Keller and beecher relationship quizzes

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keller and beecher relationship quizzes

The only upbeat moment for the couple in season four was a scene where Beecher courageously told his visiting parents that he and Keller. Therefore, the relationship between Beecher and Keller is not established on a Prag/Daddy paradigm, simply because neither one of them want to act on any. Relationship Status in love with Tobias Beecher. At first, Keller only feigns a deep romantic interest in his cellmate. But as the two become closer, Keller's.

Season 3[ edit ] Keller discovers that he has genuinely fallen in love with Beecher, and is desperate to win back his trust. However, Beecher refuses to forgive him. Beecher then kills Metzger by sharpening his fingernails and slashing his throat. Later, Beecher stabs Keller shortly after his release from the infirmary.

keller and beecher relationship quizzes

When Schillinger's son Andy is sent to Oz, Beecher befriends the young man and arranges to share a cell with him. While Beecher does not mistreat Andy, he leads Schillinger to believe that he is going to sleep with him.

Moved by Beecher's kindness, Andy renounces his father and his white supremacist ideology. Schillinger arranges to have his own son killed, having him thrown in solitary and getting a prison guard to deliver heroin on which he overdoses.

Beecher finally forgives Keller after saving him from Schillinger's attack and the two reunite as lovers. Part I[ edit ] Beecher tries to bury the hatchet with Schillinger further by having a private investigator at his father's law firm search for his younger son Hank. However, Schillinger thinks Beecher was trying to turn Hank against him and orders his son to kidnap Beecher's children. Hank severs the hand of Beecher's son and mails it to him in Oz.

Hank kills Beecher's son before ultimately releasing his daughter. Schillinger also pays another prisoner to tell Beecher that Keller is responsible for the kidnapping. Enraged, Beecher tries to kill Keller. When Beecher learns the truth, he tries to apologize to Keller, but Keller casts him aside. Upon learning that Hank has been acquitted due to a legal technicalityhe approaches Chucky Pancamo in order to commission a hit.

Beecher has second thoughts and tries to cancel the hit, only to learn that Hank is already dead. Part II[ edit ] When Schillinger learns of Hank's death, he plots revenge — all chance of which is lost after Keller falsely confesses to having hired the hitman.

Keller does so to make himself Schillinger's target instead of Beecher, and is transferred to Massachusetts not long afterwards. Beecher and Schillinger then are involved in a victim-attacker interaction program led by Sister Pete, who is trying to help Beecher fight his inner conflicts.

With Keller in Massachusetts for confessing to Hank's murder, Beecher is up for parole and falls in love with his attorney, Katherine McClain.

Tobias Beecher

McClain does what she can for Beecher, but he is denied parole. Later that day in the library, Schillinger and Robson come by to taunt Beecher. Pancamo informs Beecher that Agent Pierce Taylor has implicated him in Hank's murder, and will likely inform Schillinger that Pancamo arranged the hit of his son.

Shortly after, Keller is transferred back to Oz and, now suspected of a series of murders, is isolated from the general population and Beecher. During another mediation in which homosexuality is discussed, Beecher attacks Schillinger when he denies ever raping him.

Afterwards, convicted rapists Franklin Winthrop and Adam Guenzel arrive in Oz, the latter being a friend of Beecher's family. Beecher, fearing for Guenzel's safety, recruits the Italians to protect him.

keller and beecher relationship quizzes

Schillinger forces Winthrop, now a prag for the Aryans, to tell the homophobic Guenzel about Beecher's past relationships with men and spread false rumors about the pair.

Schillinger offers to let Beecher reunite with Keller if he convinces McManus to transfer Guenzel to a cell block where the Italians won't protect him. Beecher initially refuses, but gives in when Guenzel assaults and humiliates Beecher.

Beecher later finds a bloodied Guenzel in the gym following his gang rape by the Aryans. Beecher asks Sister Pete to talk to Guenzel and Schillinger; afraid that Guenzel will eventually inform on the Aryans, Schillinger arranges for Guenzel to die during a staged escape attempt.

