Peta wilson and roy dupuis relationship poems

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peta wilson and roy dupuis relationship poems

“I should call the guy up,” Roy Dupuis responds with laughter when asked whether he most is whether it's an honest relationship—with time though, this can be verified. . Nikita co-star Peta Wilson says, “I call him Royal. Their relationship is transfixing. Blonde bombshell Peta Wilson plays Nikita with a complicated assimilation of badass aggression and naïve. Damian' marriage had broken up. He had a On his birthday, she went to his house wit ha sunflower and a poem. . Though Michael (Roy Dupuis) and Nikita (Peta Wilson) finally spent a passion-filled night together -- after she fled the secret.

He's the real reason for the show's success, but don't anyone tell Peta Wilson. His characterization of Michael, Nikita's trainer and sometimes-lover, is understated and sublime.

Michael makes no unnecessary movements, nor does he waste words. Were it not for Dupuis's eyes and subtle use of body language, the viewer might be lulled into thinking this actor didn't have a very taxing role. Dupuis's action sequences demonstrate his superb athleticism and grace as he runs, leaps, and kills the terrorist enemies of Section One. But as gifted as he is in action scenes, it's his sensual and tender love scenes with the lovely star of the show which have set hearts to fluttering all over the world.

peta wilson and roy dupuis relationship poems

Don't be fooled though. Roy Dupuis is no television actor looking to break into the world of film. He's classically trained, graduated from the Theater School of Canada, and has a successful stage, movie and television career in Quebec under his belt.

Finding examples of Dupuis's earlier work, almost entirely in French, takes some effort, but it's worth it--whether one understands a single syllable of French or not. Hearing Dupuis speak his native language is akin to a sensual auditory treat and should not be missed, and while some of his films are subtitled, some are dubbed by the actor himself.

The following is merely a sampling of some of his better-known work. Dupuis first hit the screen in the television adaptation of Arlette Cousture's novel "Les Filles des Caleb," or "Emilie," as the English version was titled. His portrayal of the transition from a young teen to a broken, alcoholic man in his thirties has to be seen to be believed.

Sensitive and two years younger than his schoolmistress Emilie Marina OrsiniOvila idolizes her and falls in love. The power of his performance, his sweet sensitivity, his tortured yearning for life, his inability to stay at home with the ten children he fathers, and his abiding passion for his Emilie are the ingredients for this grand tragedy.

Dupuis became an overnight sensation in Canada with the airing of "Les Filles des Caleb," when roughly eighty-five percent of the Quebec population tuned in to watch the eighteen-hour mini-series. One of Dupuis' earliest films, the critically acclaimed feature "Being At Home With Claude," directed by Jean Beaudin, is the movie he says he is the most proud of. Originally a French play, it's the story of Yves, a gay hustler, who murders his lover Claude. Be warned, the first five to seven minutes of the picture are graphic and not for the faint of heart, while the remainder of the movie consists of an agonizing interrogation.

It primarily is a two-man show between Yves and the detective who berates him for hours on end. At the end of the film, Dupuis delivers a brilliant twenty-six minute soliloquy that is heart-breaking and transcending.

One cannot help but sympathize with the tortured Yves, who finally accepts and admits to the murder.

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Immediately after completing "Being At Home With Claude," Dupuis started work on "Scoop," a French-Canadian television show, playing rookie reporter Michel Gagne, who falls in love with his colleague Stephanie Rousseau, who just happens to be the daughter of the publishing magnate who owns the newspaper. The on-screen chemistry between Dupuis and Macha Grenon Stephanie is explosive, to say the least.

Their on-again, off-again relationship produces a son, and when Michel leaves Stephanie at the end, it is said that hearts broke all over Quebec. Next up for Dupuis was the picture "Cap Tourmente," available only in French with no subtitles. It is a lushly photographed picture and Dupuis is bursting with energy and passion, even if directed in all the wrong directions.

I'm contracted to do a job. I work hard, learn and try to make it the best it can be. It was a great place for me to train for film.

A Day With Roy Dupuis

It made me a dot on the map. She did lots of it in theatre school. She would love to do a comedy. And she is funny. She loves Mae West. And didn't Miss West have a certain enigmatic candour. One thing you notice right away about Miss Wilson is that she's moving. If she's doing one thing, she's doing And thinking of 10 more. Words and ideas tumble out of her.

She's just wrapped a film. She's shooting a TV series. She's opening an accessories company - with her best friend and business partner, Jasper Sceats - called Psycht because she iswhich will support her new film production company, Sweet Lips.

She's planning a home on a sweet stretch of Australian beach and buying furniture in Bali. One day, she'll open a performing arts school for disadvantaged kids.

She jus t flew halfway around the world to spend New Year's in Bali. She's rush, rush, rushing through life with an energy that is palpable and contagious, exhausting and exhilarating. The kind of woman you'd remember meeting. This is the word that comes up repeatedly with Miss Wilson.

When I mention to people that I'm doing this story, they say, "I hear she's wild. And ti's true - she is. But it's more than wildness. A tree-climbing tomboy with a pet crocodile who grew into a glamorous beauty, her allure is contained in that dichotomy.

The raw unpredictability of a wild child permeating the glossy sophistication of the woman she's become, becoming. Because it never stops with Peta. There's always growth, dreams, purpose. She will internalize her experiences and she will be richer for them. She is provocative and uncompromising and she seems tougher than she is. She has run into society's better ideas and dismissed them. Because she has her own better ideas.

She has taken all that fire and drive and charisma and pushed herself to the next level. Even if she had to tear a hole in the next level to get there. Because that's where she's going. Where she's always been going. And she will be stronger for getting there.

