Jumba and pleakley relationship problems

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jumba and pleakley relationship problems

The relationship between Captain Hook and Smee is pretty similar to . most obviously gay couple in Disney history: Jumba and Pleakley. but his first name is Wendy and he has no problem with pretending to be a woman. When Jumba and Pleakley finally decide to change gears and help Stitch and That brings us to the extended canon, where their relationship after the consider how much trouble Jumba is in because of the experiments. Mirroring this, Pleakley's biggest problem is the search for his own identity and .. Having Pleakley in his life forces Jumba to deal with relationships of any kind, .

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Here are some Disney pairs who are kind of gay for each other. Obviously, LeFou is gay, even in the animated movie. He follows Gaston around everywhere and does everything for him. How is that not true love? But what about Gaston? What if all the skirt chasing is actually a cover? Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa is actually a beautiful story about gay adoption.

Captain Hook is a man dripping with toxic masculinity. Smee runs around after him, attending to his every need. Or they could have gone with Jumba looking back at him, then turning back forward to make some comment to Nani about the structure of the ship being compromised by the gunfire. But what comes across by this shot sequence is that Jumba looks back at Pleakley just because he heard him scream: By the end, they both move into the same house, which is a little surprising given the friction between them for the bulk of the film.

jumba and pleakley relationship problems

Again, it speaks to the idea that a bond has grown between them due to all the time they spent together on their mission. That brings us to the extended canon, where their relationship after the adventure that brought them together is actually ironed out and explored.

There are a couple directions to go here.

The Animated Forest: Male Duo: Jumba and Pleakley (part the second)

When Jumba actually is taken, however, we see Pleakley more distressed. Then, of course, when Jumba does return to Earth, he undergoes the revelation that yes, he is part of a family. It does, however, speak to a friendship having developed. The Animated Series, their relationship becomes a good deal more filled with subtext.

And, once again, speaking from personal experience, that can mean flirting. This is relationship coding. Pleakley tries to escape the obligation by pretending to be engaged to Nani, prompting his family to arrive on Earth to witness the wedding. Keep in mind that Nani left because this marriage would have been legally binding. Jumba has no problem with this little catch. This episode also demonstrates some of how much more physically comfortable Jumba and Pleakley have become around each other.

Immediately after that, we get this shot: Having this narrative play out juxtaposed with a sham marriage to a male character puts a little extra context around the fact that Pleakley and Jumba were very nearly married. In order to keep up their charade, or because they actually are that close at this point? He never specifies who the letters are to or from, but there are at this point only so many people, and one of the options is super obvious. What gets me is when Pleakley first proposes his study.

He actually suggests the idea to Jumba while doing this: Anyway, Jumba shoves him off and rejects the proposal, but is brought back around to it when he realizes the power of love could potentially be used for evil. Pleakley goes along with him on this. However, even when evil experimentation is on the table, Pleakley is willing to drop the argument just so he and Jumba can work on the project together. Jumba then hands it to Pleakley, and Pleakley drinks it.

jumba and pleakley relationship problems

Of course, it does nothing. Please do not try drinking melted chocolate, sand, and dog spit at home. But if your first instinct upon holding the essence of love is to hand it over to your close friend to have him drink it, I think you already have a slight idea of what love is, and it has something to do with that friend.

DISNEY CROSSY ROAD LILO AND STITCH Cobra Bubbles / Pleakley / Jumba / Grand Councilwoman Gameplay

For my final exhibit pre-Leroy, I want to talk about something that did not happen in the show proper, but, if sources are correct, almost did. Second of all, WOW. Jumba takes her place, dressed as a woman.

jumba and pleakley relationship problems

The marriage ceremony is interrupted just before they are pronounced man and wife. Instead of being glad that he was saved from a legally binding marriage, Jumba yells, "You are interrupting climax of earth ceremony. All of the cousins have been found, and in reward the Galactic Council gives Jumba back the key to his evil lab, and Pleakley is granted a position at a galactic community collage as a professor in Earth research.

Lilo realizes that it would be selfish to ask her friends to continue to live with her family, and so she encourages them to pursue their dreams. So, Jumba, Pleakley, and Stitch all leave earth.

Back at his evil lab, Jumba creates an exploding saliva solution, and excitedly calls out to Pleakley to show him, only to remember that Pleakley isn't there. A sad a montage of all the characters being lonely follows. Later it cuts to Pleakley in his new office.

jumba and pleakley relationship problems

He has two things on this desk, a framed photo of Jumba, and an earth rock that Lilo gifted him. Pleakley calls Jumba, bursting out with how much he misses him, and how he wants to see him. Jumba is pleased that Pleakley called, but doesn't want to continue the conversation because the evil Hamsterviel is in his lab.

We then get this exchange: Never wanting seeing you again. What I mean when I said: I miss you so much, can I visit? I don't miss you at all, and I never ever wanna see you ever again, either.

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Jumba is equally upset that Hamsterviel forced him to hurt Pleakley. After apparently crying it out, the next thing Pleakley does is to fly to Jumba's lab. Unfortunately he shows up mid epic battle between Stitch and the baddies which results in all the good guys being captured. Pleakley explains to Jumba that he just wanted to make up.

Is Pleakley a boy or a girl?

To which Jumba affectionately replies, "Next time send flowers. As I mentioned in part 1there is no way to guarantee what the intent was by the creators behind all the elements of the franchise. Still, it seems unlikely that the consistent characterization of Jumba and Pleakley's relationship could have been written so carefully with no one involved realizing the possibility of a gay reading particularly since so many jokes seem to rely on this second reading of the characters.

Part way through the series it was tied back as a sequel to the American show, with the character of Lilo showing up. The show has been dubbed in English, but only the first five episodes aired in the United States. Whether or not this series is considered canon is something for fans to argue about. So, I'll start that argument: