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meet the staff jhu cty

They look forward to the chance to meet other very bright young people who share their The staff at CTY is a talented and varied group of individuals brought. See who you know at Johns Hopkins University, Center for Talented Youth, leverage your professional network, and See all employees on LinkedIn → . Our imaginative and interactive programs are designed to meet the needs of our CTY staff work with participants through breakout sessions and fun and.

Eliot of HarvardAndrew D. They each vouched for Daniel Coit Gilman to lead the new University and he became the university's first president. Hopkins Hall circaon the original downtown Baltimore campus Gilman launched what many at the time considered an audacious and unprecedented academic experiment to merge teaching and research.

He dismissed the idea that the two were mutually exclusive: Newell Martin ; the physicist Henry A. Morris; [29] the economist Richard T. Ely ; and the chemist Ira Remsenwho became the second president of the university in The new university fused advanced scholarship with such professional schools as medicine and engineering.

Hopkins became the national trendsetter in doctoral programs and the host for numerous scholarly journals and associations. Garrettwho had endowed the school at Gilman's request. In his will and in his instructions to the trustees of the university and the hospital, Hopkins requested that both institutions be built upon the vast grounds of his Baltimore estate, Clifton.

The lunch schedule is staggered into 3 groups The long-line problem is compounded by the fact that the cafeteria is shared with other programs on campus--usually Precollege, although LeadAmerica shared the cafeteria in 07, lacrosse girls shared in 08, and lacrosse guys and volleyball girls shared in CTYers often avoid long lines by first taking food that is in short lines, then coming back for more, or having dessert first.

The onion rings are addicting. Montoya is the best. Note the omelets are no longer very good and it is recommended that you stay away from them whenever possible. There was also a more-than-average variety of vegan food, although most of it was spicy and it all tasted the same. The fruit assortment was also only switched out every three days or so, leaving students with sweet but mushy and every once in a while, moldy fruit.

Jackson, one of the lunch ladies. The mac 'n cheese was nauseating, especially the vegan kind which tasted like grass and was a scary shade of orange but the grilled cheese sandwiches were pretty good although they were very greasy.

The cafeteria has a habit of seasoning the hamburger patties, which makes them taste amazing. Since the hamburger buns aren't very good, most people just take a patty. The brownies were absolutely amazing. Note that you can't actually taste the Oreo in the Oreo brownies, but they tend to be bigger and taste better than the regular ones. If you don't like your brownie to be able to glue your mouth shut, however, it is recommended that you steer clear from any and all of the FFC brownies.

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Post-Meal Activities After breakfast, lunch, and dinner, students will often be outside playing Ultimate Frisbee, playing football, or just hanging out on the Gentle Slope. Sometimes, though, it'll just be an entire class staring at their phones, with minimal interaction between students. Meet Market Meet market is after 9: It's basically social hour on the Gentle Slope and supervised by RAs who are there to prevent and discourage "risque activities.

Occasionally, impromptu dances are occasionally held due to the presence of a giant speaker on wheels and an RA who can connect to their phone to it with Bluetooth. In the last two years, however, it's gotten stricter and everyone has to stay in the same part of the Gentle Slope up the front near AMR I. The lawn used for Meet Market and outdoor activities is known as the Gentle Slope. There was only one RA on duty and both boys and girls were allowed in the area. This grass is much softer than the stuff on the Gentle Slope and there are many darker spots in the area RA security became much more lax, to the joy of many couples.

RAs and SRAs set up a perimeter without loopholes. They will always be within eyesight of couples and have walkie talkies to prevent risque activities. Take this from experience: Make a lot of RA friends, they will be invaluable should you explore your romantic side during your session! Kevin Lee The Rape Buttons The "rape buttons" are emergency buttons that are attached to poles with a blue ball light above and when hit, lights up, sirens sound, and campus security arrives.

The name comes from the idea that a sexual assault victim might use the button to summon help. Though these buttons are still on campus, they are no longer referred to in this way. Off-Campus Locations Each weekend and on some activity days, CTYers can go off-campus on a short walk with their hall or Activity group into the local town. These trips usually qualify as hall bonding. Halls of the day tend to go off-campus as their reward.

All of these locations can be found in Google Maps. The interior of the Barnes and Noble. This is the college bookstore. There are regular activities to visit the bookstore, which is connected to a Starbucks. All textbooks are purchased here on the first day at ridiculously high prices. The bookstore is where all the JHU sweatshirts and other attire are sold. There are also CTY hoodies, hats, and water bottles. A burrito and taco restaurant. This is located across the street from the Barnes and Nobles, but again, starting from The Baltimore Museum of Art: This museum is almost on campus, and is a short walk away.

Admission is free; the exhibits are worth a look. A tiny movie theater that usually plays only two movies. Most of the stores are closed. The concessions are insanely expensive. Sometimes trips to the local Starbucks are allowed by the less strict RAs. RAs sometimes bring cookies back to their halls to eat. A place for CTYers to buy things they may have forgotten to bring. Has a lot of junk food. There are several grocery stores. RAs know where they are.

