Lelouch and kallen relationship quiz

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lelouch and kallen relationship quiz

Shirley would also get really jealous of Kallen as well! It was because . I find that Shirley and Lelouch actually have a love connection. Shirley. 25 oneshots and more on Lelouch and Shirley's relationship. What Lelouch beheld before him was a half-stripped Shirley, being held by She wasn't particularly too keen on the idea of Kallen and Lelouch being . Yumi then cleared her throat, grinned, and slammed a magazine quiz in front of Lelouch. However, Kallen only identifies as Japanese, calling herself only “technically Relationship Status single, though she could fall for Zero if he managed to.

He knew Yumi's clubs: And Harrington had currently had his spots set on Shirley. So he quickly changed and burst out of the tennis changing room and told some of his perverted friends to go after Yumi and Shirley.

Shirley ran into a corner and Yumi followed her, then she heard a high pitched scream. Lelouch and Suzaku, heard the scream and ran faster.

Yumi saw Shirley hung upside down, with her skirt upside down and her underwear showing. Harrington held her and touched an area that is not supposed to be mentioned in here and Shirley let out a scream. Yumi growled, but was then grabbed by two other guys.

One held her by her wrists, the other spread open her legs and sniffed in there. Harrington gave a wide smirk. And the prize is…" but he was cut off by Lelouch surprisingly kicking him in the crotch area.

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He dropped Shirley and Lelouch caught her. The goons were busy sniffing around Yumi. Suzaku leaned toward her, whispering, "Are you still mad at me? Shirley smiled and hugged him back. Yumi grinned and Suzaku smiled. But, she decided, maybe it can keep on going until that hurdle comes. Yumi glared at Milly, who sweatdropped.

However she got very curious of him since he was a real mystery and started getting feelings for him. It was actually Shirley who gave the nickname Lulu and thats when everyone found out she had a crush on him. The tittle of this section is small crush but now that I think about it, it wasn't that small. Shirley would go to Lelouch's best friend Suzaku and ask him about Lulu.

lelouch and kallen relationship quiz

Of course he found out as well and tried to call Lelouch to get an answers about there relationship and if he likes Shirley. She is very shy so she doesn't want Lulu to know about her crush. Shirley would also get really jealous of Kallen as well!

It was because she thought she saw them kissing and would keep asking questions.

lelouch and kallen relationship quiz

Shirley would finally get the guts to ask out Lelouch to a concert. Well she didn't actually ask him, she forced him to come but I believe she was scared of getting rejected so she had to force him. Lulu was busy with the black knights but does show up and finds Shirley. We see Shirley in the rain like a ghost and when Lulu starts talking Shirley asks a question about Zero. Earlier Zero killed other people from Britannia and one of them was Shirley's father and she just wanted to know why. Shirley was really depressed and for comfort kissed Lelouch.

Lelouch didn't stop her as she was asking for his help. On the day of the funeral she does apologize as she realizes that it was wrong. We do see Lelouch really upset as he did not want to hurt Shirley in any way.

I mean after seeing this scene its obvious they both care for each other. Shirley needed Lulu's help to get through her depression and Lulu felt horrible as he was the one who killed Shirley's father. Shirley of course didn't want to believe it but she followed him only to find out that Zero is actually Lelouch! This is when Shirley is very conflicted because she does love Lulu however he is the reason that her father is dead.

We then see a man named Mao who also has a geass and used his powers to manipulate Shirley. In fact it did work as Shirley shot Lulu but missed. C handles Mao, Lelouch and Shirley start to have a very heartwarming moment. They both feel regret and sorrow and all Shirley wanted was Lelouch to be there for her. Due to the path Lelouch is going in he couldn't allow Shirley to suffer so he erased all her memories.

We do see Lelouch with sadness as he mentions that he lost a friend and now cant laugh or argue with her again. He than thanks Shirley for all the memories they shared. Shirley was a bit upset at first since Lelouch had so many dates but the thing is it wasn't him.

A ninja of the black knights named Sayoko transformed into Lelouch and was getting all these dates.

Kallen x Lelouch-What Hurts The Most

Poor Lelouch as he had to handle Shirley's anger. The next day there was an event going on at school called Cupid Day and whoever switch hats will become girlfriend and boyfriend.

Of course all the girls were after Lelouch and when nobody could find him Milly offered 10x the pay to whomever finds him. Lelouch and Shirley later get to be alone and have an honest conversation.

Lelouch admits that he likes Shirley! Shirley then tells Lelouch to close his eyes and she switched hats.

25 Oneshots and more on Lelouch and Shirley Chapter 3: Eyes, a code geass fanfic | FanFiction

Milly created this event for Shirley and Lelouch since its obvious they both care about each other. This might have been a small game but it made Shirley and Lelouch much closer than before!

lelouch and kallen relationship quiz

Shirley happened to get her memories back when Jeremiah used his geass canceler. When Shirley got her memories back she was beyond confused. She didn't know what to believe and decided to talk to Sazaku. However Lelouch shows up and it was all pretty awkward. Unfortunately for Shirley she would start overreacting and was about to jump off a cliff until Lelouch and Sazaku saves her.

