lying to you. I saw he slept with her last night. So Hiyori-chan finally gave her virginity to you?! What a shame that she chose you…" blurted Rose. It's not what ya thinkin'! Why the hell ya asked me bout that in the first place?!! You know, Hiyori look like in my sisters age and that temper of hers is just like…" said Ichigo.

You think why the infamous lewd like him could possibly fell in love with Hiyori?! Shinji couldn't take the conversation anymore so he yells to his friends to stop whatever they were talking. Shinji almost fell out in shock and embarrassment when Rose gives his conclusion,"of course it's obvious that Shinji has a Lolita complex.

Lisa sighed and shook her head. In second Hiyori was standing in front of them, complaining about something with Mashiro. Suddenly an idea struck in Lisa's head. Oh yeah, Lisa hit the nerve as she had expected.

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Hiyori is the easy one to be played. Is Hiyorin in love with someone? Is that someone is…Oh My! It showed clearly…" answered Lisa.

You just showed your felling with beating him up. Her fist trembled of anger and mostly of shame, ready to punch. Everybody knows that shit eating grin of his is something that THAT makes me want to kill him mercilessly! Admit it, Hiyori… that your abuse is the way to express your love for him" said Lisa, want to irk her more. And it serves her right when Hiyori punched her which she dodges easily.

Now shut the hell up Mashiro!! You can see the way her eyes say 'oh, I love you so much Shinji and I want to kill you because of that' everytime she abuses him.

Shinji Hirako

You are so no-no! Are you a masochist?! Less responsibilities and expectations on all sides, less problems for him to deal with overall. If someone was to deliberately pick a fight with Shinji, he may not necessarily rise to the challenge.

It all depends on his mood and the opponent in question. He usually finds it a pain to fight for no good reason, but if left with no choice, would definitely stand his ground and defend himself when necessary.

No questions about it. To be strong enough to protect those whom he cares about. To always have something to look forward to.

Shinji is usually open and friendly to all whom he meets, but it takes a pretty long time to truly gain his trust. If it happens, it happens. If not, well, there are always other fishes in the sea. The world is big and not everyone will like you. No need to sweat the small stuff. Shinji is romantic and also extremely affectionate to the woman he loves. Acting goofy to make her laugh is a given — he would gladly do whatever it takes to present to her as much joy and happiness as she has given him.

Sassy, confident women attracts him the most. The quickest way to his heart is her personality. Someone who respects herself, who is true to her own feelings, and who is unflinchingly loyal is already halfway to becoming someone whom he would not mind being fond of.

It takes more to earn his love and affection, of course, but these are the basic qualities that he subconsciously looks for in his ideal woman.

He may choose to forgive them for their transgressions against him and his own, but he will never forget. The most notable example is, of course, Aizen Sousuke. Shinji feels that he leads a pretty normal sex life, and he is always open to experimenting.

He likes to tease his partners, so light bondage is entirely up his alley. Sex toys to pleasure his lover. He also has a bit of a foot fetish and enjoys seeing his women with pretty pedicures and in sexy heels and usually with nothing else on. Has an oral fixation, so kissing, biting and licking are the norms for him.

Enjoys giving oral sex — especially enjoys bringing pleasure to his partners, more specifically. Bedtime for Shinji is relatively simple and fuss free. He goes through a basic nightly routine — brush his teeth, gargle with mouthwash, use a tongue cleaner, wash his face, apply face moisturizer, change into a pair of comfy sleeping pants — and then he gets into bed, douses the light, and waits for sleep to claim him. He usually sleeps for up to 6 or 7 hours if left undisturbed.

He is a light sleeper and will wake to the slightest hint of perceived danger, but for the most part, he sleeps through the night with no issues. If Shinji can say one thing to his parents before they died, it would be this: Death is but a part of the cycle of Life. When Death comes for him, his only regret would probably be that he would have to be separated from his loved ones — a least for a while, until he finds them again.

When things get too quiet, Shinji plugs into his MP3 player and listens to his beloved Jazz music. Having to deal with stupid people all the time without a cup of java to back him up has got to be a crime against humanity as well as cruel and unusual punishment. Shinji has plenty of random hobbies. One of his latest projects is to learn the Morse code. He has been entertaining himself by tapping out random messages during boring Captain Meetings, but no one has discovered his secret yet.

A very small part of that reason can be attributed to the fact that his messages are coded upside down and therefore makes no sense to anyone but himself.

Shinji is always happy to pass on the knowledge that he has learned to other people, and his lovers are not excluded from that list, of course. Shinji loves coffee, so recently, he has been taking a barista course to learn how to make the various types of Joe that he so adores. Shinji enjoys desserts to go with his coffee, but he prefers traditional Japanese confections compared to their Western counterparts as the former is usually a lot less sweet than the latter.

He is hopeless at baking or making them though, but is recently more willing to brave the kitchen to try again, especially after learning that his Fukutaichou happened to be a domestic goddess when it comes to all things sweet related. Shinji has a foot fetish, a minor one. And preferably nothing else. Public sex is a huge turn for Shinji, the riskier the better. The most comforting thing at night for Shinji is the peaceful solitude that can be found between midnight and four in the morning.

