Mounika and balu mahendra relationship poems

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mounika and balu mahendra relationship poems

(Until her death); Mounika (m – ) (Until his death). Relatives, (Sibling) Vincent Balanathan. Balanathan Benjamin Mahendran (20 May – 13 February ), commonly known as .. In , he married another actress Mounika and declared their marriage publicly in Following a heart attack on Vijaya Rekha known by her stage name Mounika is a television and film actress who appeared in South Indian films. She is the third wife of director Balu Mahendra, who died in Balu Mahendra himself has confirmed his relationship with Mounika in many of his interviews and also in his blog. They married in another famous film personality, Balu Mahendra, has admitted to marrying a His affair with his prime TV actress Mounika was almost twenty years' old.

Thereafter the story meanders through twists and turns and ends up in the usual cinematic climax.

mounika and balu mahendra relationship poems

When the film ended with the girl setting out once again on her long and lonely journey leaving her child born of her brief affair with the singer to be brought up by the first wife, many were upset by the unfairness of it all. Now in the latest issue of the famous Tamil weekly, Ananda Vikatan, another famous film personality, Balu Mahendra, has admitted to marrying a second time in a candid interview. He says that he lost his heart to her because of her passion for the nuances of good cinema.

He could identify a kindred soul in her being himself a veteran Director who breathed cinema.

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Together they have made some fantastic TV shows. His first wife knew nothing more than serving her hubby well but drew blank on sharing his passion for cinema.

He concludes that he tied the wedding knot after living with her for many years because he felt guilty about her being branded as his paramour. All this brings us to a grand question.

mounika and balu mahendra relationship poems

Are these extra marital relationships justified? If a man gets wedded to a woman who is totally incompatible with his dreams and objectives, he has no choice but to stick around gamely for the rest of his life. Initially he stated that the film to be an extension of his film Azhiyatha Kolangal.

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The film was loosely based on his own Malayalam film Yathra released in When asked about the difference between the two films, he said "Yat[h]ra was the love story of two adults, this is the love story of two adolescents.

The institute offers courses in disciplines such as cinematography, direction and acting.

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Apart from acting, he also scripted, directed, edited and served as the cinematographer of the film. The film was about the relationship between an ageing man and his grandson. Mahendran attending the funeral Mahendra was married thrice. He was first married to Akhileshwari with whom he had a son.

mounika and balu mahendra relationship poems

Following that, Mahendra wrote a series of "sentimental musings" in the Tamil magazine Kumudam under the title Shobavum Naanum lit. Among his contemporaries, he admired the works of Ashok Kumar. Mahendra believed a "well-photographed movie is that which is very close to the script". When the latter strikes someone you knew and admired it opens a floodgate of fond memories.

The film had just been released and I interviewed him for a Bombay tabloid. He unhesitatingly said that he loved the interview and was pleased when it appeared, verbatim.

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He invited me home, and visited him regularly after that, conveniently at breakfast time. He always wore jeans and cotton shirt, with the sleeves folded twice. The ubiquitous cap was firmly in place. Balu walked with a slow swagger and I hardly saw him get flustered on or off the sets.

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It was on one such visit that a short, stout youngster wearing spectacles dropped by on his Yezdi. His words proved prophetic. He was talking about Mani Ratnam.

mounika and balu mahendra relationship poems

Mani later confessed that the way Balu created the family ambience indoors in his films influenced him. The two shared similar cinematic sensibilities. They had the same answer when I asked them, at different times about the climax in two of their films.

The style and treatment was different but the content and characters in their cinema were nearly the same.