When he still doesn't respond, she bids him farewell; he does the same once she can no longer hear him. When Lelouch takes the U. However, Xingke orders her not to fight, fearing for the safety of the hostages. After the Black Knights side with Schneizel, Kallen is stationed in the front lines. She breaks away from the main line to try to reach Lelouch, but is called back. Kallen breaks into the Avalon and attempts to kill Lelouch, with tears in her eyes as she does so, but is stopped by C.

After a fierce battle, Kallen manages to land a decisive blow on the Lancelot; however, this is at the cost of having her Guren completely disabled in the process and losing consciousness.

While the Lancelot explodes, she falls from the floating fortress to what would have been her death had it not been for Gino's rescue. After the battle, she is taken along with many others who rebelled against Lelouch to execution, and then witnesses Lelouch's death by Suzaku disguised as Zero.


She immediately understands what Lelouch has done, and stoutly proclaims that it is the real Zero with tears in her eyes. In the two months following Lelouch's death, Kallen has forgiven Lelouch since she realized his intention—to sacrifice himself and through it to expunge the hatred of the world.

She narrates about the changed world he created. She is shown living with her mother in the city. She still attends Ashford Academy and is one of the members of Rivalz's new Student Council, but has thrown away her frail cover, signified by her going to school with her preferred hairstyle and the Guren's key around her neck.

She keeps several photos of her friends in her room and smiles at the one with Lelouch before eating a piece of French toast, waving goodbye to her mother before hurrying to school.

Kallen's character poem in the Code Geass DVD reveals that she had fallen in love with Lelouch through her devotion to him and that if he had ever told her that he loved her again, she would've "followed him to hell". Knowing that she would do precisely that was the reason Lelouch remained silent, as had they consummated their feelings, she would have found out about the Zero Requiem, subsequently trying to talk him out of it and, if that didn't work, commit suicide, he wanted Kallen to live on.

She then declares that it wasn't just because of that she fell in love with him, but also due to the noble actions she had always supported and revealed to her by Nunnally. Four months later, she is present for Lelouch's miracle over the Student Council, where he asks her to never give up on them and thanking her for staying in school; when he departs, she grimaces over the fact she will never stop loving him. Abilities[ edit ] Kallen is a highly skilled Knightmare Frame pilot, rivaling the abilities of even the Knights of the Round.

She is acknowledged as the best pilot of the Black Knights by enemies and allies alike. Her codename, "Q-1," is the Queen 's starting spot in descriptive chess notation. In Lelouch's assessment of the core members of the Black Knights, her "Combat Ability" score is out ofmatching that of Kyoshiro Tohdoh ; she also has the highest possible "Loyalty" score of With the radiation arm of her Guren Mk-II, Kallen can take down almost any Knightmare Frame in a single attack should they allow her to make physical contact, and later models also have numerous secondary attack modes for mid- and long-range combat.

Her Knightmare Frame is also incredibly fast, allowing her to fight on the same level as some of the most advanced Knightmare Frames in the series.

Outside of a Knightmare, Kallen displays superior fighting abilities. She is nimble enough to swat a bee with a single swipe and cut it in thirdsand on two occasions she defeats numerous armed men with little trouble. She is also apparently intelligent, since her grades in school are top of the class despite frequent absences.

Lost ColorsKallen was one of the characters Rai meets, along with the other student council members, and greeted him after he wakes up. If the player chooses either Black Knight route or Blue Moon route, Rai becomes Kallen's love interest as their relationship developed and attempts to be close to him, while the player interacts more with Kallen if the player progresses a relationship with her in the Blue Moon route.

At day 1 to 5, Kallen arrived at the school and meets Rai at the courtyard, leading the two to have a friendly interaction with each other and eventually causing all the male students around them to develop a killing intent on Rai.

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The rest of the student council comes in while they are talking, resulting in Kallen trying to explain the misunderstanding. Kallen eventually walks out. Kallen confesses her love to him but fears that it won't work out for them and Rai reassuring her that it would.

The next scene shows the two of them are dating and now a couple. Kallen makes Rai a lunchbox saying how he always works hard and tells him he should eat as much as possible. There she later suggested to go to different places that would trigger his memory, leading Milly to vote for Kallen as Rai's caretaker, which Shirley and Nina agrees. While searching through the ghetto, Kallen notice Rai recognizing a building and suspect Rai was Japanese, then notice Kallen's face brightened up.

As they try to escape, they see a Burai falling onto them. If the player chooses to Protect Kallen, Rai immediately grabs Kallen in between his arms and turned his back towards the Burai.

However Rai managed to defeat him easily, which led Kallen to become surprised and impressed. They later encountered the real Black Knights defeating both the terrorists and the Britannian army while they were helping the civilians escape, leading Kallen to have them recognize her and let them leave. Kallen then asked Rai how he knew to easily pilot a Knightmare, which he replied that he just knew.

Later Rivalz appeared with Lelouch and has teased them for the two being a couple after a rumor mentioning her relationship with Rai went well and the incident involving the two in the Shinjuku ghetto, which includes Rai protecting Kallen.

The rumor has shocked Kallen and Rai, with Lelouch thanked Rai for his deed and Rivalz curious to know what. Although Kallen had confirmed that Rai had saved her, she was annoyed by Rivalz's constant bickering, which led to Lelouch convincing him not to bother her more. This report got Zero interested and was recommended by Kallen that he would join the Black Knights.