Kanji and naoto relationship problems

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kanji and naoto relationship problems

It further follows the development of Naoto and Kanji after their face they show society and the strange relationship they now have, they need to find a sense of completion from within before their external problems can be. Explore KanjixNaoto's board "Naoto x Kanji" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Otp, Persona 4 and Atlus games. The trouble comes when Kanji becomes a regular party member. There is no point in asking the question “Is Naoto Shirogane Trans?” It's easy . The script for his Social Link in the finished game contains heavy homoerotic.

Naoto, someone presenting as male, and up until this point, seemingly content with identifying as such, has just been outed as trans by his own Shadow.

Waypoint: Atlus, We Haven't Forgotten Your Mishandling of LGBTQ Characters (Catherine/P4 spoilers)

The game asserts that being trans is not a legitimate identity. The other characters in the party are confused. To me, this seems like a gross misrepresentation of a trans character. Naoto can apparently never be a man. Both Kanji and Naoto had the potential to be incredibly multi-faceted queer characters but are are, in the end, cisgender and heterosexual. Video game companies like to make money; they need games that will appeal to a wide variety of audiences.

The status quo is not overthrown. The protagonist can form a romantic relationship with Naoto once he is outed, and has the option to tell Naoto he looks better as a girl—if that option is chosen Naoto will wear feminine clothes and come over on Christmas, presumably for sexual activity. When video game companies are unwilling to make characters their full, authentic, queer selves it tells people that being queer is a bad thing.

LGBTQ people need better representation than Kanji and Naoto, as precious, beloved, and wonderful as the characters are.

Like a riddle waiting to be solved. It had come to her immediate attention the first time she had spoken to him during her initial involvement with the case.

kanji and naoto relationship problems

Several rumors had been flying around at the time about Kanji Tatsumi a gang member, a troublemaker, possible drug dealer. She had been told that he was a loud mouthed and violent adolescent. She had found him to be a stuttering simpleton after the couple of times she had interviewed him. He didn't come off as much as the 'punk' that people claimed he was—even if his clothing suggested it. Once she got involved with the 'team' she had noticed that Kanji Tatsumi was aggressive, reckless, loud, and liked to settle most of his problems through brute force particularly where shadows are concerned.

Then she'd spy on him giving dolls to children and telling them that he would make more. The fact that she found out; albeit, accidentally, that Kanji knew how to sew things and actually used this skill to make things for children had been a startling realization.

As far as she had noticed, he had always tried to keep up the 'tough guy' routine in front of everyone; but he actually goes and willingly sews small dolls for children.

kanji and naoto relationship problems

It was odd… and borderline cute. The latter opinion being a bit illogical to her at first. She noticed other things soon after that, usually when the two of them were with the rest of the group.

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The group would make remarks Yosuke in particular regarding Kanji and herself. Joking, teasing, hinting at something she seemed too absorbed in the case to really understand.

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Kanji also seemed to speak to her differently then the rest of the team. Nervous, hesitant, and unable to hold eye contact very long with her; something she had often associated with the fact that she's involved with the law enforcement and he was often considered a suspect for many things.

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She had noticed all these small, and what she could see as obvious now, hints in regards to the riddle known as Kanji Tatsumi; however, she hadn't the time to really work the riddle out or spend the adequate time necessary to really come up with a hypothesis during the case they were working on. Sometimes, during the free moments she would simply stare at him when he wasn't aware and try and work out a general overview on what to classify Kanji Tatsumi as.

There were only a handful of times that the two were actually alone and while she barely spoke more than a few lines during their mostly one-sided conversations, she always paid close attention to what he said and his body language. She liked to pick things apart while they conversed, from his tone of voice, the poorly structured speech, to the nervous habits he picked up that she only saw him display when speaking with her.

The routine continued throughout the term until the case was solved and Inaba slowed down once more. That's when she really could work on her own private, personal investigations.

Kanji Tatsumi started spending more time at Tatsumi Textiles then with his friends apparently making dolls was doing wonders for the shop and this put a damper on her whole Tatsumi Investigation. More times then she cared to admit she found herself passing the shop without entering and would convince herself it was because the shop was on the way to the estate even if there's a shorter route. It wasn't until two weeks ago when she was with Rise Kujikawa and completely dazed in the middle of the conversation with her that the idol finally said something that made her think.