Meet the teacher night ideas first grade

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meet the teacher night ideas first grade

The First Grade Parade: Meet the Teacher Tips & Ideas First Grade Teachers, . Welcome Back to School Letters with a Technology Twist - Fun in First Grade. In the primary grades, make sure you have a name tag and desk or table My first priority during Meet the Teacher Night is to welcome my 10 Tips for Managing Meet the Teacher Night- Lots of back to school ideas for. Results 1 - 20 of First Grade Meet the Teacher Night, Free Parent Gift Tag for Cute student gift idea for Meet the Teacher, Open House, or the first day.

meet the teacher night ideas first grade

Welcome Volunteers Parent volunteers assist during the first week of school. I provide a sign-up sheet for parents or family members to organize first-day supplies, assist with clerical duties, or help students in the cafeteria. The welcome letter provides information regarding lunch money, student snacks, the daily folder, and the schedules for physical education, music, and art. This packet may be taken home and any papers requiring completion may be returned to me at the start of the school year.

Each student also receives a welcome letter, directions on how to organize a school supply box, and a classroom scavenger hunt checklist. Hold a Classroom Scavenger Hunt My students, families, and siblings are curious about the new classroom.

Meet the Teacher Tips & Ideas - The First Grade Parade

A list of items to find in the classroom provides the students with an active opportunity to explore their new space. Organize School Supplies Students and families organize the new school supplies. Labeled baskets are placed in a designated area in the classroom for students to sort pencils, glue sticks, markers, folders, notebooks, art smocks, highlighters, tissues, and wipes. Students also organize their own supply boxes with a glue stick, a pair of scissors, and a box of crayons to get us started on the first day of school.

meet the teacher night ideas first grade

Celebrate the New School Year I personally welcome and thank each student and family for taking the time to visit the classroom.

In this bag, a few supplies welcome each student to the start of our year.

MEET THE TEACHER | Peace, Love, and First Grade

My biggest first day…uh, first week…fear is losing a child due to transportation confusion. A phone call home really helps to put my mind at ease. I like keeping the transportation arrangements on a pocket chart because it helps me…and the kids.

meet the teacher night ideas first grade

In addition to having a visual of the transportation arrangements, I also have my parents complete a school issued transportation sheet before leaving that night as well.

This sheet requires them to indicate transportation arrangements for the first day, first week, and remainder of the year. I make copies of this sheet and keep one in my student information binder and then the original stays in the office. Then a smart friend suggested the kids do it.

meet the teacher night ideas first grade

Because I have community supplies in my classroom, this arrangement works beautifully. At the end of the night all I have to do is take the boxes and transfer the supplies into the tubs on my supply shelf. I do have my kids keep a few supplies in their desks as mentioned on the checklist for the first day, but everything else gets put on the supply shelf. Set out a stack of envelopes and ask your parents to fill them out with their name and address.

Hold on to the envelopes and spend the first couple weeks of school getting to know their child….

Meet the Teacher Tips & Ideas

Susie is so kind and compassionate…a real friend to everyone,etc. A handwritten letter is SO much more personal than an email or a text.

meet the teacher night ideas first grade

I personally have no problem giving my parents my cell.