Jimin and jung kook relationship tips

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jimin and jung kook relationship tips

Jungkook has a special relationship with all 6 of them, different but no less 3) Among members, Jimin the one who often come to Jungkook's room .. they have different dynamics and are close in different ways so i dont see. As you already know, i want to show you how Jimin's relationships to every . We all remember how Jimin was being clingy to Jungkook before. DiscussionWhat are some relationship dynamics that you love within BTS? .. I also love seeing Jungkook disrespect Jin in the most hilarious ways, .. Jungkook's relationship with all of his hyungs, particularly Jimin and Jin.

Literally, everything fucking flipped. I had to have me a fucking moment after that shit. Had to do me some breathing exercises, had to look out the window for a bit because FUCK that. That was my bad, sincerest apologies. Like, genuinely, I did cross a line there and I totally deserved to have my fucking brain melted. Tread lightly around Kook.

But just to clarify for anyone concerned, there is nothing abusive between Jimin and Jungkook.

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The only thing I was able to really see before I was energetically punched in the face by Jungkook was just ocean waves slamming into really jagged rocks, and then those rocks being very round and smooth when the waves rolled away. There was also an image of Jungkook being split down the middle, which was specifically more in the conscious and unconscious realms but it was more so dealing with him being somewhere between an adult and a child, like struggling pretty hard with that.

So, now we can get to their current status. This is carrying the exact opposite energy of his previous state. You have a queen of swords, you have a protector.

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You know, trying to keep that sword in the ground, his feet on the ground. When I focused on the subconscious side for this it felt more like Jimin was afraid of accidentally abandoning Jungkook, or slipping up somehow. Out of everyone else, friends or family, Jungkook is the last person Jimin wants to be open with in that way specifically.

jimin and jung kook relationship tips

Kind of like how a parent puts on a brave face for their kid during a crisis in hopes that the child will actually be brave. He is, on all levels, protecting Jimin from the fact that he is aware of Jimin not always being a bright and shining sun.

He was also trying to keep people out from seeing that part of Jimin from his perspective even though that is actually something that is very strongly projected from Jimin himself, meaning I can fucking see that shit if I focus on Jimin, but with Jungkook I get a fucking brain hemorrhage. Jungkook is a lot more aware of the cycle than Jimin is. It is the opposite of the tower, opposite of a catastrophe. Keep in mind that Jimin only considers this a relationship, like he only engages on all levels when he is in a positive mindset, so literally, the avoidance of disaster, the avoidance of the downside of the cycle is the relationship.

Because this was coming up as a reversed tower card, I feel like this was a desperate view like there was a layer, and this one might have actually been on the subconscious or even conscious level. This is where it gets fucking weird and interesting and not at all easy to fucking understand. I was actually reading this in a few different ways because of the Page of Cups being there.

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This might be the cycle between them: No i didn't forgot about THIS: And i also didn't forgot about THIS: I just love Jihope. I loved them since the beginning because i loved the way they smile at each other, laugh together, making fun and being themselves when they have each other. I love them being together.

We all know how Jimin can't stop laughing at Jin's dad jokes: But it is not just a funny connection between them, it is also something more protective Jin is the oldest member in BTS and of course he is taking good care of all the members but i think with Jimin it's something different and i don't know why i feel that way: Look at how Jin is catching Jimin and Jimin is just like: Please, never forget this legendary Vlive: Jimin's laugh after Jin touched him: I don't know why but Jinmin is also very important.

For me, i thought Jimin and Jin are complete differences maybe because of their age but they are having a really good relationship and i really enjoy seeing them together. I love how Jin is first being completely like a mother at some moments but at others he is just acting like Jimin and i think something like this is very precious.

I just started to watch some Vmin videos on Youtube and i was really shocked. I never noticed it before and i'm really happy that Vmin is getting more popular because for real now, these two are very special: I just love how cute and also funny they can be together: Guys of course i am putting this kiss into my blog: Remember when V talked about his grandma, who passed away? Jimin quickly hugged him from behind when V was finished: I love how caring he is and also is there for him everytime.

Look at Jimin reaching out for V's hand so they can go together: Why i love Vmin? Well it is just because of their really good friendship. Both are such cuties and i really love how they both being funny and cute at the same time: Both of them are having a really good connection to each other and to be honest, i never knew that they are being such cuties when they are together. Then he added, " but a girl with a sense of fashion. In another interview, Tae stated that dating a lovely, kind-hearted girl that loves animals, children and elders would be amazing.

He also mentioned in many interviews, that as long as the girl has a good personality, he won't care about the looks and that in a relationship, we should fall in love with the inside personality and not the outside looks so kind and such a gentleman: His Ideal Date A cute date like playing games. Hoseok Jhope's point of view on dating and marriage was similar to Tae's.

He answered the same as V's: Jhope mentioned that having things in common or having the same interests is not that big of a deal. As long as the girl is nice and takes good care of him he'll shower her with his love: His Ideal Date A goofy date i kinda expected that: Jungkook In many interviews, I found that Jungkook does not give his opinion about this dating and marriage thing.

Maybe because he's still young! But, in latest interviews and fansigns, he stated many times that he likes it when the girl is older than him. Regarding the dating, Jungkook said that that he said he is too young to date but if he does, he'd like to date a cute girl with a charming personality. He mentioned that he'd love to spend the time with a smart girl, get to know her better than if she was able to make him fall for her he would date her.

jimin and jung kook relationship tips