Simon peter and jesus relationship with his family

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simon peter and jesus relationship with his family

It originally meant something like “Manly,” expressing the parents' hopes for their baby boy. Because he followed Jesus before St. Peter and the others, he is . To emphasize this relationship, my Predecessor Pope Paul VI. Of all the disciples that Jesus chose we know most about Peter. The evidence shows that the family home became a public meeting for it was Jesus that changed his name from Simon to Peter. Or perhaps, if James really was a relation of Jesus, it was only natural for him to succeed his brother. Mark tells us that Jesus had four younger brothers and at least two sisters, the (in the Hebrew, Jacob), Joses (in the Hebrew, Joseph, after his father), Simon, and Even if that were not true, by the time Jesus was thirty, evidently his mother was Paul relates that after the risen Christ had appeared to Peter, then to the.

Jesus was one of at least 6 children born to Mary and Joseph Matthew Why would a married, tough, smelly, burly fisherman leave his business, wife and children for 3 years? Since there was no government welfare state and these men were often the breadwinners for their families.

Brothers of Jesus

The businesses were probably left in the hands of relatives, or if Peter was an older man, with an eldest son. The family must have been looked after somehow.

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In any case they were back home visiting friends and relatives frequently. Fishermen, like dairy farmers, would only leave their livelihood if they had a very strong reason. That reason must have been the ongoing evidence that Jesus was a very special man worth the sacrifice. Peter announces his own conclusion in Matthew She is not mentioned in scripture, but we have some clues as to what she was like. He talks about inner beauty, a gentle heart, purity, and a women tuned into her husband.

Opposites attract so this is a real possibility. There is a clue in 1 Corinthians 9: They may have had to take out loans to pay for equipment and had to hand over much of their catch in taxes to the Roman authorities who held considerable political and economic power over the entire region. The paying of taxes may well have been a source of tension between the fishermen and the local individuals the Romans employed to perform the unenviable, but highly lucrative, job of collecting the taxes.

By choosing one such tax collector, Matthew, as part of his close following, Jesus may have brought together a volatile combination of forces. Matthew's fellow disciples would have had to wrestle with difficult emotions when dealing with someone they would have been accustomed to treating with suspicion.

They may well have been other factors to upset the group dynamics of Jesus' team. The brothers James and John, also known as the 'sons of thunder', appear, according to the biblical account, to have had short, even violent, tempers.

simon peter and jesus relationship with his family

They also coveted the idea of being Jesus' deputies, which could have provoked disquiet amongst the other disciples. Cooperation Despite all the potential problems they faced, somehow the Jesus movement managed to pull together in the same direction. They were sent off, probably in small groups, to preach and to perform, on a smaller scale, many of the miraculous things Jesus did.

They healed people of physical and psychological illness, perhaps utilising the reputation of their remarkable leader to gain the acceptance and belief of converts. They suffered great hardships and dangers in a region controlled by Roman authorities, who had a nasty habit of brutally snuffing out political rebellions and messianic movements.

They would have left the comfort of their family homes to hit the road, often sleeping rough and relying on the hospitality of locals for food and shelter. Travelling from village to village in Galilee and beyond to Jerusalem, they may have encountered bandits on solitary mountain tracks.

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It was a difficult existence. There must have been arguments, jealousies and in-fighting along the way but the disciples were held together by the power of their charismatic and determined leader. They may not have always understood what his message was and their faith may have wavered at times but all of them, apart from the tragic case of Judas, stuck with him until his death.

After Jesus' crucifixion the disciples were left rudderless and disorientated but his appearance to them and the intensely motivating events of Pentecost rallied their spirits. From this point they found the strength to push forward with keeping Jesus' message alive carrying Christianity through the Near East and beyond. They may have started out as a modest group of everyday fisherman, local officials and artisans, but they went on to become the driving force, keeping alive a small religious movement which flowered into a world religion.

Peter Peter is a prominent character in the New Testament Peter is remembered by Christians as a saint ; the fisherman who became the right-hand man of Jesus himself, the leader of the early church and a father of the faith.

