Meet the amazing medic plant

meet the amazing medic plant

Medic Mobile's new Interaction Designer shares insights from her first field visit Wow, what a way to kick off a new job, and what an amazing organization. We began our visit by meeting LG staff at their branch office and speaking We were offered seats in the shade under a nearby tree and soon after. economic independence lead him to meet some incredible individuals. Daniel met Businessman & Economist Larry Lalo with whom he shared his vision Living in Russia for 10 years where they were involved in church planting and an . Hopefully, Medic can help him enjoy it a little more. and take a completely undignified face-plant into the icy ground. he's only slightly taller than Scout and neither of them can reach the higher up stuff. . It was amazing.

I taste him again and it's like a drug.

He parts his lips slightly and allows me to explore this new flavor. I taste everything from the bitter liquor to the coppery tang of my own blood. I don't let him break the kiss as he moves to push items from his desk. I bite his bottom lip slightly, I get another perfect moan from him. I pull his hair to tilt his head back and move my mouth and teeth down to his neck.

He moans every time one of my sharp canine's pricks his flesh. I could spend hours just worshiping his perfect jawline and neck. Medic makes good use of his hands as I continue to work on his neck. He unbuttons and unzips my pants and pushes them down around my knees, finally freeing my erection from the trousers that a few moments ago were convincing me they wanted me dead. I take my hands from him and pull my teeth away, not before getting one last moan out of him.

I quickly tear my shirt away and throw it to an unknown location before putting my hands back on my Medic. His hand slides up and down my dick, fully erect now and ready for whatever is about to happen. As soon as we break contact, he makes quick work of his own clothes so he is ready for my return. I open the drawer and find a half-used silver tube of some form of medical grade lubricant.

Medic, now fully unclothed, sits down on the top of the desk, "Use it, bitte. He watches every move I make. I go slowly, letting him enjoy every time I rub my thumb over the head of my dick. On the inside, I am screaming. The lubricant is warm already and smells somewhat like mint I rub all I can down the entire length of my dick, precum mixing with it.

Medic wraps his arms around the back of my neck and pulls me back down to him so fast that I have to throw my hands on the desk to stabilize myself. He kisses me again, his tongue fighting with mine for domination.

He leans back on the desk, putting me on top of him slightly, as he wraps his legs around my waist. I can't wait any longer.

I put one hand around my dick to help me aim properly and find his entrance. Medic takes a sharp intake of breath as I prod against his tight ass while his heels dig into my hips and his well manicured nails carve patterns into my back.

My mouth is totally dry at this point, it's like the rest of my body forgot how to work.

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The way he purrs, the way he moans, the way he mutters things in German I can't take it anymore. I bite down on his shoulder as I force my self inside him. I go as deep as I possibly can on the first try and nearly lose it there but I manage to calm myself a little. Medic digs his nails deeper into my flesh and I can feel the blood start to run down my back. He doesn't scream but rather seems to be silently handling the pain, his legs trembling slightly around my hips. I don't try to pull out of him yet, I need to make sure he is okay.

I pull my head from his neck and lift myself just enough to look into his eyes. I see a few tears make their way down his face, his eyes shut tight. It takes him a minute to respond before his expression finally lightens. He opens his eyes and looks at me, "zhat vas wunderbar. I cannot vait any longer I place both hands on either side of his hips on the desk to gain some leverage as I thrust in again.

I can feel him grind his hips into my abdomen, his own dick leaking precum onto the both of us. I thrust inside again and he is making those moaning noises I love so much right into my ear.

He tightens around me every time I make a move and it is just too good to be true. I mean, I have been with sheilas before and it was okay I increase my speed a little to accommodate to his liking. I mean, I am not really sure what he is saying in German, but every time he says it he pushes me forward with his heels a little.

He's turning me into an animal. All I can do is growl as I stand straight and take his legs from around my hips, careful not to remove myself from his ass, and put them around my shoulders. I thrust inside him again, this time much harder than before. Medic moans and bucks his hips against the air slightly. I guess I did something right.

meet the amazing medic plant

I can't talk anymore, I have totally lost the ability to do anything other than please my Medic. He says harder, I pound harder He's the master and I am merely here to serve him. I can only hope that this is doing the same thing for him that it is for me.

meet the amazing medic plant

I feel him tighten around me, I know he must be getting close to climax. He's biting his lip and bucking his hips upward and driving me over the edge. I know it's not long before I finish. I don't want to leave him out in the cold so I wrap my right hand around his dick and start to coax him to orgasm. His ass tightens around me as he trembles, his moaning now in German.

I can't hold back anymore as I thrust one final time into him before I release. My back stiffens and I get dizzy, all I can hear is Medic purring my name and talking me back down from whatever cloud I am on. He is flushed and sweating slightly but I honestly can't remember ever seeing something so beautiful. I let him lower his legs to dangle from the desk and help him sit up.