Beecher tells the authorities about Schillinger's rapes of Winthrop and Guenzel and his involvement with Guenzel's death. Warden Leo Glynn moves Schillinger to solitary. Beecher sees Keller, who has just been found guilty of murder, and the two share an intimate kiss.

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Season 6[ edit ] Beecher is transferred to a safer unit, as McManus sees that he is being targeted by the Aryans for testifying against Schillinger. Beecher's father, Harrison, appeals Keller's death sentence until Winthrop kills him to join the Aryans.

keller and beecher relationship quizzes

Beecher is paroled, inherits his father's law firm, and gets Keller's sentence overturned. However, Beecher is sent back to prison after a lonely Keller arranges for him to get caught buying drugs. Upon returning to Oz, Beecher severs ties with Keller. Carpenter had no clue. He asked Eartha Kit for a hint.

It could also be called a Rob Petrie. The answer was a Van Dyke. Hoyt still didn't get the reference, apparently having no idea who Rob Petrie was. A count was called just as Elliot revealed that Beecher was right. The disappointed cons mumbled and grumbled their way to the couunt line up with Keller yelling, "It's Up the Ante!

Lisa Logan Meanwhile, more television excitement came to OZ as a TV producer from a syndicated news program came in to talk to Warden Glynn about a three-part series on Oswald. It entailed an overall study of the prison, following one new prisoner coming into OZ, and to have the host, Jack Eldridge, spend one night in a cell with a prisoner.

Glynn was against the idea, until the producer, Lisa Logan, told him that she'd already gone over his head to the governor to get permission to do the show. He asked her why she asked for his permission if it was already a go. Logan found two focuses for the program: She began her interviews with Beecher. Set up in empty classroom, the camera focused on a pensive but calm Beecher as he lean-sat on top of a desk.

Logan explained to him that they would just speak informally, and based on their conversation, they would decide if he would be interviewed by Jack Eldridge. She then asked how prison changed him. How had it not? Beecher, scoffed at the question, but couldn't find a simple enough answer.

keller and beecher relationship quizzes

Logan asked him to describe his experiences? This too, seemed to befuddle Beecher. Hmm, have you ever read the book of Job? Beecher, matter-of-fact about his list of experiences up to now, helpfully offered to show her his scar from the stabbing.

He lifted up his shirt and showed the camera a small, thin scar in the middle of his back. He didn't mention getting broken.

Or maybe now, I'm the man I always was and never knew. She asked to hear about the relationship between him and the two men. Beecher, frowning a deep, sardonic frown wasn't telling.

The boom mike operator diverted their attention down to the floor where Poet was beating up a white inmate. The crew watched in fascination. Logan asked Beecher what was happening and he told her that the guy either stole drugs or he owed for drugs. His four years in OZ had taught him well. The camera caught Keller walking across the floor and engaged in sarcastic applause.

He was to be next in the spotlight. The camera caught on the the famous Keller smile before panning out to capture his whole face. Logan asked him about the drugs in OZ but Keller was being less than helpful, muttering a few 'I don't know's' until she got to a subject that really interested him. She asked him about sex in OZ. So, a lot of homosexual activity?

Keller nodded and smiled toward CO Murphy who was accompanying the crew. Logan asked him if he had participated in any of it. Keller smiled again, asking her if he did, why would he tell her. The smile melted from his features like hot candle wax. Busmalis, antsy about looking bad on camera, stood up and screamed for the camera crew to get the fuck away from him. They walked away and Rebadow told him how all of America would see him looking like an asshole. Meanwhile, Beecher sat on his bunk reading, when Keller approached walked in and stood by his bunk.

He leaned back on the bunk to meet Keller's eyes. But his tone was unwelcoming as he asked him what he wanted. What did you tell her about me? Keller, merely laughed and adopted a seductive tone. He gently stroked Beecher's arm. He stood before his former lover, his grim expression full of challenge, "And what?

What are you gonna do? A guard pounded on the glass to alert them of a shakedown.