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home and away nate proposes a relationship

Home and Away news and episode spoilers from the Australian soap as well was out and about in West Hollywood with her bub and husband Nate Miles in tow. . Away character Jasmine Delaney received a whirlwind beach side proposal from .. The Home And Away actress made her relationship to millionaire. Will Home And Away's Ricky Leave Nate Standing At The Altar? set for a happy ending recently when she accepted his marriage proposal. Between Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 Nate and Elena were seemingly admirers away, though she is wearing it because she still loves him.

He understands what it is like to be given a second chance. Following Danny's death, Kyle begins tailing Casey Braxton. Brax leaves Casey alone to get some food and Kyle kidnaps him. Kyle handcuffs Casey to an old car in the desert.

He reveals that he is Danny's son and Casey's half-brother.

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Tamara helps Casey by giving him water. Brax and Natalie search for Casey and locate Kyle when Tamara throws a flaming petrol can at him, causing an explosion. Casey survives but still fails to appear in court. Brax and Heath travel to Melbourne to find Kyle to help Casey's case. His friend Mackenzie Watson Kate Jenkinson takes them to Kyle because she believe it is his chance to get close to his family.

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They take Kyle to Summer Bay and force him to testify to help Casey avoid prison. Kyle goes to stay with Adam Sharpe Martin Lynes and feels left out. He tells Brax that he wants to be a part of the family and he invites Kyle to move in.

home and away nate proposes a relationship

Kyle eventually makes Liam confess out of loyalty to Brax. Kyle develops feelings for Tamara as they continue to work together at Angelo's. Tamara tries to avoid Kyle when she discovers the truth and Casey punches him.

Kyle promises to stay away from Tamara. But when the pair talk, Kyle misreads Tamara's intentions and kisses her. Casey takes Kyle to the place he once kidnapped him and talk. They decide to move on after they realise that Danny is the actual cause of their rift. Kyle notices the transaction and convinces Kyle that Brax made the transfer and is in financial ruin. Ricky convinces Kyle to take part in illegal deals to help raise money, unbeknown that she is setting him up.

Kyle is torn between his still present feelings for Tamara and loyalty to Casey; when the trauma of being held hostage by Adam causes Tamara to lose her memories of Summer Bay and Casey, and turns to Kyle who she's quickly developed feelings for. He is unable to resist when she acts on her feelings and kisses him, but he pulls away and puts distance between them by moving back in with his brothers leaving Tamara devastated.

Desperate for Kyle's love, Tamara confronts him and begs to know if he still loves her, but Kyle is hesitant to answer. However, when Tamara announces her intent to leave Summer Bay, Kyle is unable to bare the thought of her leaving and finally gives into his feelings for her and they sleep together.

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His guilt over betraying Casey overwhelms him, when Casey apologizes for being angry at him for helping Tamara, and he blows up at Casey telling him that he slept with Tamara. Kyle and Tamara are now dating. Kyle was devastated when Tamara was going to leave with her parents, so he finally admitted he loves her and she decided to stay.

Tamara regained her memories and decided to stay with Kyle, but when Casey was injured in a car accident and it became clear Tamara's feelings for Casey had returned a shattered Kyle ended the relationship. After some awkwardness, Kyle's suggestion that they forget the last 6 months including their relationship and Tamara's confession that what they had was special to her, Kyle and Tamara agreed to remain friends.

Kyle confides in Brax about the pain of losing Tamara, and that he wished things went differently for them however also states that he can live with whatever way it goes as he feels that it is the right thing to do.

Kyle is devastated when Brax turns himself into the police, after confessing to accidentally killing Johnny Barrett year prior. Seeking comfort, Kyle has a one-night stand with Robyn Sullivan. Kyle faces further heartbreak when Casey and Tamara get back together; however they later break up.

Kyle and Tamara team up to organise a music festival to unite the Summer Bay and Mangrove River students. Kyle is surprised when his ex-girlfriend, Phoebe Nicholson, arrives to perform at the festival. He later turns down her advances. Kyle notices Evelyn and Oscar MacGuire being kidnapped and tries to intervene but is overpowered. He is knocked unconscious and taken with them, locked in a shipping container.

Phoebe then comes and stay with the Braxtons for a bit and Phoebe and Kyle rekindle their relationship. When Phoebe finds out what Kyle has been doing since he left Melbourne, she is disgusted and gives Kyle an ultimatum - either move back to Melbourne with her or stay in the bay and never see her again. Kyle decided to move back to Melbourne with Phoebe but just before he leaves Brax returns from prison and he decides to stay in the bay which leaves Phoebe disappointed and she leaves the bay without him, ending their relationship.

