Serena and chuck relationship

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serena and chuck relationship

During a party there, Chuck and Georgina get drunk and decide to go sledding naked, along with Serena van der Woodsen. After Serena is abandoned by the. Oh, Chuck Bass. but probably the worst sin of all was how it turned Dan and Serena's once pretty In conclusion, Dan and Serena are the worst. and as the Chuck/Blair relationship became increasingly toxic in seasons. Serena Celia van der Woodsen is a main character in the Gossip Girl novel series and the lead He added praise while describing her early strained relationship with Blair, stating, "Lively's Serena is a former After Serena successfully reconciles with her, Chuck Bass reveals to Serena that he knows the cause of her.

Soon after, Serena's old friend Georgina Sparks comes back to the city to stir up trouble. They later resolve their issues, but Serena tells Georgina she no longer wants to be in contact with her. After Georgina blackmails Serena with a video of the night where they witnessed Pete Fairman, a late mutual friend, die, Serena goes off the deep end.

She's rescued by Blair, Nate, and Chuck, who try to keep Dan away from the situation. To keep Dan from knowing what she really did, Serena lies that she cheated on him and he tells her that he is done. During Lily and Bart's rehearsal dinner, Lily goes with Serena to see the Fairman's and gain closure.

Afterwards, Serena goes to find Dan but finds out that he's with Georgina; who is planning to seduce him Woman on the Verge. He then teams up with Blair to get rid of Georgina, which they successfully do.


However, at Lily and Bart's wedding, he breaks up with Serena; not wanting to deal with the drama and struggles of their relationship anymore. While there, he gains CeCe's approval and the two reunite. However, they break up again in The Dark Night due to their worlds being too different.

Jealous, Serena intervenes on one of their dates and decides to ice Dan out of her life. But after awhile, they patch things up and start becoming friendly again Chuck In Real Life.

She is unsure at first, both about going and about whether she still has feelings for Dan. As a result, she asks Dan if he thinks she should go and he tells her she should; a decision she agrees with once she learns their parents are planning to rekindle their relationship.

However, she breaks up with Aaron on the plane and when she returns, admits to Dan that she misses him and they get back together. Soon after, Dan discovers that Lily had Rufus' lovechild many years ago and that she gave the baby up for adoption. Knowing he shares a biological sibling with Serena, he begins to distance himself from her In the Realm of the Basses.

In You've Got Yale! Dan is instantly attracted to her and they strike up a friendship surrounding writing and literature.

serena and chuck relationship

Meanwhile, Blair decides to take action against Rachel for giving her her first B and ends up with detention after being caught hazing her. Wanting even more to destroy her, Blair starts a rumor that Dan and Rachel are sleeping together. After Serena spots the two having a seemingly romantic dinner, she takes a photo and gives it to Blair; who shows it to the PTA of Constance and Headmistress Queller. When Serena finds out, she plans to charm Gabriel into giving all the money back but Dan is skeptical her plan will actually work.

Worried about what to do, he informs Lily of the situation and Serena's plan. Lily then orders Serena to stop and when she doesn't, has her arrested for theft The Wrath of Con.

In Valley GirlsDan bails Serena out of jail and escorts her to prom. Season Three In Dr. EstrangelovedSerena reunites with her father, William van der Woodsen.

After it's revealed that Lily has been being treated for cancer by him, he decides to move back to Manhattan in the same building as the VDWs. Dan, Nate, and Blair do not believe this and work with Chuck and Jenny to find the truth behind what happened.

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They're able to uncover William and Holland's plan to split Rufus and Lily up for selfish reasons. However, Jenny is wanting to return to her life pre-UES and informs William that everyone knows so he can leave town before getting caught.

Serena is able to catch him before he leaves and leans on Dan for support when he does Ex-Husbands and Wives. The next morning, Jenny finds Dan and Serena sleeping in his bed together and sends a photo to Gossip Girl. When Nate finds out, he sends the photo to Vanessa, who is on an internship in Haiti but still dating Dan. Right after, Serena breaks up with him.

Dan–Serena relationship

A few weeks later, Dan learns Serena is planning to spend the summer in Paris with Blair and plans to follow here there to proclaim his love for her. But before he can book a flight, Georgina shows up at the loft; very pregnant with his baby Last Tango, Then Paris. Season Four By the season premiere, Belles de JourGeorgina has had her baby and Dan spends all his time at the loft with them.

Soon after, he rekindles his relationship with Vanessa; leaving himself unavailable when Serena returns from Paris Double Identity. In Touch of EvaDan decides to escape his feelings about everything by hanging out with Serena for the day.