That, and making important decisions in his life that require a lot of thought and consideration. Barring that, his next favorite sound would be the chatter of his loved ones and friends. He finds it relaxing and calming to immerse himself in the pleasant ambiance of their presence. If he has to report for duty in the morning, Shinji will have to wake daily at 6 a.

Because, you know, he likes to do everything the alternative way. It looks like a much more pleasant place than the afterlife — Soul Society — is, at any rate. But then again, maybe not, since there will be no access to technology or jazz music… People with a good sense of humor are rarely bad people, according to the muse.

Shinji has no interest in plush toys or even toys in particular but he has once owned a collection of exquisite, miniature hand cranked music boxes — their inner mechanisms had always intrigued him, and the music they played delighted him. He could spend and had spent hours tinkering with his toys. Most fantastical being he has ever known: Probably one Kurosaki Ichigo.

hiyori and shinji relationship goals

Even after all this time, Shinji still has no idea what the hell Ichigo is made of. He is starting to be convinced that the substitute Shinigami may be an alien life form — a really well acclimatized one. When Shinji imagines himself being much older, he fancies himself to be a charming and debonair silver fox.

Last but not least, he also may or may not be balding. He just really likes how retro they are. Shinji is extremely affectionate to his loved ones, but he may sometimes choose to show it in strange, convoluted ways.

If his life was a fairy tale, Shinji thinks that he would probably be a side character or even a sidekick.

hiyori and shinji relationship goals

Shinji values honesty, and therefore only those whom he can place his trust in are those he truly consider friends. Failure to protect those whom he holds dear Death of a loved one Losing himself to his inner demons both literally and metaphorically Sakanade His quirky sense of self His handsome face No, kidding. Finding ways to mix the old with the new. Men wearing saggy pants. People walking around in socks and sandals. Back when Shinji was still new to the Living Realm, he once forgot while in a hurry that he was still in a Gigai and had tried to Shunpo off a tree.

Shinji can tie knots in cherry stems with his tongue. Usually, those secrets are the ones that belong to other people, people dear to him.

The secrets are not his stories to tell and therefore he guards them and he protects them to the best of his abilities. He has plenty of love to give, and friends are great and all, but a family would be his and he craves that with a fierce yearning sometimes.

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Shinji was an orphan and so he grew up without a family. The only thing he had received the parents he never knew about was his name — Hirako Shinji. He had no family traditions to follow whilst growing up, but that was okay. When he has made his own family, they would create their own family traditions together. Shinji has had to fight for almost everything he wanted all his life. He was not born privileged, but maybe he was born lucky, because even though he had to struggle to get to where he was right now, he had also met a lot of great comrades and friends along the way.

Shinji finds strength within himself as well as in the things and people all around him. The simple, material pleasures of his jazz music and his various little hobbies. The warm companionship of his friends and loved ones. He is a laidback and calm person for the most part and his inner world reflects that tranquility — therein lies his inner strength as well. Shinji has no problems with living on his own — he has done that since young, after all — but he would prefer still companionship all the same.

Utter isolation and deliberate seclusion will not sit well with him at all due to his ambivert personality. If Shinji had won a million pounds, he would give it all away. So yeah, he would give it away. If Shinji could be a superhero, he would call himself Ladies-man.

And his superpowers would be the ability to charm any woman out of their panties… just kidding. Shinji really has no interest to be a hero, to be honest. Telepathy sounds like a pretty nifty ability to have — the world would be so much nicer if everyone were truthful and spoke their minds.

Shinji would sacrifice his life to save his loved ones. When he reincarnates to his next life, Shinji hopes that he would be a human who has nothing to do with Shinigami unlike poor Ichigo. Shinji possesses a pretty good self-control over himself, most of the time. If he can put off doing something, then he will.

With a comprehensive walk-in closet and a state of the art music room. Everything else are just details. Shinji finds inspiration in music. He is no poet or writer, but music clears his thoughts and it inspires him to think and work better. When Shinji was a very young boy, there was a period in his life when he had been so poor and destitute that he had to live out literally on the streets, relying on the occasional handouts from faceless strangers and even sometimes having to go so far as to steal food from street vendors in order to survive.

His informal accent reflects his difficult background and rough upbringing, and even though some find it uncultured, Shinji is proud of himself for having survived his past and would never conceal this side of himself for anyone else, just as he would always lend a helping hand to those in need. This is because he had once been in those shoes before and he understood exactly how it feels to be helpless and completely vulnerable, and he would not allow anyone to suffer that same hopeless feeling if he could help it.

Shinji would love to visit Italy one day. He enjoys the cuisine, the landmarks, the people, and he is very certain that living there for a while would be a really interesting and fulfilling experience. Shinji is usually empathetic to the cause of the underdogs, but he will not help people who do not try to help themselves first. However, his sympathy towards a situation or a person does not mean that he will be easily swayed in his decisions, just because he feels sorry for the predicament that something or someone is going through.

Shinji believes in karma. He does not actively goes out to seek revenge on those who has done him wrong, but he does believes that the long arms of justice will eventually prevail and that no bad deed will go unpunished.

