Lee dong wook and kim sun ah relationship poems

Two Iconic Dramas Of Lee Dong Wook Set To Broadcast In Malaysia

lee dong wook and kim sun ah relationship poems

Lee Dong Wook and Kim sun Ah- Scent of a woman. These two made me knock my head on the wall a couple of times. I have yet to finish. Goblin Funny, Goblin Kdrama Funny, Lee Dong Wook Goblin, Movie, Bon The Fangirl's Drama Roundtable: Goblin Final Thoughts – Dramas With A Kdrama Goblin, Goblin Gong Yoo, Kim Sun, Bond, Connect, Tumblr, Korean . Goblin tvN Poem (Kim In Yook) One of my favourite poems . I love their relationship XD. Kim Dong-wook (Hangul: 김동욱; born July 29, ) is a South Korean actor. .. Song Seon-mi, Maya, Lee Yoon-ji, Jung Chan, Jung Woo, Kim Dong-wook, . is a Lotte Duty Free store employee who has never been in a relationship before.

This ending wrapped up nearly all of the storylines at least the ones we care about and I am pleased to report that it was pretty much happily ever after for everyone.

Even the ahjumma kind of. Poor Eun Jae — she went through a major angst fest that lasted up till the last inning of the drama see how I am now using pseudo-sports metaphors?

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Thank you, Wild Romance! We cut back a few minutes and saw that the ahjumma had actually switched all of their clothes except their shoes in order to confuse Park Mu Yeol Lee Dong Wook.

lee dong wook and kim sun ah relationship poems

I guess misery loves company — or crazy people like other crazy people. So when Mu Yeol tried to be affectionate she could barely keep it together. And so he said they should take a break while he went to training camp.

lee dong wook and kim sun ah relationship poems

I could handle this angst since it came from a more real place. I hate angst just for the sake of angst, you know? Ok, even knowing the ending, Mu Yeol really aggravated me in this episode. Is it really so hard to understand how she might be unsure?

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I see why there is usually a second guy in these K-dramas — to keep the main guy from getting too complacent. A less incredibly likable actor than Lee Dong Wook would have made me completely hate his character. Her creepy smile while in jail shows that she knew exactly how she was screwing with Eun Jae, I think.

They have now retired to the countryside, just as Su Yeong had wanted all along before she took a ride on the crazy train, conducted by the ahjumma.

lee dong wook and kim sun ah relationship poems

If only Dong Su had listened to his wife earlier. No, I know that she had to face her demons before she could move on, but maybe without the extenuating circumstances that would have just involved sullenness and not slashing paintings.

SunWook's Sweetness! (Kim Sun Ah & Lee Dong Wook)

I guess they provided balance. Jong Hui stayed classy till the end. I guess there was enough drama in the drama without having a wacko second girl, so the drama allowed her to leave gracefully. She seemed to understand just how much the ahjumma had taken away from her early on when she had stolen her couple ring, but she let it go.

lee dong wook and kim sun ah relationship poems

It was poignant how they were on such different wavelengths — no wonder they broke up. I should think not. The rest of the episode was fine, notwithstanding the pall that their fight cast, and some questions were answered.

It appears that Su Yeong was afraid that Dong Su was cheating on her because he kept calling a pensione, so Mu Yeol was probably comforting her. And apparently Su Yeong married down when she married him, giving up her family and her dreams of painting in order to devote her life to him. So maybe he should be cleaning every now and then. He obviously just needs to get his groove back as in confidence in order to be a happy husband.

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It was kind of funny how catty Eun Jae and Su Yeong got in the hot springs. Could this be karma for how he treated Eun Jae? But Eun Jae, with her unerring Spidey sense, knew that Mu Yeol was in danger and saved him from the hotel room and fluffy white robes. At least he was honest when he said that he had started to feel bad but her constant teasing was making him regret his remorse.

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Though we have seen the last of her phone since Eun Jae hawked it to feed her family meat. Could he just want to keep seeing her? Or does he think that she could be the stalker? He is hard to read. But that stalker is a freak who likes increasingly disturbing poetry. But he calls her immo aunt — could they be related?