Movie about a father and son relationship

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movie about a father and son relationship

The father and son in the film have had a difficult, complicated relationship that was nothing remotely like the loving one I had with my dad. The 25 Best Movies About Father-Son Relationships There are some fine gags in this film but the Chaplin-Coogan synergy is what truly. Most Popular "Father Son Relationship" Titles. Refine Father Son Father Daughter Relationship (2,) Death (2,) Independent Film (1,) Drinking.

movie about a father and son relationship

It's the last chance for the famous photographer, who spent more time with his camera than his own family, to get four last rolls of film developed. Ed Harris and Jason Sudeikis in a scene from the movie Kodachrome. Christos Kalohoridis For a man who's sick, Ben is not taking his cancer diagnosis lying down. When viewers first meet him, he's bashing away on a drum kit.

A love of music is at least one thing he and his son have in common. His reunion with Matt, who refuses to call him Dad, is anything but warm and cuddly. As they sit down to dinner with Zoe and Ben's long-time manager Larry, small talk gives way to a verbal grudge match. Baited by Larry's promise to set up a meeting with the hot band that would salvage his career - and an urge to see if Ben is "the colossal bastard" he's hated for most of his life - Matt begrudgingly agrees to go on the road trip with his dad and Zoe.

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Cruising along the scenic route in Ben's old red convertible, the time in close quarters has its expected effect on the trio. They each let down their guards, before retreating back behind their walls again.

Christos Kalohoridis While there's a chemistry between Zoe and Matt, it's Matt and Ben's relationship that's in focus here. Adding to the complication is the fact that sons are quite often expected to be like their fathers.

movie about a father and son relationship

Yes, the same goes for mother and daughter, but often not to so dramatic a degree. All this being stated, its small wonder that when the movies tackle this relationship its quite often intense and dramatic, though, as will be shown, there are some humorous moments to be found as well.

One thing will not be on the following list: To this end, this list wants to keep it real, one way or another, and so these are the notable films about fathers and their sons chosen: The Kid The great silent comedy star-writer-director Charlie Chaplin eventually became father to ten children but, ironically, hardly knew his own.

At the time that Chapling decided that he needed to step up from short subject comedies into features, he was both fatherless and childless. In light of that, it makes it rather touching that his first feature would concern a surrogate father-son relationship. Chaplin plays his trademark character, The Tramp.

She leaves the child where she hopes a millionaire will find and adopt him but The Tramp finds him first. The little boy matures into Jackie Coogan, the first great child star of the movies.

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He and Chaplin have perfect chemistry as The Tramp, with no knowledge of children, ingeniously finds ways to raise the little tyke and teach him to be kind but slyly clever in a cruel world not sympathetic to the poor. There are some fine gags in this film but the Chaplin-Coogan synergy is what truly makes it memorable.

movie about a father and son relationship

Like Chaplin, Keaton was born into a performing world in which his familywas none too prosperous. However, Keaton knew his father, Joe, all too well. The Keaton parents were long time performers when their child came into the world and were not above using the child to milk applause until the very early time came for the boy to join the act. In this one Bill, Sr.

movie about a father and son relationship

Ernest Torrance, one rough customer on screena longtime paddle boat owner on the Mississippi, is waiting for Bill, Jr. As with most films of this time and type, the hero finds a way, saves the day, and shows dad that he is worth something. Directed by the great King Vidor and scripted to by Oscar winning screen writer Frances Marion yes, a woman! Things come to a head when mom Irene Rich reappears, having indeed found a better place for herself, and now she wants her abandoned son back, in order to provide a better place for him.

This film puts a face on it.

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I Was Born, But…. One of his lighter and more delightful, but equally profound films is I Was Born, But…. This film concerns what happens when dad is shown to be human being, not a superman, and how two brothers must accept that fact and learn to still love and respect their father, though, in their eyes, he may not be a man among men. As the film which is silent, since the silent era lasted until the mids in Japan opens as a family with two young sons is moving to a new neighborhood in the suburbs of Tokyo and many may be surprised at how modern and western is all seems.

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The sons, like many newcomers, have troubles with a neighborhood gang and bullies at school and try to play hooky due to those forces but dad finds out and will have none of it. However, he, as they surely will, had to face facts and sometimes even proud and good men must grovel in order to provide for their families.

This is one prime reason dad is the boss in his home and deserves respect, as the boys come to realize. However, many may miss that this film is actually about many things, not the least of which is the joys of family life that often come along with the responsibilities and burdens inherent in family relationships, especially inter-generational ones.

As many know, George Bailey the great James Stewart is a man on the brink. He has spent his life doing good for others only to see his own dreams go up in smoke.