Yui and ayato relationship help

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yui and ayato relationship help

Read Ayato's relationship with yui komori from the story Randomness | Diabolik lovers by Sadie (Paris Queens) with 9 reads. dialover, yui, sakamaki. In the. His relationship with Cordelia is one that Ayato hated and still hates since all she did Kanato seemed to also be in the aid of Cordelia's death with Ayato since he set Ayato's feelings for Yui during the anime take a while to develop since he. Somehow I see that Ayato x Yui relationship is the most playful one (well, But then he said he would help them to be bigger and started to.

Day after day, you have to watch this person waste food, waste their life. Your family needs the money too much. You have to be witness to this frustrating behavior nearly 24 hours a day and you get paid pennies for your trouble. Now, imagine that you are subject to this—seeing someone take all the things you ever wanted and throw them out the window right in front of you, day after day—for about a decade.

yui and ayato relationship help

This is the arithmetic of suffering and bitterness. If you can imagine that, congratulations. However, his life was even worse than that. In our made-up scenario, at least the person got paid.

Diabolik Kanato #1 : Yui the bitch

For his trouble, Reiji got the privilege of being ignored by his mother, whom he adored, and having to somehow cope with the knowledge that he was doomed to an eternal life where nothing he did mattered to anybody—simply because Shu was born first. In order to become the head of the Sakamaki family and, by extension, all vampires, one of the brothers has to obtain Yui the bride of sacrifice and kill their father who is the current head.

By nature, Reiji simply has a serious personality. Unlike the other brothers, Reiji really thinks of them as a family and as such, he would like all of them to act befitting of their family name. But how about the one time he violated his own code? To me, that strikes as a rather odd response. The fact that he says that setting fire to the village was something he did as a child kind of hints that he feels guilty about it, or at least ashamed.

Reiji has always had this chip on his shoulder because his mother valued Shu so much more than she apparently valued him.

yui and ayato relationship help

But more than that, it was the fact that even though he worked so hard, Shu coasted by doing absolutely nothing. Worse, Shu often ran away and tried to escape the pressure of living as the apparent Sakamaki heir.

Ayato x Yui

To Shu, the strict attention that Beatrix gave him was suffocating. Reiji, on the outside looking in, envied that attention. Reiji naturally has a personality that nurses grudges for a long time, as evident by how much he still resents Shu even years later when Beatrix is already dead.

Shu, of course, would rather nap than participate. Reiji calls him a good-for-nothing again and the barrage of insults annoy Shu enough that he decides to participate. In his mind, even a useless hobo like his older brother has standards.

yui and ayato relationship help

However, that he has a deep inferiority complex and jealousy when it comes to Shu is fact. The implications are pretty clear. Beatrix, the second wife, had done the unthinkable and given birth to a son before Cordelia, the first wife. Keep in mind that to become the head of the family, one of the boys would have had to kill their father. Beatrix, as knowledgeable as she was about vampire hierarchy and customs, had to have known this and yet she had no qualms about raising her son to be the perfect heir—the perfect husband killer.

The problem with this fixation of hers is that in focusing on her older son and defending herself from Cordelia, this afforded Beatrix very little time with Reiji.

Though she cared for Shu and wanted him to succeed just as much for his own good as for hers, she only knew how to cause him discomfort with her heavy love.

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Propriety, status, and accomplishments are important to her. At the same time, she seems just as awkward about expressing her feelings as he is.

yui and ayato relationship help

Like his mother, Reiji hides behind a mask of perfection and propriety and he could never tell his mother how he really felt. He had her killed, convinced that he wanted to see her suffer as revenge for a lifetime of neglect, but he only understood the depth of his loss once she was gone.

At his core, Reiji simply wanted his mother to love him and give him praise and attention. Yet this wish was one that, deep down, he was ashamed of. He thought himself weak for seeking such a thing and convinced himself that he felt something else entirely.

He says so in his Maniac 03 scene and in his Heaven scenarios. Again, this resonates because from what we know of Beatrix, she was a strong-willed woman. Despite being the second wife and enduring horrid treatment from both her husband and his first wife, she still kept her head held high and did what she thought was right—even if Reiji was resentful of her not giving him attention, he respected her attitude. During the times when Shu was outside of the castle messing around, Reiji was indoors.

Thus, he was acutely aware of the suffering that Beatrix had to go through. This is probably part of why he resented Shu so much, as well—for abandoning their mother and not living up to her expectations.

As Yui is very well aware, when it comes to Shu, Reiji just completely loses his cool. He is incapable of being fair, rational, or sympathetic where Shu is concerned. Reiji is terrified at the thought that Yui, someone he is interested in and begins to increasingly respect, would pick Shu over him—like his mother did. Reiji and the other brothers Before moving on to talk about his relationship with Yui, I wanted to briefly address how Reiji gets along with his younger brothers.

A lot of people seem to have the impression that Reiji is an indiscriminate hardass who hates his entire family, but honestly I think that putting Shu aside, Reiji bears no ill will towards the rest. If anything, he goes above and beyond to take care of them. Reiji is kind of the glue that holds the family together.