I pull out of him, cum and blood mixing together as it spills onto the desk surface. I guess I look a little worried. I'm still panting and still not really sure how to talk when he leans in and kisses me.

It is a sweet kiss, very gentle and smooth. I wrap my arms around his waist and hold him close to me, I never want him to leave my grasp. After getting cleaned up and practically forced away from Medic, I get back to my van to finish getting ready for today's battle. Hoots is awake now and hooting at me loudly to hurry up and feed him. I lazily grab a dead mouse from the small icebox near the bed and toss it to him. He looks at me angrily for not heating it up a little first.

meet the amazing medic plant

I grabbed a quick shower with Medic before coming back, having one more romp before we finally parted ways. All I have to do now is get dressed and head out to face the bloodshed.

I can't help thinking about my morning One minute Medic was crying over losing his dove, the next he was beneath me moaning my title and leaving scratches down my back. He was sure to give me a nice dose of the Kritzkrieg after our shower, I guess he must have felt bad for scratching me up.

I throw my dirty clothes on the bed and unfold my red hooded shirt and black denim pants.

I get dressed with only the few noises of a mouse getting devoured playing in the silence. I have this really stupid looking grin on my face as I put my vest on over my shirt. I make sure to load up my pockets with the usual: Hoots finishes his mouse and hops over to me, ready to go about the day. I smile and offer my arm for him to climb up so he can perch on my shoulder like usual. He nuzzles against my face lovingly and coos as I grab my black bandana and head to the door.

Both the bandana and hood were sewed by me so they looks a little rough but I kinda like it I tie the bandana around my face, covering everything below my eyes.

meet the amazing medic plant

I pull the hood over the top of my head and place my aviators on my nose like usual. I open the door to the van and step back out into the snow. Hoots flies from my shoulder and takes a few laps overhead, enjoying the freedom and cold weather the snowy owl loves so much. He makes a noise that sounds like a battle cry just as I hear the announcer come over the loudspeaker to spark the beginning of the match.

Hoots flies back down to me as I hold my arm to the air signaling him to land. He obeys and comes to me as I bolt through the snow to get to the locker room where my Machina is waiting for me.

I hear the cold snow crunch underneath my croc leather boots with every hurried foot step. I get to the locker room only slightly late and quickly grab my gun, salute Soldier, and punch Spy in his shoulder. The announcer begins her countdown as I run out to find a good nest for sniping for the day. I climb to the top of what looks to be an old silo and aim out a small hole in the wall. As I look through my scope to view the battlefield covered in snow, I see my own team running across the it to find potential enemies to gun down.

Her and her husband Elwin, have owned and operated several small retail businesses over the past 25 years.

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Barbara also spent time on the mission field in India, with a music and drama team. In her local area, she has served as a board member with Loaves and Fishes, a local ministry for the homeless. She looks forward to all the new challenges ahead of her as a new board member. FromLarry helped on Mercy Ships, ocean vessels that provide health care to poor port communities around the world. His experience taught him the value of sustainable activities, putting something into place that can continue after the missionaries move on.

The impact of the Trust Banks goes beyond helping a few hundred people feed their families; Larry says it can change the course of a nation. He is a consultant for international investors in Benin and has consulted with the World Bank and the Delegation of European Union on several projects in Benin West Africa.

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He strongly believes that poverty can be a story in the life of the pores and is working hard through Education and microfinance assistances to empower these pores so that they can change their live. In Ghana, she has been Regional Manager Marketing in two well established and thriving pharmaceutical organizations and held positions in marketing.

We were excited to see it working successfully. He also explained how his branch likes to call out low and high achievers and reward the highest performing CHPs with additional incentives for doing a great job. Boniface was full of insightful feedback and ideas, and he said he looks forward to seeing future versions of our app. From left to right: We chatted with them about their work as CHPs and talked through how they use the app.

While we were at it, we conducted a few brief UX tests to get feedback on an update our design team is working on. All of the feedback was incredibly helpful. We left with a list of updates and potential new ideas to help improve our design. The drive was about a half hour on rough mud roads and we had to keep a slow pace due to the poor conditions.

I was struck by how remote the community felt despite being relatively close to Thika - we passed by few other vehicles on the main road and once we turned off to our destination, ours was the only vehicle, and it felt out of place. We arrived at a community of stick and mud huts surrounded by lush green vegetation, located directly across from a pineapple farm.

As we began our walk to the first home, some adults and children standing outside greeted our group warmly, exchanging pleasantries with Rachel.

It is clear that Rachel is known by the whole community, and she tells us people will often come to her to seek out help. Our first visit was a pregnancy follow-up.

meet the amazing medic plant

We arrived at a small clearing with mud houses and once again were greeted warmly. We were offered seats in the shade under a nearby tree and soon after presented with a tray of fresh bananas grown just nearby of course! Rachel conducting an antenatal care visit with Said The patient was a young woman named Said who was well along in her pregnancy and whom Rachel had seen before.