Yzma and kronk relationship counseling

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yzma and kronk relationship counseling

I started thinking about this theory in the beginning, when Kronk says "all your potions look the same!" It reminded me of literally any time I. The following are fictional characters from Disney's film The Emperor's New Groove, Kuzco and Malina also become an official couple and are seen going on a date together. He always gives Kuzco advice to help him out of any situation. Yzma also appears in the direct-to-DVD sequel Kronk's New Groove. Kronk and Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove . The relationship between Pacha and Nina was supposed to be part of the more traditional.

It is only when Kuzco abruptly and callously fires her that she turns on him, deciding to kill him, then fill the power vacuum left in his wake and become empress.

yzma and kronk relationship counseling

It's also implied that her being the one who raised him is part of the reason for Kuzco's negative personality traits. At the same time, Yzma is rather comically eccentric. She sees herself as the most beautiful person in the land, despite her obvious age and others often compare her to an ugly dinosaur, some even going so far as to call her "scary beyond all reason". In her youth, she appeared quite attractive, as shown when she turns into a teenager using the fountain of youth, but her age has since reduced that.

When making plans to harm Kuzco, she often tries to create overly unnecessarily complicated plans, before settling on a simpler version. For example, one of her plans was to turn Kuzco into a flea and put him in a box and put that box in another box and mail it to herself and smash it with a hammer when it arrives but changes her mind in order to "save on postage" when she could have just smashed Kuzco as soon as she turned him into a flea.

However, she usually fails to pay attention to minor details, which results in her plans being thwarted. Her catchphrases are "It's brilliant, brilliant, brrrrilliant! These colours were chosen because they are generally considered the colours of madness.

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Yzma's angular shape is intended to suggest her evil nature; early designs depict an even more jagged, pointed figure. Yzma's design is also inspired by that of Cruella De Vilwho boasts similarly angular hips and shoulders. Dale Baer commented that Eartha Kitt 's actions when voicing Yzma inspired many of the character's physical mannerisms.

Yzma was also based on singer Yzma Sumac, the "Inca princess of Hollywood"; Sumac may have inspired Yzma's extravagant and varied wardrobe. On her first appearance, she wears a black and purple dress with a purple wig and mane. When she crushes statues of Kuzco with a mallet, she wears a long-sleeved skintight grey dress with a black-feathered wig and jewel.

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On her final appearance of the film, Yzma takes a purple dress with a bowl-like wig with a violet jewel and purple shoes. She always wears black sandals and has sharp, long fingernails. Introduced as the Emperor 's advisor, Yzma is first seen in the movie sitting in Emperor Kuzco's throne and making decisions for him behind his back. Kuzco discovers that she has been meddling in his affairs, sees her doing it again, and without thinking, he fires Yzma as a result.

Later on, she vents her rage by smashing busts of Kuzco whom she has now turned on and who she claims to have raised thus being his adoptive mother with a giant hammer with Kronkher right-hand man, putting out more and more busts for her to destroy. However, a careless comment by Kronk gives her the idea to kill Kuzco with Kuzco out of the way and no heir to the throne, as well as her then-recent firing not being fully disclosed to the public yet, Yzma would automatically take over the position and rule the empire.

She and Kronk go to Yzma's laboratory known as the Secret Lab using a roller coaster, where Yzma decides to turn Kuzco into a flea, then put that flea in a box, put that box inside of another box, mail that box to herself, and upon its arrival, smash it with a hammer; a plan she announced to be brilliant just before accidentally knocking the flea concoction into a nearby flower, destroying it instantlybut in order to save on postage, she decides to just poison Kuzco instead.

She arranges to have a dinner with Kuzco that night. That evening, Yzma and Kronk get everything ready for dinner including the potion used to kill Kuzco.

yzma and kronk relationship counseling

Suddenly, Kuzco slams the door open, and Yzma tells Kronk to get the Emperor a drink. Even though Kronk's more interested in cooking dinner than carrying out Yzma's orders, he tells her that the poison's ready.

yzma and kronk relationship counseling

Kronk poisons Kuzco's drink, but he forgets whose drink is whose, so he mixes all three drinks together. And he and Yzma stealthily throw away their drinks as Kuzco downs his. Even though it may look like the Emperor was killed at first, he suddenly perked back up and started turning into a llama. So Yzma orders Kronk to knock out Kuzco with the bowlful of broccolis, take him out of town, and finish the job. However, when Kronk asks for dessert and coffee, Yzma replies with, "All right. A quick cup of coffee.