Former Off-Campus Locations Tamber's: An Indian food and diner food restaurant. This is somewhat far away, but was an auction prize. Nobody went there in This has both regular ice cream and specialty ice cream e. Students were not allowed to go there after 9. Not open on Sundays. An eclectic restaurant with lots of knickknacks decorating every wall. The best chocolate cakes order The Dark Side of the Moon and friendly service. Bring a camera; take lots of photos, and make sure you go to the bathroom to see the dolls on the toilet.

Not accessible to students in present. A clothing shop; bans CTY students from going due to past "bad experiences. There are a number of stores and sites of interest here, including a Barnes and Nobles, Forever 21, Wet Seal, etc. This is right across the street from the campus, near the Beach.

It has expensive Japanese and Korean food. It was an auction prize in the years of the auction. In the previous year, shopping trips to Hampden were permitted, but this year, extremely early notice was required for that to happen. In any case, you couldn't ask your RA to bring you boutique shopping there a week ahead.

According to an RA, you had to give "at least 2 weeks of prior notice so that the office can approve the activity. No shopping trips were allowed despite the pestering of several CTYers. The reason provided was that legal ratios prohibited large groups from going out. In general, it is far stricter than other campuses.

The administration is known not only for its simple strictness, but for suppressing traditions, and inability to handle situations in anything resembling a fair manner.

It got to the point where students were feeling so unsafe in their classroom that they left, and despite multiple students coming forward, the accused was not removed from camp activities. Disregarding the administration and strictness, however, Baltimore has the same welcoming and quirky community as any other CTY site. In fact, the community often overcompensates for the situation with administration in a manner which results in a unique and heartwarming CTY experience.

In many instances, RAs and students are brought closer together than at any other site, and students support each other throughout the entire CTY experience, forming a beautiful community. Activities Each weekday has two activity periods.

Depending on the session, activities are organized differently. Often, many activities are available for one day, while other activities are available for one-week-blocks this was abolished in then reinstated in Students are sometimes allowed to switch into or out of activities.

Before the second week, lists are posted allowing students to write suggestions for next week, and many are taken into consideration with the exception of "shopping trip!

There are also weekend activities. Color War reappeared in Zombies which sucked beyond all compare. Color War returned in There was also Hall of the Day, which went to the bookstore for one activity period.

However, depending on the year, they either don't really come out much or are seen hanging around in random places. Cell phones are technically not allowed outside of dorms, but most of the staff does not enforce this rule.

Generally, it only matters if they are used in class or if they become so addicting that CTYers no longer pay attention to staff. Some RAs may force CTYers to get off their phones and socialize one event went to the extent of bribing their hall with take-out on the last nightbut this rarely occurs. The ban against sleepovers has been removed as of Neighboring dorm rooms could also tap messages with Morse Code through the wall. Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin, and Ibuprofen were all confiscated by RA's, but it's handy to stash a few in your pillow or wardrobe just in case.

However, there is a vending machine with such medications. Let it be known that this is WAR. Digiflex This year, Scheduled Presence was implemented. No one was allowed outside when there wasn't Scheduled Presence without the accompaniment of a staff member. Going down to do your laundry during the weekends was not allowed unless there was Scheduled Presence.

Neither was going past the turnstiles one minute before 7: The Academic Counselor, Gabby Coranza, was a key issue. She tried to interfere with student life, as perhaps she thought that a tight-knit community meant a totally closed and exclusive group.

She asked prying questions, like whether two sisters involved others in their fights, often provoking outraged responses. Scheduled presence was still in place and tighter than ever. Visits to Coldstone were a rare privilege, and so were the opportunities to order out from Chipotle. For some halls, visits to Niwana and PaperMoon Diner were no longer existent, as was ordering Chinese takeout due to the peanut allergy policy.

However, other halls were given permission to go to any shops in the surrounding neighborhood, including Niwana, Coldstone, Chipotle, and Dominion Ice Cream.

Students were no longer allowed to leave for and from breakfast, dinner and lunch by themselves. Dinner and Breakfast shifts were implemented.

Because of impending thunderstorms, a day of study hall was canceled and instead replaced two daily activities the following week. A few trips were made to Coldstone, Chipotle, and the bookstore. This included physically parting couples and not-couples during slow-dances, leaving room for Jesus and all of his apostles, as well as jeopardizing sleepover privileges as common consequences, and getting in trouble for minor swear words.

Everything depended on your RA, but other attributes of strictness included making girls in crop tops and high-waisted shorts change, not letting students visit other not-neighboring halls during free time, and cutting back on weekend outings.

An RA had to be within, oh, I don't know, about ten feet of you at all times. The breakfast and dinner schedules are the worst act to be implemented at CTY, possibly ever, as it inhibits the ability for interpersonal interactions and the blossoming of new friendships which used to be a focal point for CTY, along with its primary focus of the pursuing of academic talent.

Activities were also banned should it be viewed as 'too hot', or if there were an impending storm that would be quite obvious to anyone who looked that wouldn't come until at least after activities.

However, site manager Lesa handed down some tough regulations, making it very difficult for them to give students freedom. PDA was generally reprimanded by the annoying first years, but some intervention was done by the RAs. Swear words and "friendly but offensive banter" was common, and cell-phone use was completely unregulated.

