Yours mine and ours 2005 ending relationship

The Real "Yours, Mine and Ours" Family

yours mine and ours 2005 ending relationship

November 23, by Paramount Pictures Anyway, the original Yours, Mine and Ours no doubt took its own movie-ish liberties with the facts. 'Yours, Mine & Ours" has one thing to be thankful for: Frank and Helen That saves us the Idiot Plot device in which they're destined for each No matter; we never get a sense of a real relationship between Frank and Helen. While the parents trying to work out their differences, the kids all get together and hatch a plot to undermine the marriage and make sure the parents split up. And.


But while doing so, they gradually begin to bond, attending their siblings' soccer games and helping William in his class president campaign. A short time later, Frank and Helen attend a formal Coast Guard dinner where his superior, Commandant Sherman, officially offers him the opportunity to be his successor. He respectfully declines it, citing both his obligation to the Coast Guard Academy and his new family. Meanwhile, as the young children have a food fight upstairs in the bedroom, the older ones throw a wild party downstairs.

When their parents return to find the place in total chaos, Frank is furious and Helen's more laid-back approach only angers him more. This causes their worst fight yet, and the children, realizing how happy their parents have been together, begin to realize that they might have pushed things too far.

yours mine and ours 2005 ending relationship

The next day, Frank informs Helen that he has decided to take the position as Commandant after all, and they schedule a family meeting to inform the children. As the children return home from school, jubilant over having defended their younger siblings from bullies and with the news of William having won the class election, Frank quickly deflates the mood by telling them of his decision to accept the new position.

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Feeling guilty for having torn their parents apart, they set about undoing their mistakes, even enlisting Helen to aid in their efforts. Together, the older ones launch the family's boat in an effort to catch Frank thereby fulfilling his previous dream of having an all-family sailing team that failed earlierbut he is convinced that Helen no longer wants to be with him, until he sees her turn on the lighthouse spotlight a reference to a story Frank had told her about a beautiful female lighthouse keeper.

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The situation comes to a head when Frank and Helen go out for the evening and the older kids have a party. The house is an unbelievable mess, the little kids are sick from eating so much junk, and Frank and Helen find themselves once again on totally opposite sides as to how to handle it. Their differences really begin to show up after this party because Frank and Helen seriously disagree on how to handle disciplining the older kids.

While the parents trying to work out their differences, the kids all get together and hatch a plot to undermine the marriage and make sure the parents split up. And, they actually succeed. Helen hates order; she thrives on disorder and chaos in her workspace.

She accuses Frank of doing it; he, of course, denies that he had anything to do with it. Frank is hurt but agrees with her and tells his kids to prepare to move to Washington, D. The whole bunch of them stop Frank from going, Helen and Frank kiss and make up and it all ends well. I love happy endings. Now, for A Deeper Look.

The real "Yours, Mine and Ours" family

Frank Beardsley has two strong personality styles: Superiority Achieving and Control: Superiority people have very heavy and numerous goals. Here Frank is an Admiral in the U.

yours mine and ours 2005 ending relationship

Frank definitely takes Control; yes, certainly at home but also at work. At home each of his children conforms enough so that the family system works pretty well.

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But, the kids also seem independent enough to have their own thoughts and be in charge of themselves most of the time. She, too, is a high Superiority personality type but only in her work life. But, at home Helen is definitely a mix of the Pleasing style and the Comfort style.

yours mine and ours 2005 ending relationship

We can see her Pleasing in how she handles her kids but also in how she mostly defers to Frank, too. Pleasers tend to go along with those they love; they prefer not to have any friction.