Walking down the stairs and asking himself what he should do with the body, Kronk accidentally steps on a cat's tail thus waking it up and lets go of the bag, which falls down the stairs and onto the cart of a fat peasant named Pachajust as he's leaving the city with his pet llama Misty.

Yzma and Kronk searching for Kuzco. As everyone, including Yzma, believes that Kuzco is dead, Yzma arranges a very half-hearted funeral for Kuzco, but then quickly ends it and becomes empress and redecorates the palace cut from singing her own version of " Perfect World ". When Kronk reveals that he never killed Kuzco and that he is still alive, the two of them set off to find him, with Kronk carrying Yzma on his back in a specially built miniature tent.

They search every village surrounding the palace with no successand Yzma loses her temper when they reach the jungle.

So Kronk uses his Junior Chipmunk skills to ask Bucky the Squirrel which way the talking llama went, and Bucky points left and chitters. Shortly, after Yzma and Kronk arrive at Mudka's Meat Hut, a small roadside diner where Pacha and Kuzco have coincidentally stopped to eat when their blood sugars getting low and disguised themselves as a married couple after seeing that there are no llamas allowed. When Pacha overhears Yzma and Kronk talking about their plans to kill Kuzco, he tries to warn Kuzco and get him out of the diner.

Kuzco and Yzma both go to the kitchen to request special orders to Kronk who is replacing the previous chef who quit. When Yzma enters again, Pacha stops short and imitates the picture of the diner's icon behind him.

However, Kuzco and Yzma narrowly avoid seeing each other. Ultimately, Pacha distracts Yzma by telling the diner staff that it is her birthday, and he takes Kuzco out just as Yzma is receiving her birthday greetings, to Yzma's displeasure. When Pacha tells Kuzco that Yzma and Kronk are trying to kill him, Kuzco, convinced that Yzma is loyal, does not believe Pacha and falls out with him, believing Pacha's claim to be a plan to save his hilltop from destruction, and then orders Pacha to go.

When Kuzco goes back to Yzma, he overhears the villains discussing their plans to track him down and kill him. Kuzco finally realizes Pacha was right and searches frantically for him, but Pacha has already left. Having lost all hope of ever returning to the palace and regaining his human form, Kuzco resigns himself to the fate of an ordinary llama. That night, Kronk suddenly remembers Pacha's face and links him to Kuzco.

The next morning, Kuzco finds Pacha in the llama herd and makes up with him, and then they both go to Pacha's house. They find that Yzma and Kronk are there searching for Kuzco and claiming that they are distant relatives of Pacha.

When Pacha arrives, Kuzco begins to ask for his advice on where the sun shines the brightest on the side mountain. Pacha quickly realizes that Kuzco will take over the hill, and likely evict anyone else that lives on or near that specific mountain.

Pacha is not pleased with this plan, as he recognizes that how it will negatively impact the families that live on the hill. Question 7 Whose house is Kuzco planning on tearing down to put up his summer getaway?

Yzma Kronk Old guy that was tossed out window When Kuzco has come to the conclusion that he wants something, more often than not, he gets it. So, when he has decided that he has found the perfect spot for Kuzcotopia, his summer getaway, there is little anyone can do to change his mind.

The decision of where to build Kuzcotopia is the event that sparks the remainder of the film.

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With the grand nature of the castle Kuzco is already living in, having a second home seems like an unnecessary extravagance. Question 8 How do Kronk and Yzma get to the secret lair? A secret staircase A secret slide A secret elevator Kronk and Yzma have a secret lair in the castle.

This lair is filled with secret potions and concoctions for Yzma to use as she wishes.

yzma and kronk relationship counseling

However, this is definitely the type of activity that Emperor Kuzco would not have approved of if he had known. Therefore, Yzma creates an entirely elaborate way to get to and from the lair so that it is never found. Only Kronk and Yzma are aware of the whereabouts of the entryway to the lair. Question 9 What does Yzma say after Kronk pulls the lever to the lair? Part of the show would be Yzma and Kronk attempting to enter the lair, but Kronk, being the muscular dimwitted character that he is, continuously messes up the lever pull.