But how much of his fascinating story is true? How much do we know about the real Peter? Of all the disciples that Jesus chose we know most about Peter. He is one of the most carefully described characters in the New Testament, and yet the picture we have is a composite from various authors at various times and there are still many things the Bible does not tell us.

simon peter and jesus relationship with his family

However, there are other sources of evidence now available that can take us closer than ever before to the historical Peter.

Great insight can be drawn from modern science, archaeology and countless other ancient texts, many of which have only come to light recently having been lost for centuries. The Bible tells us that Peter was a fisherman by trade and that he lived in the village of Capernaum on the shores of Lake Galilee. Early in three of the gospel accounts there is a story of Jesus healing Peter's mother-in-law, which clearly implies Peter had his own house and that it accommodated his extended family.

All these details are historically plausible but recent archaeology has been able to support them with hard evidence. Excavations in Capernaum have uncovered the remains of a synagogue and several houses, one of which could be the very house of Peter himself.

The original structure is a series of rooms around a central courtyard, easily big enough for a large family. Scholars agree they may never know for certain if it is the home of the apostle but it is clear that the site was venerated very early on by Christian believers.

The evidence shows that the family home became a public meeting place and several shrines were subsequently built on the site. Today a Catholic church stands over the ruins. In after several years of drought, the water level of Lake Galilee had dropped and one day two walkers saw a very distinctive shape in the mud. Archaeologists uncovered the remains of a boat, amazingly preserved since its use on the lake before the 1st century. The boat was partly made of expensive, imported wood and was so big that it would have needed at least 12 people to handle it.

For the first time archaeologists had a precise idea of the type of boat Peter owned; the one that transported Jesus and his disciples.

Life was undoubtedly far from easy in first-century Galilee; the land was occupied by the Romans, taxes were high and labour was hard.

simon peter and jesus relationship with his family

However, both the house and the boat can help to dispel the romantic notion that Peter was a humble fisherman from a rural backwater. Galilee was in fact a strategic part of the Roman Empire and Capernaum and the surrounding settlements were centres of commerce where at least two languages were spoken.

simon peter and jesus relationship with his family

Could it be that Peter was not in fact a poor fisherman but a businessman with his own boat, hired help and a family to feed?

Whatever Peter's life was like before, it was turned upside down by Jesus. The story goes that Jesus called Peter to follow him and Peter did not hesitate; he left everything and embarked on an incredible journey of discovery. In fact one could say that Jesus altered his very identity, for it was Jesus that changed his name from Simon to Peter. This was a hugely significant nickname, for in every language other than English Peter means 'The Rock'.

Jesus appointed Peter as the rock on which he would build his church but the character revealed in the gospels seems far from stable, so did Jesus really know what he was doing?

In many episodes throughout the gospel narratives we get a great insight into Peter's character. One stormy night the disciples were battling against the waves as they crossed the lake. As dawn was breaking they saw Jesus coming out to them, walking on the water.

They were terrified, thinking it was a ghost, but Peter asked Jesus to call him out onto the lake with him. Peter took a few steps towards Jesus on the water but fear and doubt then made him sink. Peter is remembered in this episode for his lack of faith but, as commentators point out, although he failed he was the only one to try.

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In Matthew's account Jesus commends Peter's observation; it seems the penny has finally dropped! But just moments later Peter receives Jesus' sharpest rebuke "Get behind me Satan! Peter shows he does not fully understand the nature of Jesus' Messiahship. Throughout the gospel narratives Peter seems so near and yet so far from understanding Jesus' message and yet he is consistently portrayed not only as one of the chosen 12 but as one of Jesus' most intimate group of three or four.

Peter's betrayal Peter is the spokesperson for the disciples but frequently says the wrong thing at important moments.

The disciples

He is constantly asking questions and is not afraid to argue with Jesus. He is rash, impetuous and even foolish at times but he is never slow to pledge his absolute loyalty to his master.

However, he was not to know how much this would be tested. One night in Jerusalem, after Jesus asked his friends to pray with him in a garden, Peter fell asleep. Moments later, Judas arrived with a mob from the temple to arrest Jesus. In John's account Peter lashes out with a sword and cuts off the ear of High Priest's slave.

This may have been the act of a man protecting his friend but if Jesus had been preaching peace, what was Peter doing carrying a sword? Peter got it wrong again.

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Jesus is arrested and the disciples scatter but Peter follows at a distance.