Slovakia and russia relationship with us

Russian presence divides Czechs 50 years after Prague Spring | World news | The Guardian

slovakia and russia relationship with us

Still, Slovakia prioritizes its economic ties with Russia, which sometimes leads to backing down on certain security measures, such as the deployment of US. Slovakia is the second most vulnerable country towards Russian influence elites and the public, persistent energy ties to Russia and political elites' naïve towards Russia and open disdain for NATO and the United States. Slovakia nurtures special ties to Russia, despite EU sanctions . The EU and US imposed sanctions on allies of Russian President Vladimir.

Firstly, the government attempts to influence the public media and therefore it undermines its perception of impartiality and accuracy to report on domestic and international affairs.

Secondly, apart from a few exceptions, a majority of the Slovak private media are currently owned by a few local financial groups and businessmen. The analysis also pointed to the recent cooperation between the TASR newswire and the Russian news agency Sputnik, which was later cancelled.

It praised the attempts of the Slovak media to fight conspiracy theories.

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Regarding state counter-measures, Slovakia is almost as vulnerable as Hungary, with a score of There are several factors driving such a high level of vulnerability. First and foremost, the existing security related public policies do not reflect the new realities created by Russian intervention in Ukraine and the use of hybrid warfare and disinformation by the Kremlin.

The Slovak National Security Strategy was adopted in and has not been updated since then. In the civic society area, Slovakia ranked as the least vulnerable within the V4 region, with the score of The analysis pointed to a small number of civic organisations and think tanks that have started to address the influence of disinformation and Russian propaganda in Slovakia.

Despite their number, the most visible counter-measures and activities resonating among the public are those of individual activists or representatives of these organisations, according to the analysis.

slovakia and russia relationship with us

The evaluation was attended by altogether 38 specialists who answered 40 questions, Sme reported. Apr at Shortly an email will be sent to the address you provided to verify your e-mail.

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Society is rather mentally divided in the affiliation with the West and Russia. However, the survey does not focus primarily on foreign policy. Energy dependency on Russia. It opposes Nord Stream 2 which would deprive it from transit fees.

Slovakia Sees No Reason to Break Ties With Russia Over Skripal Case - Senior MP

In order to diverse its gas deliveries, interconnectors between Slovakia-Hungary and Slovakia-Ukraine are now up and running, and a connection with Poland is being negotiated. All in all, diversification is of high priority, but the commercial interest of the energy companies play a key role as well.

  • Russian presence divides Czechs 50 years after Prague Spring
  • Slovakia nurtures special ties to Russia, despite EU sanctions
  • Slovakia is vulnerable to Russian influence

Russian company TVEL is an important supplier of nuclear fuel and will cooperate in the project to complete the Mochovce Nuclear Power plant. This step was criticised by Gazprom. Bilateral economic relations are a long-term priority of Slovak policy toward Russia.

slovakia and russia relationship with us

Russian investors with ties to Russian government are interested in acquisitions in areas of strategic importance. The program includes the acquisition of nine pieces of Blackhawk helicopters, two Spartan transport aircrafts and replacement of Russian radar systems.

Replacement of the MiG is being negotiated. Priority countries are Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus.

Economy and energy dominate agenda in Russian-Slovak relations — Slovak minister

It is willing to help eastern countries with reforms to fulfil their commitment under the EaP. On the other hand, in relations with Belarus, Armenia and Azerbaijan, pragmatism prevails and human rights are sometimes overlooked.

Expert Assessment Power Audit Influenced by almost complete energy dependency striking bilateral energy deals with Russia. Directly supporting eastern dimension of EU external relations, also within the Visegrad Group. Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Economic interests in relationship with Russia and almost complete dependence in energy sector.

In light of the conflict in Ukraine balancing between securing its national interests and supporting unified voice in the EU, therefore preferring political dialogue as a solution. Following the crisis in Ukraine, Slovakia changed course on Russia and began diversifying its defence, economy, and energy away from Russian sources.

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