Each time, where the secret trap door that Yzma falls through leads her someplace new, and fans looked forward to seeing where she would end up next. Question 10 How many characters have a shoulder angel and devil duo? In the picture, Kronk is torn about whether or not to go through with the plan that Yzma came up with in order to have Kuzco out of the way, indefinitely.

This type of plan is not sitting right with Kronk.

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Question 11 What causes Kronk to drop the bag with Kuzco in it? Yzma A dessert table Pacha Yzma trusts Kronk to carry Kuzco, who has been turned into a llama, in a bag, and take him far away and finish the job.

Kuzco turns into a llama after drinking the beverage tainted by Yzma, but he was going to go and tell everyone what Yzma had done to him. Yzma could not have that, so she hit Kuzco with a plate from dinner, and ordered Kronk to carry him away.

However, Kronk is not the most focused individual. Kuzco is always used to getting his way, in regards to absolutely everything. This even extends to physical contact. Once Kuzco is accidentally transformed into a llama, in the beginning, he refuses to change his attitudes and lifestyle that he has always known. Kuzco the llama makes many demands, and he has a hard time adapting to life without being given everything he wants no questions asked. Question 13 Who does Kuzco accuse of changing him into a llama?

Yzma Pacha Squirrels Kuzco is knocked out before being placed into a bag and transported outside of the city. While Kuzco is in the bag, he is frequently dropped and hurt and it takes a long time before Kuzco wakes up in the bag. Even then, when he wakes up, he has no idea that he is a llama and takes his time to adjusting to his new reality.

Kuzco lost his memory on his unfortunate trip outside of the palace, so when he wakes up, who does he assume had him turned into a llama? Question 14 What do Kuzco and Yzma refer to people outside the palace area? Townspeople Villagers Peasants Both Kuzco and Yzma have a very negative attitude towards people that live outside the palace.

One of the famous lines from the film comes from Yzma when someone comes to her in the palace and says that their family is struggling and that they do not have enough food to go around, and Yzma responds saying "you should have thought of that before you became Finish this quote to have the answer to the question of what Kuzco and Yzma refer to people.

Question 15 What animal originally scares Kuzco in the jungle? Chipmunk Jaguars Alligators When Kuzco wakes up, the first person he sees is Pacha, and he assumes that Pacha has turned him into a llama because he threatened to take away his home to build his summer getaway house.

Kuzco does not trust Pacha, and he runs away into the jungle. Kuzco is confident he will be able to find his way back to the palace and he will be able to explain that he is not a llama, but that he is Emperor Kuzco. Question 16 Who saves Kuzco from the jaguars? Kronk Pacha Kuzco Kuzco does not last long in the jungle on his own.

He is so used to having everything done for him, that when he is forced to survive on his own, he does not know how to provide for himself. It is not long before he picks a fight with a chipmunk, and winds up angering a sleeping group of jaguars. Obviously, it would not be a family friendly movie if the run in with the jaguar came to a sad end.

Question 17 What does Pacha demand in return for returning Kuzco safely to the Palace? Pacha also has a large heart, and he could not allow himself to let Kuzco travel unattended in the jungle. However, Pacha also knows that there is something he needs from Kuzco in order to support his family and ensure that his family will have a bright future. What does Pacha ask Kuzco for in return for escorting him back to the Palace?

Question 18 What is Pacha's green shirt made out of? Sheep wool Alpaca wool Llama fur Pacha's green shall has become an iconic piece to the character's outfit and in potential costumes of Pacha. At one point during a cold night, Kuzco is shivering in his sleep and Pacha notices.


To be kind, Pacha takes off his warm green shall and uses it as a blanket to cover Kuzco. When Kuzco wakes up and realizes the kind act Pacha has done for him, he is sweet and gives the shall back.

The two sit and discuss what material the shall is made out of, and what makes it so warm. They have many ups and downs and it is unclear for most of the movie whether or not the two actually like or trust each other. At first, Kuzco believes that Pacha had kidnapped him and turned him into a llama for revenge. But, the more the two spend time together, the more Kuzco is able to see that Pacha has a big heart and is helping him, not hurting him.