Prezzo and goldie relationship counseling

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prezzo and goldie relationship counseling

Further, many couples find counselling beneficial so individual concerns can . Big Brother housemates, Prezzo and Goldie might be having a hush hush affair. If not goldie's afffair with prezzo could be used to judge us nigerian . 90% of housemates needs to visit a therapist or counselor. the game is sick! . Guys be fair both Roki and Maneta had a strange love/hate relationship. After the game, Goldie visits Prezzo in Kenya, the couple jets out to the . Also, a simple advice for all students is that the road to success is not.

You had the option of 50 cameras, I had only two eyes and two ears and I believed in what I saw What did you miss most, while you were in the BBA house?

prezzo and goldie relationship counseling

Also, communication with my family and my beloved ones. Do you want to come back as Susan that people have seen, or your brand name -Goldie? I have two faces to myself. What you see at home is the entertainer, and what you saw at home in the BBA is Susan. Every artiste has two faces. You can imagine what is like at home in her quiet time. You never get to see that side of her life because she would not be in the BBA house. Imagine late Michael Jackson dancing on stage and doing all those stuff.

In his quiet timehe was a soft-spoken human being. All artistes that I know are people who are opposite of what they are while on stage.

I tend my unreserved apology to Nigerians. Personally I went there to be my myself When you realised that the man you gave Prezzo your heart was the one that stabbed you at the back, did you feel disappointed, betrayed or disillusioned?

BBA is a strong platform to fame, and unfortunately, due to the nature of my work, I have never get glued to my television set to watch the reality show. What will happen to your relationship with Prezzo, especially now that you have been evicted? No one knows tomorrow, when I was entering BBA house I never knew that I was not going to stay till the end of the show.

Nobody knows why you fall in love with someone. You see something in someone you feel you can connect with. Where you surprise when you were evicted from the house? At that point, I started wondering that how can I with the least nomination survive eviction. I was very surprise because I did not see it coming at all.

My country voted for me. But his votes were spread across six countries of Africa, while mine was only my country and Liberian. Assuming you won the show, what would have used the money for?

Invest in property as well in education. I love to establish a school as a way of giving back to the society.

Yes! I betrayed Goldie – Prezzo

While you were in the house, you found difficult to open up yourself properly. I have no hard feelings for Goldie. But I did not betray her.

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When you saw those hot tears rolling down her cheeks, did you feel bad nominating her for eviction? While we were in the house, she was the one who kept me going. She asked me when my worse days were, and I told her that my worse days were when herself and me would have an argument and we were not okay in the house. Then, I felt like the whole world is just crumbling. The day she left the house, we had an argument, she threw my clothes on the floor.

I understood that and I took it as it came. How would you describe your relationship with Goldie? It was a perfect relationship. And, Goldie is a caring woman. She took care of me, just as I also took care of her. We stood side by side with each other. She kept me going in the house, and I want to believe I kept her going as well. Was there any intention to take the relationship beyond the house?

I was hoping that myself and Goldie will actually be together just as J-Zee and Beyonce; hustle together and survive together.

prezzo and goldie relationship counseling

I think Goldie is a very wonderful woman. She is a smart lady, and moreover, she knows how to take care of a man. I just think that the environment in which we found ourselves then was actually responsible for my misunderstanding with her. But you know, when you are outside the house, and you have a woman.

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If you have an argument with her you can choose to drive out in order to get somethings off your mind. But when you are in the BBA house, you are stocked into whatever that is in the house. So, it was like there was no solution to the problems at hand. I have no regret for knowing Goldie, or having anything to do with her in the house.

I wish her all the best at all times. You are talking as if there is no hope of reconciling with Goldie again? But you never can tell what destiny hold in stock for I and Goldie. To my Nigerian brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, at the end of the day, we are all human beings.

It could have happened to me, it could have happened to Goldie, and it could have happened to anybody. What they need to do is to embrace her as one of their own because she is a product of Nigeria.

God planned everything as it was. God destined Keagan to be a winner. Goldie is human just like you and I. I look forward to coming to Nigeria and working with a couple of Nigerian artistes.

In Africa, we are always united, and that is how it should remain. Why the choice to participate in the Big Brother Reality Show?

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I have always wanted to be part of a reality show. And when the opportunity came to me, I grabbed it. I went there to represent my country.

  • Prezzo betrayed me – Goldie

So, for me, I had to control myself as much as I could, just to set a good example out there for the youths. But whenever things went out of hand in the house, I had to address issues as they came. My dad was Kenyan while my mum is Tanzanian.

My dad died in How are you facing the challenges of surviving without your dad? It just made me to become a man before my time. So, his death came as it came and it just made me a better person. Why are you called The President? I always try to be the first caller and I would never follow others. When you have a big name as a president, you have to live by the standard.

It was a name given to me by other people. So, what are your real names? My real names are Jackon Makini alias Presido Would you say, you started playing music at a very tender age? How many albums do you have to your credit? I have three albums to my credit at the moment. You are also known to have brought revolution into the Kenyan music industry? I also brought show into the business.

Though I was born and raised in the ghetto, I always wanted to define things in my own way.

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So, by the time I started pursuing my career in music, I was blessed enough to add glitz and glamour into Kenyan showbiz. Having been born with a silver spoon in your mouth, did it in any way affected your life? But God blessed my parents and I had to use their wealth to my advantage.