Stevie and chloe fake relationship

stevie and chloe fake relationship

I think she sees through their fake relationship imo, I am certainly no fan of hers. 0 Chloe is like a limpet stuck around Stevi's neck. Absolutely. Sep 25, Chloe-Jasmine Whichello and Stevi Ritchie defend their 'fake' saying their relationship had turned “toxic” and she felt “suffocated” by him. Jan 14, Stevi and Chloe met as contestants on The X Factor in and were They rekindled their relationship together a few months later and held.

Chloe-Jasmine's parents BAN her from marrying Stevi Ritchie

Here's a look back at their most controversial moments. According to insiders after weeks of flirting the couple secretly met up at a hotel near the X Factor studio, where they spent the night together. Cheating allegations Their illicit romance Image: Chloe-Jasmine was secretly dating boyfriend Craig Wiffen when she first went on the show and after her rumoured night of passion with Stevi, he ended the romance.

Chloe initially kept her relationship with former solider and business man Craig underwraps and during her first audition was even given two attempts to sing after claiming she had gone through a break-up. Chloe is booted from X Factor Image: Our romance happened organically - we were talking about spiritual planes and then we kissed," she explained.

stevie and chloe fake relationship

It probably didn't help that I didn't tell Craig straight away, but I didn't really have a chance to. Stevi gets all the attention Image: He's pimping me out but I don't mind. We talk everyday too," he told Reveal Magazine.

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Insisting the romance wasn't fake he continued: We've got a great connection — it's real and she accepts me. A kiss on the red carpet Image: PA "For example, if I'm having a quiet moment, she knows, and she won't question it. Stevi gets down on one knee Couple talk tying the knot Image: REX Stevi put a ring on it just a few months later in July, popping the questions less than a year after the couple first met.

Confirming the news on Twitter Stevi wrote: The latter lasted for a few weeks after they left the house - but it wasn't meant to be, and Jasmine appeared to dump the former Blue singer in a fiery Twitter message shortly after.

Fans struggled to get their heads round the roller coaster love triangle - so was it real? The whirlwind romance saw Ricky make a guest appearance on Georgie Shore - before shocking viewers by popping the question after just six months of dating last June. They eventually broke up in August last year, and it's fair to say it hasn't remained all that amicable since.

Just weeks later, in September last year, he was snapped locking lips with Geordie Shore's Charlotte - the first of many passionate displays of affection. However, it wasn't to last, and before they even put a label on the romance - it was over by December.

stevie and chloe fake relationship

The pair enjoyed a flirty relationship in the house, but Lauren played hard to get throughout - never making her feelings clear. Ricci later claimed she went "cold" on him following the show. Preston and Chantelle Houghton They met in the house Image: Channel 4 In perhaps the most convincing reality romance, we saw Preston fall in love with Chantelle in - after she entered the house pretending to be a celebrity. The couple went from strength to strength after leaving the house, eventually marrying in August that same year.

stevie and chloe fake relationship

But the TV romance soon went sour and just 11 months after walking down the aisle they split. With such a short-lived relationship - it will no doubt leave fans confused. Getty Another relationship to leave us all mildly heartbroken was Megan and Jordan - after they broke up just six months in. Was it all showmance or romance? COM He was just a curly-haired, baby-faced, year-old teen when they met - but despite a 14 year age gap, Harry and Caroline hit it off after his stint on the X Factor.

It is only thought to have lasted a short time, before things cooled right off.