When the Braxton Brothers leave for London, Brax asks Kyle to look after the family business for him and his brother, Kyle struggles and decides he wants to be with Phoebe, he then closes down Angelo's and the Gym and then goes back to Melbourne to look for Phoebe but he can't find her anywhere. Phoebe turns up in the bay later and they both rekindle their relationship and she decides to stay and accept his brothers for Kyle's sake.

Phoebe's dad Mark Nicholson Steve Rodgers arrives in the bay and disapproves of Kyle and Phoebe's relationship once he finds out his surname was changed from Bennett to Braxton. As a lawyer, he looks into Kyle and his family's past and warns Phoebe that Kyle is not good for her. Phoebe tells Mark that she knows everything and disagrees with what her dad thinks, which makes Mark mad and causes him to hire someone to put a bullet through the Braxton share house and later hires someone to trash the house which ends up with Kyle in hospital.

Kyle later returns to work but is sent home by Phoebe and Brax, while on his way home he sees his attacker talking to Phoebe's dad. When Ricky asked for help in getting into jail to warn Brax that Gunno was after him, he faked a medical emergency so she could visit. Leah came to him asking him to look into headaches and mood swings and he ordered an MRI. However, Leah fixated on everthing that could go wrong and refused.

When Matt was suspected of robbing an ATM and Leah found the money hidden in his mattress, Nate tried to stop Leah going to the police. He had a go at her when she handed the money in and tried to get Kat to drop the case.

Kat refused however and showed him that it was better to get Matt to admit the truth and work on mitigation. They promised each other a day off from work but then had to intervene when Andy punched Oliver, a man who had been chatting up Hannah. He told Maddy her chemotherapy was working. He tried to advise Ricky on looking after baby Casey and helped look for Leah when she went missing.

He spoke to Ricky about it and agreed to give Zac space to propose to Leah. When Leah publicly turned Zac down, Nate and Kat argued about it; Nate felt she should have said yes but Kat explained a boyfriend had pressured her into getting engaged.

He and Kat saved Billie from drowning when she had a surfing accident and she bought him some boxing gloves as a thank you present.

home and away nate proposes a relationship

However, she was soon stalking him, making up ailments to spend time with him and inviting herself to join him for dinner. Nate initially saw it as innocent and agreed to meet her at the gym to try out his new gloves, but when she started stirring things with Kat he told her nothing could happen between them. He was arrested and charged with attempted sexual assault when a sexually aggressive text to Billie was found on his phone, planted by her. The charges against him were dropped when Chris found evidence Billie had framed him, and he told Kat he loved her.

He moved in with Irene when Oscar and Evelyn moved in with Leah. Chris began hanging out with him and Nate felt too grateful to tell him to go away, until it turned out Chris had only been doing it to apologise for doubting him. However, he had to take part when he lost a bet after Roo named Kat the winner. He checked Josh over when he was knocked down the stairs at the caravan park. Ricky called him to look at Kyle, who had discharged himself from hospital after being stabbed, and he failed to convince him to go back to hospital.

He was left feeling guilty when Kyle was rushed into hospital and was given a serve by Kat. He then had to treat Kat herself when she was shot during a confrontation with drug dealer Damo Adams. He stayed by her side during the night but was having breakfast with Ricky when she woke up.

He ended up arguing with Kat and told her they should take a break. He was suspended from work for four weeks and ended up going away with Kat. Nate then kissed Ricky and they spent the night together. He supported Kat when she gave evidence against Damo and convinced her not to leave town; their continued closeness caused Ricky to back away from the idea of a relationship.

home and away nate proposes a relationship

He confided in Hannah about his night with Ricky and was annoyed to discover Chris also knew. When he learned Kat had gone to work drunk, he tried to convince her to leave. He joined Kat in meeting her old school friend Pete Ashfield.

They were drafted in as models for a beach wear photo shoot Pete was organising, but when Kat was called away Ricky took her place. He cancelled dinner with Ricky to deliver a takeaway to Kat at work, then saw Kyle kiss Ricky. He confronted her but she told him Kyle had initiated it and it was Nate she loved. Nate reciprocated and went to break up with Kat, only to find her brother had just died, and told Ricky he had to stay with her and support her.

When they returned from the funeral, Kat asked him to move in with her and he decided to come clean with her about Ricky. After they broke up, he went straight to Ricky, although they agreed to take it slow.

Phoebe asked him to talk to Kat but he arrived to find her passed out drunk and poured her vodka away. However, Kat then turned up at the vow renewal drunk and ranted at him, accusing him of driving women mad by cheating on them. She later apologised but also told him to stay away, prompting him to throw himself into his relationship with Ricky.

