Relationship dos and donts

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relationship dos and donts

Marc and Angel Chernoff have spent over a decade coaching clients and helping them build healthy, lasting relationships. On their blog site, Marc and Angel. “A reporter asked the couple, “How did you manage to stay together for 65 years? ” The woman replied, “We were born in a time when if. The best relationships are built on trust, loyalty, and most important of all, communication skills. Though you may not be good at expressing.

relationship dos and donts

Let them have their Saturday is for the boys day without checking on them. Let her go out as late as she wants to on a Friday with her girlfriends. Do help them to achieve their goals.

Growing In Love – the Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships

Push them to get to where THEY want. The best way to achieve anything is having at least one person know you can.

relationship dos and donts

Maybe there are things they can improve on that would make you happy. Do help them to feel secure. Be honest with them even if that honesty might hurt. The truth always has a way of coming out and when it does, if you tried to hide it, it hurts the person even more.

Build them up in every way you can. Your relationship together is supposed to be the healthiest relationship you each have. Still, go to the gym. Still, take care of yourself.

7 Dos & Don'ts in a Relationship Love

And you have to take care of yourself, not for them but because you deserve to be your best self-standing next to them. Do build relationships with their family. Your trust issues have nothing to do with them. Open up to them about it so they understand but DO NOT lose your shit on them because you have things in your past that has left you insecure. Do meet them halfway. When fighting we wary of the ammo you use. No matter how angry you might be remember you do care about this person and that anger will fade but the things you say while angry can only be forgiven not forgotten.

Do build them up.

relationship dos and donts

Do pretend to be a little bit interested in the things they care about. Even if you hate the thing they care about remember you care about them so put on your best smile and go along with whatever makes them happy. Do forgive them and help them to learn. No one is perfect. They are going to piss you off and make you angry and there will be moments you wonder why am I with this person who drives me crazy?

But when they mess up and they come around apologizing. Help them to learn and move forward from it.

How to keep love alive: dos and don'ts of long-term relationships

A good relationship is a relationship where everything is shared, even the most individual accomplishment. The happier and more confident both partners are, the better the relationship will be.

Feelings are always better expressed. Make sure you show your appreciation the same way you like to be appreciated. Or maybe it just seems that way because you are choosing to concentrate on the negative and you take the positive for granted.

Make an effort to remember what you liked at the beginning of your relationship and express your appreciation for those qualities out loud.


Feel free to express these negative feelings before they get so strong that you are ready to lash out. Staying in the relationship while holding a grudge is unfair and counter-productive. So let go of your jealousy, resentments and other hard feelings or get out of the relationship before you make it self-destruct.

Faced with the difficulties or lack of excitement of everyday life, many couples today have a tendency to think of separation as their only and easiest option.

Here are two things to consider: They hurt the people you once loved most or, even worse, those you should protect — your children. Second, if you keep opting out of your relationships as soon as you are bored with your partner, you will miss out on the chance of having a profound relationship.

One where you get to know not only your partner but yourself better, and where you draw your happiness from sharing meaningful times with someone. You can think it will be easier to find happiness elsewhere. It sometimes takes a bit of an effort to get to a good place.