They do research for Blair on Chuck's new girlfriend, Eva Coupeauand discover she used to be a prostitute back in Prague. At Chuck's party, they decide they need to talk about their feelings; much to the dismay of Vanessa. However, Dan chooses to fix his relationship with her rather than be with Serena. Meanwhile, Juliet Sharp is still wanting to ruin Serena's life and teams up with Vanessa and Jenny to make it happen.

serena and chuck relationship

In Gaslit Serena is hospitalized for a drug overdose and believing it was intentional, Lily has her sent to The Ostroff Center for treatment. She has Dan publicly ostracized throughout the school. The two reunite, only to face the awkward discovery that they share a sibling. She returns to New York pursued by Gabriel after he broke up with Poppy and finds herself in a new relationship. During a party held by her mother, Serena discovers that Gabriel and Poppy have conned her mother's guests and calls on Blair's aid to obtain their stolen money, breaking up with Gabriel as she pursues Poppy.

Blair reluctantly teams up with Chuck and a reformed Georgina, ignoring Lily's wishes that they let her handle it herself, ending with the plan completely back-firing: Serena is arrested, Poppy escapes and Georgina, becoming the scapegoat, eases back into her old ways.

A stubborn Serena chooses to stay in prison, until Dan bails her out and the two go to prom together. Her arrest soon adds to her fame as she becomes a local celebrity. On the day of graduation, Gossip Girl sends a blast that further ruins Serena and her friends' reputations.

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Declaring war on Gossip Girl, Serena finds herself the center of blame when a ticked-off Gossip Girl decides to drop every unreleased piece of gossip she had in store, creating further divide within the group. Sending a text to Gossip Girl, Serena calls a bluff that she knows Gossip Girl's identity, only for Gossip Girl to escape and warning everyone that she'll be pursuing them in college.

She spends the summer leaving New York with Carter in pursuit of her father. Season 3[ edit ] Serena returns from her European adventure and a complicated relationship with Carter that indicates a possible romance. The Los Angeles Times noted her character's penchant for secrecy but stated "It initially seems as though Bad Serena is back, but we all know her highway of crazy behavior is always paved with good intentions.

Lily first assumes that she's preparing to go to Brown but defers from entering, preferring to stay in the city and find herself. During Lily's wedding, she discovers Carter's previous transgressions and she loses him when he chooses to make amends for his mistakes, breaking her heart in the process. Serena eventually makes her time in New York useful by taking a job as a publicist, one that is short-lived as her relationships with both her friends and her family begin to erode. Her friendship with Blair and Nate crumble due to her job but finds even more trouble when she falls for Nate's married congressman cousin, Trippp van der Bilt Aaron Tveit.

Her relationship with him is tumultuous as both Nate and Blair fail in persuading her from continuing the affair. The affair ends when an offer to become a mistress from Trippp's wife makes her come to her senses.

As Serena and Trippp return to New York, their car crashes, leaving her hospitalized. She survives and Nate proves his love for her and the two begin a relationship. When Chuck's mother returns, Serena's resolve to find her father is reignited. Her decision slowly damages her relationship with Nate as she reconnects with Carter who is back to his old habits. Knowing that he has information regarding her father, the two work together to find him but is no longer interested in a relationship with Carter.

serena and chuck relationship

Jenny's growing feelings for Nate also threaten her relationship with him when she makes every effort to steal Nate from her. One of the incidents where Jenny happens to ruin her relationship between her and Serena, also her and Nate is during Nate's "assassin" birthday bash. During his birthday party, Nate and Jenny happened to be the last two players. They got stuck in a supply closet. Jenny happened to be blocking the entrance. So, in order to win, she kissed Nate, which came unexpectedly for him.

He happened to be head over heels in love with Serena, her stepsister. This threatened this relationship on many counts. Another instance is when they had just spent the drinking with Chuck and Nate. Nate and Jenny go back to the hotel room. Just as soon as Serena gets off the elevator, you see Jenny trying to kiss Nate. Then, Nate kicks Jenny out of the apartment to talk to his girlfriend in private.

During Dorota's wedding, Serena leaves with Carter and gives Jenny a message telling Nate that she has found her father. Serena soon finds out that Carter has been delaying her in an attempt to get close to her and leaves him, flies alone.

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Upon arriving, she is shocked to find her mother answering the hotel door, assuming that she had been in Canyon Ranch the entire time.