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He insisted on looking after Casey instead of getting a babysitter. He gave Maddy a check up when she had a cancer scare and gave Kat details of what had killed Trystan Powell. A lunch with Ricky went well and he later shared a friendly games of cards with Gavin. However, when Ricky revealed Gavin had got drunk and manhandled her, Nate ordered him out of town, only for him to be brought into hospital after being in a car crash.

When he heard Gavin had driven into a tree on purpose, he felt he had done it to gain sympathy and wanted to walk away, but Ricky convinced him to go back. He planned to propose to Ricky and prepared a special picnic for them but when she turned up late and had to leave early he cancelled the plan. He tried again at a barbeque but she invited Ash and Phoebe along and had to take Casey home early.

He then made another plan to propose to her over lunch at the Braxton house, only to lose the ring down the sink. By the time he had retrieved it, they had been called away to help search for Oscar. His next attempt was derailed when he was called to look after Irene, who had a cut hand. Ricky then interrupted his next attempt to reveal she might be pregnant. Although the test was negative, it left them thinking they wanted a baby in the near future.

He then found out Ricky knew of his plan. Two days later, Ricky got in touch with Nate and told him Brax was alive. After confiding in Irene, he called off the engagement. He tried to play peacemaker between Chris and Hannah but the meeting he organised descended into an argument and Chris told him to stay out of it. He was called into work when he was supposed to be on a date with Ricky, leaving him too tired to do anything.

When Phoebe pointed out that Ricky was feeling neglected, he explained to Ricky that he was saving for a deposit.

He helped smooth things over between Hannah and Chris when she was found to have a defective BRCA gene and kept an eye on her after her double mastectomy. He was soon involved in planning a big wedding but eventually agreed to a small but formal ceremony. He directed Zac over the phone to perform a procedure on Hunter when he suffered a tension pneumothorax.

He was surprised when Ricky asked to get married in a month, then brought the wedding forward again to two weeks time and Nate ended up arguing with her about her changing her name and about writing their own vows. When Ricky was delayed arriving at the service, he prepared to call the whole thing off but soon after she turned up and they were married. They honeymooned in the Palmer house, only to have to vacate it when John returned home, moving back to the annexe of the Braxton house. Nate was delighted when Casey called him Dadda, only to find Ricky was less so.

He then found a text Brax had sent her just before the wedding.

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He attended the hospital fundraiser without her only to find she had followed him after the event was hit by an explosion. He failed to resuscitate Hannah when she collapsed from a head injury and broke the news to Ricky and Chris.

He and Ricky had trouble talking about their new situation and he ended up taking it out on Tori, although they bonded when they worked together on a difficult birth. However, they both ended up applying to replace Ben Dawson as head of emergency medicine and Nate was passed over after his suspension was brought up.

home and away nate proposes a relationship

He made an excuse to get out of viewing a house with Ricky and accused her of not facing up to what had happened. They awkwardly viewed a house together before he told her that Casey was enough for him and they slept together. He quizzed Phoebe and discovered Ricky had said she might have made a mistake marrying him. Although Tori convinced him to smooth things over with Ricky, it resulted in her going away for a while.

home and away nate proposes a relationship

On her return, he met her on the beach for a picnic but was uncomfortable when she arranged marriage counselling for them. He and Tori treated a couple shot during a robbery together and when Tori felt ill afterwards he took over her shift, meaning he missed the counselling session.

Tori confided that the couple reminded her of her parents, who died years earlier. He was frustrated again when Ricky hid a birthday card for Casey from Brax.

He and Ricky discussed their relationship and he spent some last hours with Casey before saying goodbye to them. He was puzzled however when Tori turned down an offer of a coffee. He looked after Alf when he suffered a heart attack and stroke, and after the shift Tori came to his flat with a bottle of wine and fell asleep on the sofa. When he received a photo of Casey, he contemplated cutting off all contact but was confused when Tori refused to let him confide in her.

He clashed with Mason when he started working as a student at the hospital, coming down hard on him when he called the hospital out in the sticks and when he moved Alf after he had a fall instead of calling someone, but got on better with him once they both settled down. He met a man who introduced himself as Tim Mitchell but was really Spike Lowe. Spike later attacked him at the hospital and injected him with ketamine, with him only just being saved by the trauma team.

