Venture ges and micros relationship

venture ges and micros relationship

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) is set to be held in Barbara Corcoran, founder of Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners; than individual markets) and micro-economic (the part of economics dealing with single point of view. 3. . My Thoughts On Unfaithful Relationships December 24, The venture capitalist-entrepreneur relationship: Control, trust and confidence in co-operative .. Second, the social judgment perspective, which acknowledges the importance (e.g. the micro loan program of Bangladesh). GES Investment Services Private Equity/Venture Capital, which in hit record levels of financing in both Europe . Micro-equity, its lesser-known cousin, is often used as a tool . in the relationship between VC4S and the company ( such.

venture ges and micros relationship

This will be tackled from both the macro-economic branch of economics dealing with the performance, structure, behaviour, and decision making of an economy as a whole rather than individual markets and micro-economic the part of economics dealing with single point of view. How women entrepreneurs can create innovative businesses and create social impact The Nairobi Summit has placed emphasis on women entrepreneurs. There will be a panel to discuss the rising power and potential of women entrepreneurs to create innovative business and social impact.

Preliminary Program

The panel will also discuss ways of expanding the big idea to a successful business as well as turning that successful business into a business that can compete with its peers regionally and globally. Women entrepreneurs will benefit the most from this session while their male counterparts will also gain a thing or two.

venture ges and micros relationship

Learn from the successes, failures and mistakes of successful entrepreneurs The biggest lessons will come from the interaction of the successful entrepreneurs from across the globe. Some of these entrepreneurs come from well advanced markets than our own and it will be interesting to learn from their experiences, some of their failures and mistakes.

Attract foreign investment into the country The summit itself being held in the country, coupled with the visit of the US President is a statement that Kenya is a safe country for foreign investors. This comes in the wake of recent terror attacks and the exit of foreign investors from our stock exchange.

Most of the foreign investors who had left will rethink their actions and will be back. This will particularly be important for any business that needs to expand and needs to raise capital.

7 reasons why the GES is important for entrepreneurs - Potentash

The foreign investors will obviously be looking to partner with local investors with running businesses and who know the market rather than setting up businesses from scratch. Gain knowledge on protecting intellectual capital Many people have come up with great ideas, only to see their ideas stolen by large institutions. There are so many inventions that have been stolen from Kenya.

venture ges and micros relationship

Examples include the popular kiondo, the Maasai kanga just to mention. The local entrepreneur is set to gain from knowledge on how to protect intellectual capital. This will include important information such as where to turn to for information on patents and trademarks as well as when and where to file the patents and trademarks. Banerjee has a Ph.

D in Public Policy, and Masters and undergraduate degrees in Economics. He has been extensively published on issues related to international trade, regional integration, regulatory reforms, logistics and connectivity, and trade facilitation. Annadurai leads a team of more than engineers and scientists engaged in the design, development and production of satellites for Indian space programme. After taking over the realm of ISAC he accelerated the pace of satellite realisation by optimising satellite building turnaround time.

Under his leadership, the industry participation reached greater heights in satellite building programme. He has the distinction of building 23 satellites April till date which comprises of six communication, six earth observation, three navigation, two nano satellites, one space science mission including five student satellites.

He also contributed for the first satellite dedicated for tele-education, Edusat, as its Associate Project Director. The list includes the realisation and launch of the most prestigious Mars Orbiter Mission in record time and successful insertion in the Martian orbit.

Biotechnology, Diagnostics, and Genomics: Panel Discussion

He has also overseen two student satellite projects. Annadurai has received many awards, notable among them are: Padma Shri,one of the highest civilian awards in India 2. Team Excellence award for contribution to Indian Space Program Team Excellence Award as team leader of Chandrayaan-1 team The government of Karnataka awarded the Rajyostava Prashasti for Science Fellow of The Society for shock wave research, Dept.

Personality of the year Awarded by St.

venture ges and micros relationship

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