William van der Woodsen William Baldwin returns, making Serena happy but is unknowingly dragged into her father's plot to win back his ex-wife. The plot nearly works until Jenny, Blair, Nate and Chuck scheme against William, who had been trying to frame Rufus for adultery and intentionally misdiagnosing Lily, and William leaves.

Her father's departure leads to Dan comforting her and reignites her feelings for him. Serena sleeps over at Dan's and wake up to find themselves in a compromising position, one that Jenny photographs and sends to Gossip Girl. As the photo spreads, Nate and Serena temporarily end their relationship and she joins Blair for a summer in Paris. Season 4[ edit ] Serena is seen spending her summer in Paris with Blair, reluctant to tell Blair that she has enrolled in Columbia, something that Blair fears will have them return to their high school pettiness, when she receives news that Chuck might be dead.

After an unfortunate double date involving a handsome royal, Blair eventually forgives her. Chuck's arrival and a visit to a Parisian morgue confirms that he is alive but Serena pursues him in hopes of convincing him to return to New York when he tries to run away to London. She returns to New York having made her decision between Dan and Nate but her decision becomes irrelevant when she sees them with their new respective significant others, Vanessa and Juliet Sharp Katie Cassidya girl with a personal vendetta against Serena.

Serena's enrollment in Columbia has her face Juliet's many attempts at getting rid of her, ranging from excluding her from an exclusive society along with driving Blair against her, exposing her relationship with her professor, Colin Forrester Sam Pagewho happens to be Juliet's cousin to get her kicked out, and spreading various rumors about Serena, who manages to evade these attempts.

Juliet then recruits Jenny and Vanessa and succeed in gaslighting her into toying with Dan and Nate's feelings, attempting to take a foundation position from Blair, and returning to her old partying habits. Serena is rehabilitated while Dan and Blair subsequently discover Juliet's reasons for ruining Serena.

Serena was supposedly in an illicit, but not ever consummated, relationship with Juliet's half-brother and Serena's boarding school English teacher, Ben Donovan David Call and was arrested when Lily forged an affidavit that falsely accused Ben of statutory rape, out of concern for Serena. The holidays has Serena trying to figure out how to release Ben from prison and her relationship with Lily is yet again strained.

Chuck does not disagrees as he states "For people like us, a College Diploma is just an accessory. In an opened moment, Chuck discusses his future and inner dreams of building an exclusive night club called 'The Vault' in the Empire Hotel for exclusive members with a penchant for debauchery. Serena is happy for him that he such aspirations. Their friendship deteriorates when Serena is believed to outed in her life choices to Rufus and reciprocally retaliates by trying and succeeding in collapsing Chuck's prospects with investors for his club.

Serena is asked to check if a body in the morgue is actually Chuck Bass at Paris which she identifies as not him. She then informs Blair of Chuck's possible mortal danger until Blair recounts her previous sudden collision with Chuck. Serena then endeavours, with the help of French Police, to locate Chuck before it's too late to default on Bass Industries.

serena and chuck relationship

When she finds him with a girl called Eva, he implies that he has received amnesia and any arguments for Chuck to return with her fall on deaf ears. Chuck gives Serena, a subtle and honest hint, that the man that got shot probably does not deserve his redemption. When confirming the stolen ring that Chuck was intending to marry Blair with, Serena enables Blair to confront Chuck to return back to the Upper East Side.

Diverging Objectives at Colombia In Goodbye, Columbiaa nasty rumor on campus that Serena might have a sexually transmitted disease is spreading on the GG blasts, however a reassuring Chuck elsewhere plotting a scheme against Blair asks her to either ignore it as there is bound to be other worthy news.

serena and chuck relationship

During Chuck and Blair mutual hatred for one another, both Nate and Serena create a written cease and desist agreement to cull the loathing. In Serena's case it was to get Ben Donovan out of jail while Chuck's intention was to reclaim ownership and selling rights of Bass industries.

The scheme included Serena impersonating her mother with Lily's ring and passport to obtain leverage from Lily's National and Savings Bank. Amongst the personal possessions, Chuck finds Lily's raunchy artistic pictures, but most importantly the signed affidavit. Despite some explanations from Lily, both Serena and Chuck are vigilant in confronting Lily with their leverage.

Serena stating that Chuck should be happy In Empire of the SonLily prematurely hands herself to the police for the sake of her children, because of a leaked affidavit to Russell Thorpe would provide leverage against Chuck.

When confronted with a lie from Russell, he consoles, with compassionate but also confused, Serena that he is ashamed that all he's achievements were for a parental figure that ultimately disappointed him.