He was convinced by Chris to go on a date with Danika Kulevski and although they failed to hit it off completely he ended up sleeping with her. He stood her up in order to spend the day with Tori but when Tori found out about his involvement with Danika she told him to go for it. However, he was unfulfilled by the casual relationship with Danika and began avoiding her. He explained the situation with Danika to Tori before ending the arrangement, only to find Tori was now dating Duncan. He learned Tori considered him a love rat and got drunk with Chris before turning up on her doorstep to declare his feelings.

He tried going back when he was sober but got rebuffed. He had to move back into the beach house when the old Braxton house was sold and looked after Kat when she began suffering panic attacks.

The plane then crashed and Nate ended up heading into the bush with Tori and Duncan to look for Brody. They soon began to run out of supplies and Nate convinced Duncan to try and trick Tori into going back to the crash site but she saw through the deception. They were joined by Justin and found Brody had fallen off a cliff, with Nate helping Tori give him emergency treatment.

Shortly after Tori confirmed she was now with Duncan, Nate applied for a job with Careflight. He apparently remained unaware that Spike was behind the attack on him, as when he turned up at the hospital with Hope as his captive Nate cheerily greeted his old friend Tim. He tried to spend his day off cheering up Chris only for Chris to decide to leave town. He helped keep him busy while Irene tried to organise a farewell party and convinced him to attend, then looked after John when he suffered a head injury.

He was contacted by Caroline Stewart, who requested marijuana for medicinal purposes, but although sympathetic he had to follow guidelines and only give her the treatments allowed in Australia. When he found out VJ was quitting school, Nate encouraged Billie to tell him the truth.

He threatened to tell VJ himself, even though it meant breaking patient confidentiality, and Billie begged him to let her do it. When she was admitted to hospital with high blood pressure, he realised the stress was harming her health and reluctantly agreed to keep quiet.

He went to help Hope when she fell down an embankment, injuring his shoulder in the process. He arranged a drink with Tori only to learn she was back with Duncan, so applied for a full-time job with Careflight.

Despite his injury, he took part in a charity volleyball match where he was partnered with Tori. When she quizzed him about his plans for Careflight, he replied that there was nothing left for him in Summer Bay. He visited Hope in custody when she had trouble sleeping and provided her diazepam, but left her alone with his medical kit, allowing her to steal more pills and accidentally overdose.

He kept his shoulder injury a secret from Careflight and was angry when someone at the hospital broke patient confidentiality to inform them, costing him the position. Nate took her place on a conference to Bali after she resigned as head of emergency medicine, making up with her before he went.

He returned to find his divorce papers had come through and pointed out to Tori that they were now both single. However, they were interrupted by Bianca returning to town. They arranged a date together then got trapped in a lift where they ended up having sex. Afterwards, they established that they both wanted a relationship.

He found Heath collapsed at the wheel and suspected the Morgans were hiding something when their friend Decker was killed. He finally found out that the Morgans had been in witness protection when it made front page of the Coastal News and confronted Tori about it. He initially accepted her explanations but then queried her motives for reporting him to Careflight. Mason told him that he made the call, since it left Nate free to go to the conference which otherwise Tori would have had to go to and be recognised at.

Nate went looking for Tori but found she had gone to a conference in Hobart. He returned soon after to find Tori had been kidnapped by Ranae Turner and Justin had been stabbed while freeing her, with Nate stabilising the latter for surgery. When Billie was brought in, in labour and suffering from smoke inhalation, he tried to convince her to have a caesarean but ultimately helped her have a natural birth, although he had to put her on oxygen afterwards.

He then saw Tori getting close again to her ex Riley Hawkins, who Nate had met at the Bali conference. He looked after Marilyn who had been burned in the same fire as Billie and advised Bianca when she was worried about her post-natal psychosis recurring.

Riley made it clear he was still interested in Tori and asked Nate how things stood between them. Nate refused to answer but told Tori they both wanted her. He softened slightly when Brody told him Riley had cheated on Tori, but when Riley lied to Tori that Nate had bet him he could win her over and Tori asked Nate if it was true, Nate walked away from her again.

He diagnosed Billie with terminal cancer and, when she died on the beach, convinced Ash that VJ taking her out of hospital had made no difference.

He diagnosed John with a brain tumour and confirmed it could cause behavioural changes, helping Kat work out that he had started a series of fire including the one Marilyn had been injured in. He was reported for not treating Billie quickly enough but this turned out to be a rumour spread by Riley and Tori quickly cleared him. He took Tori for a bike ride to clear her head after a night shift, then let slip that he loved her. When Tori told him she wanted children one day, he replied that he never wanted them.

She suggested he was worried about another experience like Casey and said it was a deal-breaker for her, so he said he might be open to it one day.