What goes around, comes around, and all that.

hiyori and shinji relationship goals

Shinji respects people who are genuinely kind and who try their best regardless of their personal problems and the situations that plagues them. Too bad those folks are usually very rare to come by, though. Shinji is quite long lived. As a Soul, he has already passed his second century of life and is very quickly approaching his third. Shinji does not enjoy taking part in the under table politics of Seireitei, but as a Captain, he has no choice but to do so, for the sake of keeping his Squad safe.

Knowledge is power, after all, even though sometimes knowing too much has its own price to bear as well. Shinji would rather choose death than a twenty thousand years imprisonment like the one Aizen is currently serving. It would be literally hell on earth to be stuck in absolute solitude underground for so long, left with nothing but his own thoughts for company and the knowledge of his failures at every turn.

War is a word that Shinji really hates. War means death and destruction, families torn asunder, friends and loved ones lost. He has personally witnessed both World Wars that occurred in the Human World, and despite the advancements in technology and weaponry, he still remains largely unimpressed.

There is darkness in everyone, but for Shinji, that darkness is somewhat more literal in the form of his inner Hollow. Pharaoh whispers things to his Sun God sometimes, fantasies of bloodlust and unspeakable violence to the people he holds dear.

Sometimes, he even dreams of it, and they always seem so real that he jerks awake in the middle of the night, shaking and drenched in cold sweat, expecting to see fresh, warm blood on his hands. When Shinji first woke up in Soul Society, a dirty street urchin without parents and who had to fend for himself in every way, it quickly occurred to the young boy that even in death, one had to struggle to live.

Now, whenever he hears some poor, gullible human romanticizing the afterlife, he just laughs and laughs. The weather is great; neither too warm nor too cold, and even though everything is dying, autumn is proof that there is beauty in death too. By now, Shinji has already lost count of the number of Hollows that he has slayed with his zanpakuto, and this is a part of his job that he performs unflinchingly.

The first Hollow he has every killed had devoured the souls of two young children right before his eyes just because he had hesitated in his duty, and never again will he let himself be put in that position again. When Shinji retook the helm of the Fifth Division, the chain of command of the squad was completely in pieces and disconnected.

The lower ranked members were distrustful of the seated officers and his Lieutenant was still in the hospital recuperating from her injuries inflicted on her by her previous Captain, and the Division had been very close to mutiny.

Shinji had promptly solved the issue in a surprisingly straightforward way — for him, that was. He gathered the entire Gobantai in their largest training ground, unleashed his Shikai on the entire lot of them, and then spent the next six hours standing aside and watching his entire squadron duke it out with each other like a bunch of drunken old men suffering from extreme motion sickness. Then, the midwife passed him the second, swaddled up form of his other son, and looking between his twin boys and the exhausted but visibly proud and happy features of his wife, all Shinji could do was cuddle his mate to him and huskily whisper to her just how perfect their babies were, and how much he loved them all.

Strangely enough, Shinji makes friends by annoying the cookie out of them. Shinji might have had rivalries in the past, back when he was very young, foolish and cocky, but now, not so much.

For someone whose job consists of killing hollows and ridding the realms of pure evil, Shinji does not think himself a hero or even a righteous crusader for justice. His hands are stained with blood, and the hollow mask that he calls upon every now and then is a harsh reminder that he could have been easily the persecuted just as he is the persecutor now. As previously mentioned in an earlier post, Shinji is agnostic.

Shinji does not considers himself a particularly disciplined person. He is pretty self-indulgent most of the time, really. When he wants something, he usually indulges in his whims and goes for it. For Shinji, freedom is a state of mind. As far as Shinji is concerned, safety is not a place. Safety is his sword, safety is his ability to adapt to situations at the drop of a hat, safety is his proficiency in keeping those important to him safe and well cared for.

Shinji is the very embodiment of his name. Despite his lackadaisical and typically relaxed and laidback nature, this is the one subject that he will neither budge nor relent on even when push comes to shove. In return, he tries his best to be open and honest as well, and even though he has his own secrets, he will never deliberately lie to those he considers closest to him. It is simply not worth it in his opinion, to conceal a truth at the risk of losing the trust of his loved ones and confidantes.

Hatred is a thorny subject for Shinji. Hatred is not a natural state for the blond, and so he does not often experience this dark and destructive emotion. Shinji is glad for that, because hate is seriously uncool and throws off his groove. Sometimes, there is no choice though, and he just silently hates himself for being a hypocrite. But hey, at least he tried. He draws the line at being obnoxiously festive, though.

And yes, there is indeed such a thing, and it is horrifying to live with notable example being Mashiro who sings ridiculously catchy Christmas carols for the entire month of December every year. When Shinji gets home after a hard day at work, the first thing he usually does is shrug out of his haori and loosen his cravat, casually tossing his coat over the back of his couch before walking over to the mini bar to fix himself a quick drink.

Then, he wanders over to his collection of jazz classics records, looks through his favorite titles, and picks one that catches his fancy. Using his modern gramophone player, he will chill and play the song list on repeat for the rest of the evening.