Never let me go tommy and kathy relationship

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never let me go tommy and kathy relationship

Revise and learn about the characters in Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go. The main characters in Never Let Me Go are Kathy H, Ruth and Tommy. in order to have a relationship with Kathy so she twists and manipulates Kathy's words. Never Let Me Go book summary & chapter summaries of Never Let Me Go novel. This job also gives her opportunities to reconnect with Ruth and Tommy, her old pals Kathy and Ruth have a relationship that is, well, rocky, to put it nicely. Need help with Chapter 9 in Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go? perfect foil to Tommy: whereas Kathy is already close to Tommy, she has no relationship with.

Ruth watches the actions of the veterans carefully, especially those who are in a relationship and tries to mimic their behaviour with her own. Analysis When she realises that the couples at The Cottages do not often openly display affection for one another she tries to adopt the same attitude and instead of hugging and kissing Tommy as she would have done at Hailsham, Ruth simply slaps his arm, a gesture used by the veterans.

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Ruth is also keen to distance herself from anything related to her old school and will often claim to have forgotten events that happened there or conversations and jokes that Kathy can remember quite clearly. Regrets past actions How is Ruth like this? When Ruth begins the donation process and Kathy becomes her carer, Ruth regrets the way she has previously behaved.

She admits to Kathy and Tommy that she purposely tried to keep them apart and even urges them to apply for a deferral in order to secure themselves some future happiness. As she matures, Ruth realises that her dream of working in a glass fronted office was no more than a dream and she accepts that she is unable to escape from the life that has been planned for her as a clone.

Evidence That was the worst thing I did, she said again. It should have been you two. Of course I did, as far back as I can remember.

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But I kept you apart. What I want is for you to put it right. Put right what I messed up for you. Analysis The fact that Ruth admits to going over what she would actually say to Kathy and Tommy if given the chance shows just how much she has thought about her past actions and therefore how much she regrets them.

never let me go tommy and kathy relationship

However, Ruth is not satisfied with forgiveness. We see heated debates and broken friendships based round this theme and in a sense, love determines the plot at every twist and turn throughout the novel.

never let me go tommy and kathy relationship

Right from the go, we see Kathy as very subdued and she comes across as lost. Also in chapter one, we see sparks of romance between Tommy and Kathy.


Kathy seems determined to help Tommy and step above and beyond the others as she goes over to comfort him. We see, although not so much in this first engagement of two characters, that Love although crucial to the novel is often stormy and seems to have a lot of loose ends. When Tommy and Ruth restart their relationship, we see Kathy assist the pair in getting back together.

This seems a bit weird to me as I believe it shows a deep vein of jealousy from Kathy.

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We see how Ruth and Tommy are forcibly brought together, perhaps not through Love but through desperation, which questions the whole idea of Love and Relationships. We see Kathy being stern but considerate in an outburst: Much like a mother and child sharing a unique and special connection, Kathy phrases her anger carefully ensuring that their relationship would not suffer.

This quote shows how, as the character reach levels of maturity, relationships change and love is stretched to extremes. We empathise with Tommy as Ishiguro has created that heart crushing situation that none of us want to experience.