Rouge and wolverine relationship

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rouge and wolverine relationship

Okay, this is going to be a long, touchy story for all you "Gambit and Rogue" fans it was often hinted that Wolverine and Storm might have a relationship but it. When Wolverine and Rogue were exposed to Golgotha, it is revealed and while their relationship is more casual than some of the others on. While they had a real relationship during Age of Apocalypse, Rogue and . There's a panel where Wolverine catches Husk's dress in the air.

During the delivery, Mystique turned into her blue self and is chased out of town. Distraught after Azazel abandons her with a newborn, Mystique thought it would be best to throw little Nightcrawler off a cliff.

Thankfully, he was teleported to safety, but it shows readers how ridiculously out of character Mystique truly was. Both characters are damaged and broken people, with troubled and mysterious pasts, but together they always seem to click. Then through the years, these two have been together, then apart, then together, then apart.

The main reason that Gambit and Rogue grace this list is the fact that these two characters are bad for each other. Rogue and Gambit being a couple creates drama and scandal.

If they would be able to leave each other alone, they could have become greater heroes.

rouge and wolverine relationship

Look at the modern Rogue. All these two did for each other was drag everyone else into their drama.

For years, Storm and Wolverine have been flirtatious. Sparks flew and for once, these two X-Men were given a chance at love. Some might say that this is scandalous because Storm was coming out of a relationship and could have used Logan as a rebound.

rouge and wolverine relationship

One of the most classic love stories in the history of Marvel is between Scarlet Witch and Vision. Madison Jeffries is a mutant with the ability to control plastic and glass. They go on a date after Jeffries is hypnotized and asks out Danger. They have a picnic and a pretty nice time. Seriously, a man takes a female robot on a picnic date. Eventually, Cyclops and Jean Grey made it official, but even after that, Jean was always tempted by the little fur ball with claws.

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Jean Grey is married to the smart, successful leader, but deep down, she craves the wild, bad boy. This prevented Logan from ever really finding a true love because he always wanted the girl he could never have. The real tragedy is how when Scott and Jean call it quits, he only briefly gets a passionate moment with her before she dies. Even after Wolverine tried for years to come between Scott and Jean, it took Emma Frost to make it official.

Fans who saw this coming and who often refer to the relationship as RicStar, because the internet loves portmanteaus like this and RickChone when it comes to couples in pop culture and rightfully vindicated in their assumptions.

Sadly, the couple was casually dismissed for a spell in an issue of the solo Iceman series, which sort of cheapened things despite treating the relationship as the new norm as it should be. But perhaps Rictor hitting on Bobby Drake could present a new love triangle, which is pretty common in X-books.

rouge and wolverine relationship

To make matters even more bizarre, the relationship between these two make Raven appear a bit more desperate and weak willed than we would have thought her to be before. Now, to be fair this relationship certainly helped create the shape-shifting tough cookie we know today, but man, it was not a fun experience.

First Class almost cringeworthy. Warren has had a tough go of things since he was firs introduced way back in in The X-Men 1. Betsy helped Warren keep his murderous Archangel personality under control to some degree, letting the razor-winged death machine come out and play when things got hairy for the team.

Why was Scott shacking up with a woman who has been known to be manipulative and was once a villain? It was a huge departure from the tender heart of Jean Grey. But when they are together, there is a certain energy that no other couple in the X-Men universe can duplicate -- the pure animalist attraction and the deep desire these two have for each other is palpable on the page.

Arguably the biggest injustice fans have experiences so far is that these two have not been in a film together.

rouge and wolverine relationship

In fact, the versions of both characters who have appeared in the X-Men films seem to exist in different timelines. The title of the storyline takes its name from the William Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet, which is pretty apropos because this comic run is all about some horribly dysfunctional romance that not just toys with the precipice of creepy, it does a running jump right off that cliff.

The early aughts was a weird time for Uncanny X-Men. The relationship between Angel and Husk even manages to sneak in one of the most infamous moments in X-Men history where these tow star-crossed lovers engage in an intimate act while flying through the air… with family and team members watching.

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Yeah,we know… 4 BEST: All the teen angst, cliques, and adjustment periods to going to a new school are present right up front. And so are the romances or at least the pursuit of them.

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These two are complete opposites in just about every possible way. Trevor is a bit awkward and it trying hard just to fit in and accept the fact he is literally covered in eyeballs, and Lin is a self-ostracized version of a Disney Princess who believes that animals she is able talk to are far more interesting than any of her fellow students. But Trevor has a thing for Lin. And while their relationship never blossoms into something bigger due to the fact that the series was tragically cancelled after 12 issueswatching these to interact was great.

rouge and wolverine relationship

One of the more recent critiques of a lot of Marvel Comics is that they act almost as testing grounds for things that will make their way into films. But this nothing new.