There was very little cross-hall connection, as sleepovers or movement into other halls was forbidden. A lot of people actually preferred rain days over activities, a testament to how boring some of them were. That was really the only annoying rule. Many RAs would allow you to join other halls for a bit as long as there was a RA there.

Also, there were a lot of newbies that year, which led to some confusion about tradition, one being that during Stairway to Heavenno one slow danced but instead created an outer circle because people thought Stairway to Heaven meant it was time to prepare for American Pie. The SRAs, Deans, and Site Director were all very nice, but no one really knew who the Dean and Site Director actually were as they pretty much never interacted with students.

SRAs were very chill and most used to be RAs, so they knew how to interact with teens wow, gasp! The sleepover ban was lifted for the final night of the session, but many halls were able to get away with ISOs provided they were not so loud that their RA could no longer ignore it. The Baltimore site has always had problems with the administration following the letter of the law regarding rules, but in Beyond the standard tightening of already strict regulations sleepovers were not allowed except for the last night and students were not allowed to set foot off campusthe administration targeted students, in particular the Princess of the Blood, and failed to properly deal with bullying, unsafe classroom environments, and sexual harassment.

The standard rules and regulations were present and stronger than any other year: Sleepovers were banned every day except the last, although there were RAs that allowed sleepovers as long as their students were quiet.

Off-campus trips to everywhere except for the bookstore were banned, however, it was not uncommon to see halls in the CVS when they won hall of the day.

One SRA told a hall of girls that they couldn't play Cards Against Humanity, for example, but this rule was promptly broken on the second week. Dances Dances have specific themes e. However, this usually does not have a significant effect on the music played one exception was The 80's Dance, in which a larger amount of older songs was played. Music played by the dances tends to be popular music.

The dances usually take place in the Glass Pavilion, but sometimes take place at the Gentle Slope. Students should bring a polo shirt or anything more formalas more than half the camp somewhat dresses up. The last dance is usually formal. This tradition, however, may have been forgotten. Rules about dances are enforced, but sometimes not strictly.

Both American Pie and Stairway to Heaven were played at all 3 dances although Stairway to Heaven was played as the 3rd or 4th to last song at the first dance. The Afterdance was not continued from the previous year.

Afterdances were continued by Empress of Passionfruit Trinity her name, not an affiliation with Lancaster's Trinity and a fifth of the students attended. There was some grinding, but the RAs didn't notice.

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However, there was a surprising lack of canon compared to last year's dance. O's Party Rock Anthem. Due to the abnormal amount of couples, RAs were assigned couples to watch, but there was grinding, kissing, and other activities happening regardless. Anything more than a kiss should be done in the corner of the movie theater downstairs from the Glass Pavilion or the broom closet next to the bathrooms. Everytime We Touch was also played. Students were DJs at the second and third dances.

So was King of Africa, opening it up as a potential canon song. The RAs were strict, monitoring couples very closely and walking around the masses of people during the dances, prying couples apart. Some RAs even went as far as to stop the traditional slow dance method of girls' hands on guys' shoulders and guys' hands on girls' waist and made the guys put their hands much higher.

meet the staff jhu cty

Corey and another RA demonstrated this in a skit at the start of the session. Iris was played at all but the first dance.

For the actual canon played, everything was played according to the Book of Love. High holy played every dance, most of high canon, fair amount of middle and low canon. Additionally, many of the forevermore RAs played additional canon that they felt was special. RA Alexis Carlisle Empress This was due to a conflict in rules - CTY administration did not allow sleepovers without transportation of mattresses, while JHU housing did not allow transportation of mattresses due to its classification as a fire hazard.

Depending on your RA, it is possible to have discreet sleepovers on non-legal nights. Unfortunately, sleepovers on the last night of As a result of this deception, sleepovers happened without disturbances. On the last night, it technically wasn't, but all RAs looked the other way. However, illegal sleepovers during the week were extremely easy to have in the girls dorms where there were suites.

Inter-suite sleepovers were extremely common and happened nearly every night without notice by the RAs.

meet the staff jhu cty

This was done many times, but illegal sleepovers on weeknights were also carried out very easily as the RAs only checked to see if your was room was dark by the lights-out time by looking at the door cracks instead of actually entering the room and accounting for all of the people who were supposed to be in it.

Many RAs, however, allowed sleepovers each weekend and sometimes even during the week regardless. There was an instance where a group of girls were caught having a sleepover at 1 am by patrolling RAs but were let off for doing 20 jumping jacks in the hall instead. The following article is currently obsolete. However, it may become useful if sleepovers become banned again and also on the last Thursday.

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The Traditions Committee In The purpose of this Committee was, and is, to a preserve what little tradition JHU has, b expose the staggering number of first-time CTYers to such traditions, and c to discuss matters such as adopting new traditions, etc. Although student-run, two RAs attended all meetings for supervision and administrative help.

It is advised that anyone going to JHU join this committee in A Traditions Committee was not set up No Traditions Committee was in place during Zoe, head of the nevermores elected an emperor and empress to bring tradition during