There is no need for him to do so, yet in the drama CDs and throughout the game, you see him taking care of the others. Hearing him adressing himself like that, Subaru out of nowhere comments that he is tired of Ayato calling himself Ore Sama. Ayato gets angry and demands Subaru to show himself. A few moment later, he teases Yui when she attempts to get her phone back from him but soon Subaru approaches and breaks the phone which makes Ayato annoyed.

Then, when Yui is trying to escape from all the brothers, Ayato encounters her and tells her she can't escape. Then he, along with Laito and Kanato, hold her and lick her skin.

After Shu breaks the picture to stop them, Ayato reaches out puts her on the floor and asks her if she is ready. Episode 2 Edit When Laito attempts to feed on Yui, Ayato stops him and tells him not to touch his things without permission.


Laito says that he is being rough at which Ayato tells him to shut up. Later at school, Yui ends up in same class as Ayato and Kanato. When she goes to her class, she notices that no one is there except three of them and it's food preparation time. Ayato then takes Yui to the kitchen and demands her to make takoyaki. Yui at first refuses, but ends up making it.

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When Ayato is done eating it, Yui starts cleaning the dishes and asks Ayato for help. Ayato then stands behind her and, when Yui turns to look, she gets scared and tries to run away.

Ayato corners her and starts sucking her blood.

yui and ayato relationship help

Yui begs him to stop, but he doesn't listen and continues sucking her blood right until Reiji comes and says that Ayato is a disgrace because he never thought Ayato would do something like that at school. Then Reiji tells Ayato to bring her home. Ayato gets extreamly mad and takes Yui to the swimming pool room and throws her in the pool.

Then he demands her to tell him that he is the best of all. Yui is unable to swim and begs him for help. He at first stands there and watches, but soon he had a flashback about his past and after that he finally jumps in to help Yui. He grabs Yui by arm and kisses her, after which Yui wakes up.

He then smells her from neck to shoulder and then bites her and suck her blood underwater. After that he pulls her out of water and tells her that her blood is flowing in his body and it totally overwhelms him.

Yui then pleads him to make it stop, after which Ayato leaves and tells her thats enough for today Episode 3 Edit After dinner, Ayato out of nowhere appears in Yui's room when she is checking the diary she found in the abondoned room and demands that she let him suck her blood, but Yui tells him that she can't right now as she is feeling dizzy and was about to take a bath.

Ayato gets mad and violently gives her kiss marks on her neck and chest. He then tells her to go take bath as he don't want to take any troubles before she leaves he tells her to not keep him waiting or else he will punish her. Later after Yui comes back from bath, Ayato tells her that she is late, as he has been waiting to feed on her from long time.

Yui tries to stop him but he tells her to just submit to his feeding. As he is about to bite her neck, he see's that she has already been bitten by someone. At first he suspects its Reiji but then realizes that it had to be Shu. He then goes to game room where Shu is sleeping on couch and angrily asks him if he is trying to pick a fight with him. Shu doesn't responds at all which makes Ayato even more angry so he challenges him a game of dart and Laito tells them the prize will be Yui.

Shu at first rejects and tells Ayato that he couldn't care less about her at which Ayato gets angry. After a harsh remark from Reiji, Shu finally agrees to play. Shu wins the game and gets Yui as a prize which makes Ayato extreamly disappointed. Episode 6 Edit Ayato makes a brief appearence in this episode when Kanato is strangling Yui.

He tells Kanato that Reiji is looking for him at which Kanato releases Yui. Yui thanks Ayato but he tells her not to get any wrong idea and then he holds her neck to drink her blood but stops and tells her he is not into it today because he's tired.

When Kanato is crying about the bat getting away, Ayato and Laito assure him that they can catch it again. Just as they about to go again, Ayato is called by his mother Cordelia. She was wondering if this is where he was and tells him to come with her. He asks why Kanato and Laito get to play while all he gets to do is study. She then yells at him asking how many time must she tell him that he is the successor and does he even understand what that means then she wants him to tell her what he must do.

Ayato lowers his head and says that he must become number one, and must become better than anyone. Then Cordelia asks what happens if he fails. Cordelia then calls him a good boy and that he is worthless to her unless he is number one.

She then says that worthless boys must spend eternity at the cold, damp bottom of the lake, all alone where no one can help them. Later on, Ayato wakes Yui up. She asks where they are and he tells her that they are in the underground waterway. He notices the cut on her finger and asks what happened to her hand. She also wonders how she got it and then she has a flashback of her trying to pick up the rose.

Ayato tells Laito to step aside when he corners Yui and he bites her. Ayato allows Laito to bite after that. Ayato looks at him and get annoyed and he pulls down the left shoulder of her nightgown and bites her. In the final scene, Ayato is sitting on a ledge looking at the rain. Episode 8 Edit Ayato appears with Kanato behind Laito.

Yui asks what their mother's name was and Ayato says "Cordelia.