For having the will to arrive. For having asserted her singularity. I speak to Peta's mother, Karlene, in Australia, "She's been working the room since she was two," she tells me. She'd lip-sync to Toto songs. She'd pretend she was Liza Minnelli. When Peta was eight, Karlene took her to a hotel for a Christmas party. The band didn't show up. Peta showed up though. Showed up and jumped on stage. Singing and dancing, showing off her new tap moves.

She got an encore. They didn't have a TV, so Peta would gorge on American television at her grandparents' in Australia and act out episodes of I Dreamed of Jeannie in her hot-pink harem pantsuit for the native kids she grew up with as an army brat in Papua, New Guinea.

They went out at sunrise and came home at sundown. They spent their days on the river banks. They went to the beach. They showed her how to climb palm trees. And things she would find hard to describe. We didn't have money or all the luxuries.

We just had make-believe. But we had a really wonderful life there. My brother and I hung out with the native kids. We were like natives. I spoke mostly pigeon [broken[ English until we moved [from New Guinea] back to Australia when I was nine. One day, her mother found Peta eating an dead owl.

Roy Dupuis & Peta Wilson

Aka gave me that. She thought I was a savage. Once it was a baby croc about two feet long we kept in the swimming pool, which was actually a water tank cut in half. One night, it escaped. Our neighbour had a beautiful pool that he never let us swim in. One morning, we heard him screaming and there he was with it attached to his finger. Army brats move around a lot, become chameleons as they refine the sly, subtle ruses essential for continually adapting.

Some had five classes in one room. I'd only be there for six months at a time, so I had to make friends quickly. The first few days, I'd just watch whatever they were really good at - sports, swimming - then, I'd venture in and get really good at it. That's how I'd fit in. Or I'd be the foot, the class clown, cheeky with the teacher.

I learned to act early out of necessity. They didn't speak about it much at the time. After a while, I stayed with my grandparents because I needed the stability. She finished high school, she travelled, she modelled. She went to Italy and she fell in love. Only when she had to go home, she neglected to say goodbye. One day, she opened the door to find he'd followed her to the other side of the world. Only she knew it was over. She sent him away.

Then, as lovely young things must do now and again, she fell for a musician. They can be rather exciting. But they usually drink and do a few other things, too much. She thought about acting. She packed for L. I bought a Thunderbird and, basically, lived out of it. She played make-believe again. She loved Gena Rowlands. She loved Marlene Dietrich. When she was 21, she met Damian Harris at a party in L. It was all very groovy and scene-y and Hollywood. Lots of rock stars, familiar faces. He lit her cigarette and they talked for a while.

She told him she was a clog dancer from Amsterdam. She used to do that in L. They come to that very quickly. One week, Daddy was a sheep farmer wanting to invest in movies. Then, I was a technical whiz for a software company. I used different accents.

Roy Dupuis

Or pretended I couldn't speak at all. He had a daughter. He was 13 years older. For god's sake, no thank you. But I felt safe with him and we became friends. She did a little clog dance for her that a cross between the Charleston and Tina Turner. Then, she ran off to meet friends. Damian still thought she was a clog dancer. One night, she asked him to describe his ideal woman and she listen while he recited the qualities of his ex-wife.

He answered by throwing her on to the bar and giving her a huge kiss. After eight years, she is still enthralled. Sexy, refined, very intelligent. I never stop learning with him. We're a mystery to one another. And we always will be.

I love his lips and his eyes and the way it feels when I put my hear on his chest. It's a great thing knowing that he loves me. This is a dark film. Spankings even and worse. There is Ellen Barkin - heroine of coll girls everywhere - once again, exploring the dark side.

For Miss Wilson, this is not a quiet big-screen debut. It's incredibly beautiful and surreal. It's not Basic Instinct. It's a thriller, but it's also something else. It's very sexy, but sexy's almost the wrong world. Damian's a wonderful artist. If I had been any less the actress he needed, there's no way he would have put me in this part.

His own creative cisions is far too important to him.

peta wilson and roy dupuis relationship poems

He knew I was ready. It felt good that he believe in me. She possesses a feline quality, though it is more a lionlike quality. She is a force of nature. She dreams about water. She reads about myths and history.

She has a past.

peta wilson and roy dupuis relationship poems

She knows what she wants. She collects fabulous cars. She can fix them herself. She is not her glacial alter image. If she were not an actor, she would have been a journalist who studied different cultures. She loves the outdoors. Those who love her see a pure heart and a guileless generosity. She is interest in the Truth. She is a Scorpio. She loves to dance. Before I begin this deposition, let me say that I have watched this series with absolute dedication since the pilot episode, and will continue to do so.

However, just because I am strangely addicted to the repressive lives of the main characters, it does not necessarily follow that I should consider the show to be high on that high-reaching God knows tower of television dramas. His hobbies include astronomy and physics his interests in high school. He learned to play the cello as a boy and, at times, still plays, sometimes in dramatic roles. For the past few years, between television and film projects, he has been occupied with learning to sail; he owns a couple of sailboats, and he is custom-outfitting the larger aluminum-keeled vessel in preparation for extended ocean voyages.

He has performed in many theater productions, movies, and television series. Among the stage roles that he has performed so far are: Heart of Stone and released in late NovemberDupuis stars as French-Canadian ice hockey icon Maurice "Rocket" Richardwho played for the Montreal Canadiens from —60, and whom he portrayed previously on Canadian television in and Dupuis' own experience playing hockey and his ability to perform on the ice on authentic period hockey skates were useful for this film, in which several professional hockey players were cast in supporting roles.