Rachel and ivy relationship poems

The Poet & The Widow - Jennifer Sweete

rachel and ivy relationship poems

Rachel finds that she still loves Undead Ivy, but she may have to make some hard really invested in the relationship building between Rachel and Ivy, and was. Rachel: Ivy: Kisten: Jenks: Nick: Piscary: Trent: Rachel and Ivy: Seduction: There were far too I think this describes Rachel and Ivy's relationship perfectly. But it also seems suggestive. Furthermore, while we see an endless cycle of men moving in and out of Rachel's life, her relationship with Ivy is incredibly stable.

I really like this group.

rachel and ivy relationship poems

And in regards to her love life, "I'm not Over" by Carolina Liar is a nice fit. On her lighter, push-on-regardless attitude, Fiona Apple's "Extraordinary Machine" casts a fantastic light.

rachel and ivy relationship poems

Going back a ways is Alice Cooper's "Own Worst Enemy," which casts a good light on her day-to-day mishaps. One that ties in with Trent is "Metal Heart" by Garbage.

As she finds herself pulled deeper into the Hollow's underworld, "Fields of Innocence" by Evanescence seems to fit more and more. I understand her motivations, but she remains a mystery to even me at times, a confusing mix of human vulnerabilities and vampiric drives.

The Good, the Bad, and the Undead

It seems to hit Ivy's mindset concerning Rachel, whether Rachel agrees or not. On the other side of Ivy is "Pearls" by Sade From the smooth silky jazz sound to the soulful lyrics of a woman struggling to be. Thanks to my link to "all things cool and musical," I found a Garbage track, "Never Be Free" that just about knocked me down at how well it resonated with Ivy and her thoughts on Rachel. Going back to a few near-past albums, I found "Wish" from NIN to be an excellent fit for Ivy's frustrations--especially on a bad day.

The power, the intensity. It's all there in a sleek black package. Kip Winger's "Faster" has Ivy all over it. Evanescence's "Away from Me" gave me chills at how close it fit Ivy's predicament.

Finding Heavenly Mother with Rachel Hunt Steenblik by Caryn D. Riswold

I told you it was an eclectic stack of music. And I saw who pushed her into falling after hearing Evanescence's "Going Under. The power and depth of that piece of music has left a mark on me, and won't let go.

rachel and ivy relationship poems

Thanks to Tim from Tenn. And please don't write to tell me the song isn't really about little thieves. Inspiration is where you find it. Breathe by Breaking Benjamin fits really, really well as a way to capture Rachel's emotions. Gave me goose bumps. As a freelancer nowadays, work can vary from delivering poetry and writing workshops, to poetry readings all over the UK. In the current climate, this practice is getting harder to continue, so I am again beginning the quest to find other sources of steady income.

The Good, the Bad, and the Undead by Kim Harrison

Do you consider writing poetry to be a form of work? Writing is the lens I polish again and again to see the world. Most of the time, however, my drafts do require editing, which is the part that might be considered hard work. Though even this has its pleasures.

rachel and ivy relationship poems

How long do you generally spend writing an individual poem? I would guess, if I have all my ideas and triggers set up, I can draft a poem in about half an hour, type it up and finish it or close enough in another half hour. When I work on a formal poem, it can take me days. A long poem can take months. Almost finished poems can beckon me to complete them years later. Is work a preoccupation or theme in your poetry? What is your attitude towards unpaid publication?

I used to favour paying publications until I realised they were working with honorarium amounts. A journal print or online that showcases writing beautifully and thoughtfully is my prime consideration now.

What would that be worth now, I wonder?