Questions and customer relationship management

Customer relationship management

questions and customer relationship management

Explore the latest articles, projects, and questions and answers in Customer Relationship Management, and find Customer Relationship Management experts . The way clients feel is the second most important take-away of every transaction is one of the secrets of customer relationship management. Sample/practice exam June , questions Customer Relationship Management (MKTG) Section B: Seven (7) Short Answer Questions - 50 marks.

These questions are hardly unique, and there are some solid reasons for that: To eliminate this confusion, we gathered top 20 questions about CRM and are ready to share the answers with you. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and it enables companies to manage business-related processes and all the data associated with them. How much does CRM cost? Based on your business requirements, you can decide on any of the options: Subscription Plan Cloud-based solution providers are offering the plans with a set of pre-built features within a basic plan for a starter price.

Crm manager interview questions and answers

For advanced functionality, you will be able to buy plugins, add-ons, or choose the professional plan based on your needs. Single Payment This option is usually reserved for in-house and on-premise CRM suites that target large enterprises with plenty of homegrown software solutions. Freemium There are also open-source CRM platforms like HubSpot that are available for free, however, their functionality is basic and users are more likely to switch to a paid plan once they need additional functionality as their business grows.

Should I buy CRM solution or build a customized one? Buying CRM software, in their turn, means that software vendor will be accountable for the above-mentioned issues. What technologies should be used to develop CRM?

All of them have enough capabilities to make your solution work stable, process data quickly and provide scalability opportunity if necessary. If you would like your CRM application to display geographical data and maps, we recommend you to go with Django framework. Node with its multiple modules can manage server part at every step from authentication up to encryption. How long does it take to implement CRM solution? What modules can be included in CRM?

Customer relationship management

The most popular modules are Sales, Marketing, and Service, however, these can be modified or go under other names, for example: What is the difference between on-premise and cloud-based CRM? In this case all the data and information is stored inside the premises of the company, too. According to Gartnerbylarge organizations in mature markets will shorten the CRM replacement cycle by two years by moving to Software-as-a-Service model. Nowadays, everything is going into a cloud, and we would recommend not to stand against this.

Heroku and Amazon Web Services are proving to have really good system administration and hosting capabilities. Heroku is a bit pricey, but once you subscribe, you can forget about server maintenance at all. Amazon AWS, namely S3 service, will ensure that all your data can be accessible worldwide and with download lightning speed, no matter how many people are calling your CRM server at the same time. Another measure, which Murthy adopted, was to develop an incentive plan for the workers.

Any worker who recorded 26 attendances in a month was given an extra Rs. He also started educating the union and was planning to provide an office and separate notice board for the union office bearers.

He was also planning to reduce the 30 days night shift to 15 days night shift per month. As per this agenda, he had also planned to employ a lady as the Deputy Manager of Training, preferably more than 35 years of age who was expected to have completed the social obligations in terms of her marriage and child rearing.

He felt that a woman would be more successful in overcoming the suspicion among the workers towards the management as he had observed that the workers were receptive to women summer trainees who had visited the plant for about six weeks last summer. Even at the Nasik plant, when a lady doctor was appointed as a physician, the workers went in for a strike objecting the appointment.

The workers had afterwards shown a positive response though they had initially shown a stiff resistance to her appointment. In spite of taking these measures, Murthy felt that there was too much interference from the union and the employees were not enthusiastic about the changes. And he wondered what else he should do to transform the culture of the organization. In what way would multi-skilling help in solving the problems of the plant?

Caselet 2 Mitsubishi Motor Sales: Mitsubishi decided to change that.

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That was the beginning of a continuing drive toward improved customer service through a customer relationship management CRM initiative that would eventually engage multiple departments and 18 vendors. Today, Mitsubishi has one call center and an outsourced service provider that handles the most basic calls.

The cost per call has decreased by about two-thirds, and that savings alone paid for the system in 18 months, according to Rich Donnelson, director of customer relations. The system saves agents time and uncertainty and enabled the call center to handle 38 percent more volume, with an even staffing level.

