Yang mi and hawick lau relationship help

“Insider” Leaked that Hawick Lau and Yang Mi Secretly Divorced Two Years Ago | santoriniinfo.info

yang mi and hawick lau relationship help

6 days ago Hawick Lau and Yang Mi end five years of marriage the two stars thanked everyone for providing their love and support throughout the years. A Look at Hawick Lau and Yang Mi's Seven Year Relationship If you enjoy reading the articles, please help support the site by turning off. The usually candid Hawick Lau was unusually reserved at an event, and this has prompted some speculation about the state of his marriage.

A relationship just beginning is like a budding plant that needs to be protected. I just want to have a relationship and be together. As a man, I will use my utmost to protect the person I am with….

Hawick Lau Denies Knowing Wealthy Female Who Spread the Divorce Rumors | 三八姐姐

I wanted to tell everyone concerned about me and the speculations, that I am sorry…. Little Mi is a girl who is lacking in security, so I hope everyone can help protect her…. Both Yang Mi and Hawick seem really really happy, and for that I am happy for them. She confessed that the timing was right between them, and she was ready to appreciate how special this relationship is to her.

yang mi and hawick lau relationship help

Hawick makes her feel secure and loved, and challenges her to always better herself at her craft. Right now the well wishes from their celebrity friends are pouring forth on Weibo.

Hottest New C-couple Emerges as Hawick Lau and Yang Mi Confirms Relationship

Everyone is happy for them. Even my loverboy Yuan Hong tweeted his congrats. First teaser for Ru Yi http: Some fans took a positive approach, saying that they "totally understand and support" Yang's decision and were confident she would move on to a "much brighter" future, while a small number of fans even went so far as to congratulate the actress. In one long post of many from Yang fans, netizen Zhiyi Yangmi commented: I hope the public can give her [Yang] time and space to deal with this event.

Is Hawick Lau, Yang Mi’s marriage in trouble?

I am confident she can do well. Life is long, I am looking forward to seeing her bright future. Some fans joked that Lau had been "liberated" by the divorce. Other fans took a more neutral stance, expressing astonishment at the news and wishing them both the best in the future.

yang mi and hawick lau relationship help

Others joined in just to comment how "disgusted" they were with netizens' comments on the affair, saying it was improper to get too involved in the private affairs of others, even if those involved were celebrities.

Netizen Xuexing said, "I didn't want to say anything but I can't help but be amazed by Yang Mi fans' expert control of the comments. According to a report from Tencent News, the date of announcement was a carefully made business decision. With this promise in place, it would be unwise to announce news that a core member of the entertainment company may be leaving. With Lau being such an important asset for Yang's entertainment business, it was therefore prudent to put off the announcement until the end of the year, when the financial impact of the divorce news would have a lesser effect on the company's bottom line.