Popo and nana relationship memes

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popo and nana relationship memes

Sign InJoin · WeHaveKids»; Family Relationships Meme. Bammie. Mémère ( French). Busia ("Boo-sha" Polish). Mimi. Cookie. Mommom Gramma. Mumpa. Grammaw. Nan. Grammie. Nana. Grammy. Nano. Grams. Nanny Popo. Grandpappy. Poppi. Granpappy. Pop-Pop. Granpup. Poppop. Grinndy. MeeMee, MeMe, MiMi Nana, Nanna PoPo. Puggles. P-Pop. PopZ. Puppa. Puppaw. Rocky. Skipper. Slick Cantonese Maternal – PoPo. Super Smash Brothers - Sorry Popo Nana's moved on. Like us on . Even the official word of Nintendo for the the relationship of these two is "up to the players .

K - English - Romance - Chapters: Yo te esperare aqui. Its a work in progress. Contains yaoi and lemon. M - English - Romance - Chapters: Taking the chance to return to Onett, they reunite with Ness and Ninten, and begin to spend the rest of their lives together When Ness and Lucas meet for the first time, sparks fly!

How will this night end? In kisses or tears? Ness has his Super Smash Brothers accent in this. When a boy named Claus starts teasing Ninten, he has no choice but to take a stand.

Unfortunately Ninten has two left feet Popo x Toon Link. Yaoi Super Smash Brothers - Rated: Will Jeff be able to make him whole again, or will he forever remain broken? Just a sweet NessXPaula story. He gets ill, and must overcome a transformation to survive through it. His while world turned around. He meets a boy named Ness, who seems to have an eye for the blonde. Will he know his secret? Rated T for swearing, lots of blood and some steamy scenes in the future.

Also thank you to TheMysticalQ for beta-ing this. He then realized Villager is a great person and both becomes the greatest friends What would you do if 5 baked you a pie? Remind me not to cook for her What if 7 took you to Sonic's? Would you give 3,8, and 5 a cookie? Are you guys kidding me? I thought I'm the trustworthy one Do we have to answer this?

What does 4 do? Thank you Dark Pit! You're my new favorite video game character EVER! Why am I the one that's doing the parties? Who comes to stop 9, if anyone? What is the fight about? I'm not the kind who forces people on a date.

popo and nana relationship memes

Why is 6 afraid of 7? Maybe, because he's shy? How does 3 react? What method do they use? How does this turn out? Vote for me, and I'll make all of the video games free! Don't vote for Villager. How is 2 seen by others? Pit is the friendly and cheerful angel while Rosalina is the respected and wise space princess. What is 10 usually thinking of? If so, what do they do about it? N-O, that is a NO! If 7 were to meet 1 without an umbrella in the rain, would 1 lend the umbrella?

Don't you need this umbrella? Open the door, you idiot! Why is 1 against this?

popo and nana relationship memes

Lucas, I know you're getting married, but Bass is a bad idea. I'm not marrying him, I'm thanking him for returning the ring for my scarf. Questions About the Smashers: What would your reaction be if Mario gives you a plate of pasta? Link is training WAY too hard for a single match. What do you think? I want to be the best brawler. Link, no one trains like that and people can't choose to battle you. Kirby sucked up everything in you favorite smasher's room.

What would you and that smasher say?

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Well at least you're not Mega Man OF: Pikachu won't stop spamming thunder in a brawl match. What would the other fighters say? For this one, you can choose any three fighters. Pikachu, can you please stop using Thunder? You don't want to stay in the Underworld. I'll still keep using Thunder. Fox is angry about something. Don't worry, here's your items, and I buried Wolf alive. Samus is forced to cook with Zelda and Peach.

Do you think she should cook with them or not? I think it's best with sticking as a bounty hunter. No, she's going to cook with us! I agree with Moonlight.

Ness wants to burn something with PK Fire. What would you do? On the second thought, I'll play with Lucas. Captain Falcon's running laps around the mansion because he wants to be faster than Sonic. What do you say? No matter how hard you try, you can't outrun the hedgehog, but Aege is faster, so it's impossible to beat Aege Captain Falcon: Marth notices that his sword has been stolen! Do you know who stole it?

Villager told me he was going to have it to slice trees down, with your sword. The Ice Climbers think that Nintendo doesn't care about them because they only have one game. Do you think that they deserve another one? Wait, they won't make another game of us!? They do deserve another game because Smash Bros. So I was mad for no reason? Pit heard that Sakurai is not intending to make a sequel to his new game. Both of you calm down! At least you guys have me. I trust you, hope we can hang out again.

Dang it, I thought it'll keep her mind off of that Pit: Olimar's archive on fanfiction has less than fanfics. Do you think his new game is going to help increase the number or not?

I'm pretty sure because that new game pulled my interest toward it. Thank you Moonlight, I'm glad you're not like those other guys. What would happen if he does? Can you get down here please? Master Hand wants you to make dinner for us. I can't, I can't hover back down.

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Great, we have too much problems. On the second thought, I should go home. I'm still bombing stuff. Me too, besides, nothing is going to stop us. Alright criminals, you are going to stay here for the rest of your life until you have enough money to pay for the demolition you caused in this town. As Dedede starts laughing himself silly, the real King K. Rool shows up behind him and smacks him on the head so hard he goes flying off-screen.

This causes the Kongs to get an Eye Pop that breaks through their window! Diddy's Kong Questwhere Diddy had the exact same reaction to seeing bosses including K. Rool is an absolute side-splitter. It's currently the page image. Even funnier, since Dedede is voiced by Sakurai himself, it could be seen as Sakurai lampshading his reputation as a Trolling Creator by having Dedede troll the Kongs and the audience. Dedede here also acts pretty similarly to his portrayal in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

And we all know how big of a Fountain of Memes he is in that show There's something funny about King K.

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Rool blowing steam out of his nose and roaring while a really upbeat remix of his boss theme from the first Donkey Kong Country is playing.

Rool tries to grab some bananas, only for Villager to Pocket them first, causing K. Rool to chase him. Villager stealing from K. Rool has actually become something of a Running Gag in the Smash Bros. Becomes Fridge Brilliance when you realise that K. Rool's crown looks like the "crown" item from Animal Crossing, which is the second-most valuable item in the game at one million Bells, so if Villager can sell it, he can pay off even the biggest of his house loans in full.

Ness, Pikachu, and Inkling all footstool jump off of K. Inkling in particular looks very happy to be doing so. Rool right after the Inkling jumps off his head. Rool's character portrait just looks hilarious, almost as if he's trying to to emulate a Sassy Black Woman. One of the Donkey Kong Country developers laments that if he knew K. Rool would eventually be popular enough to star in crossover games like Smash Bros.

The fact that King K.

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Rool blows up an entire island for his Final Smash is darkly comedic. It's only after Isabelle's character splash appeared that first-time viewers knew what they were watching.

Even better, it pulled another Commercial Switcheroo after the Smash segment of the trailer, promoting a new Animal Crossing game for Isabelle's sheer surprise when she finds out she's been invited to Smash, making up the aforementioned character splash. Before, Isabelle laments that the mayor has been too busy with the campsite and Smash to manage the town and wonders if she should be the mayor instead. Falco prepares to use Fire Bird, only for Isabelle to extinguish him with a bucket of water.

When Diddy is drowning, Isabelle saves him by catching him with her fishing rod, before tossing him away. Isabelle is on the Nintendog stage with a regular dog in the background. Isabelle pulling a stop sign on Sonic.