Mitsubishi call center project team included members from its sales, marketing, finance, and IT departments, all of which contributed resources as needed. Early on, the team members established some rules of the road. But that required a constant struggle to keep 18 vendors heading in the same direction. The team members also decided to implement changes slowly, adding a technology only when all employees were using the last one implemented.

This approach allowed call center agents to get comfortable with the new technology over time. The journey began in earnest in Junewhen Mitsubishi chose to outsource its most basic level of customer calls to Baltimore-based Sitel Corp. Also, as part of the companywide customer focus, a new customer-centric data-base was consolidated in-house the next year. The database became the engine powering the call center, but unfortunately, dirty data were a major stumbling block.

The project stalled for months as the data were cleansed and updated. In earlya digital phone switch from Avaya Inc. Callers to the single toll-free number routed on menu choices. About half the callers got the information they needed from an interactive voice response unit, which can answer fairly sophisticated queries without live contact. Simple calls went to Sitel, and the rest were routed to call center agents with appropriate skills. And Smart Scripts workflow software from Siebel provided agents with decision-tree scripts and automated customer correspondence.

The next month, the company started using workforce management software from Blue Pumpkin Software to hourly forecast call center coverage.

7 Questions to Improve Customer Relationship Management and Boost Organic Growth

Aside from happier customers, the benefits to call center employees include career growth and higher pay. Previously, agents in separate call centers handled specific areas: Now the silos are gone and agents can learn new skills in multiple areas, greatly increasing call center flexibility. The workforce management software schedules training time during lags, and agents who learn multiple skills earn more money.

Call center turnover, which has traditionally been more than 20 percent, was about 7 percent last year. What is the business purpose of each of them? Why or why not? What is the CRM? Define all the Customer Retention Strategies. If all the numbers are large, the project is way too big. Can you identify a logical chunk of the problem that would make a setup toward improving the situation?

The extent to which customers recognize and willing to accept this variation is called: Zone of tolerance b. Zone of fitness c. Zone of acceptance d. Reactors make adjustments unless forced to do so by environmental pressures.

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Least profitable customers are categorized in: Write the difference between perceptions of service quality and customer satisfaction. This case study describes the success factors that allowed Giordano to grow rapidly in some Asian countries.

It looks at three imminent issues that Giordano faced in maintaining its success in existing markets and in its plan to enter new markets in Asia and beyond. In what ways, if at all, should Giordano change its current positioning? Would these factors remain critical over the coming years? The occasional failure represented a current limitation and indirectly pointed management to the right decision in the future. To demonstrate his commitment to this philosophy.

I hope everybody learns from this. In Singapore, it won numerous service awards over the years. It was given the Excellent Service Award for three consecutive years: It also received three tourism awards: These were just some of the awards won by Giordano.

How did Giordano achieve such recognition for its commitment to customer service? It began with the Customer Service Campaign in This philosophy had three tents: We welcome unlimited try-ons; we exchange — no questions asked; and we serve with a smile.

The yellow badges reminded employees that they were there to deliver excellent customer service. Since its inception, several creative, customer-focused campaigns and promotions had been launched to extend its service orientation. For instance, in Singapore, Giordano asked its customers what they thought would be the fairest price to charge for a pair of jeans and charged each customer the price that they were willing to pay.

This one-month campaign was immensely successful, with some 3, pairs of jeans sold every day during the promotion. This is customer relationship management at its best.

questions and customer relationship management

This can include their financial anxieties and goals, life stage, key life events and more. Whether you have a CRM Customer Relationship Management system or not, it is essential to create a customer profile form and expect all customer contact staff to update it regularly.

questions and customer relationship management

Your leaders need to be skilled in working on leading indicators, activities that can actually impact future results such as observing staff interaction with customer and members, reviewing their prospect lists, pre-call planning with them, etc. This is about developing a high-performing team for enhanced organic growth. If you are committed and making progress on these seven key areas you will have the key assets to increase customer loyalty, boost organic growth and develop a team of highly-engaged and professional relationship managers.

Thanks for reading, Barbara Sanfilippo Take Action We are happy to answer any questions you may have on any of these points, building a customer relationship management culture or turning your onboarding or reboarding program into a vehicle to build long-term relationships to generate profitable revenue and organic growth.