Romeo and juliet 1996 meet 1968

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romeo and juliet 1996 meet 1968

The differences between the and versions of Romeo. JC Meeting through aquarium glass. - Elevator scene. - More dramatic/violent Juliet: O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and. While the classical version of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet should be The scene in which Romeo and Juliet first meet contained many differing. Romeo and Juliet is a British-Italian romantic drama film based on the play of the same That night, two teenagers of the two families — Romeo and Juliet — meet at a Capulet masked ball and become deeply infatuated. Later . specifically for the ending credits of the film William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet.

The main theme of the film is an original score composed by the great Nino Rota, who was a famous composer during the 60s in Italy and who was the author of many important and famous film scores of the time.

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I feel like the actors should have spoken British English not American English even if the setting was different from the original one, especially considering just how much of the original dialogue the movie maintained.

This is also true of Leonardo DiCaprio whose performance as Romeo was completely out of place due to the verses not being followed accurately and a seeming lack of passion behind his reading of them. He was dull, shoddy and lifeless; not at all the Romeo I had imagined and a lot less convincing that Leonard Whiting.

romeo and juliet 1996 meet 1968

DiCaprio had the looks, but the performance was lacking and his chemistry with Claire Danes was seemingly non-existent. For example, when Romeo searches for someone to lend him a deadly poison. Likewise, the decision to shoot the balcony scene at the pool in the middle of the night made the atmosphere of the scene quite magical courtesy of vivid light reflections and therefore a more atmospheric frame.

In this version the director Baz Luhrmann uses a lot of alternative cuts to show events that were told one after another. The two young lovers being dressed as an angel and a soldier in a armour were also quite telling of the destiny of their young and unhappy lives.

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Of course, the swords and daggers are replaced with guns, and the two families are like two gangster families — that was maybe a bit excessive as they could have been two rich families without some criminal background.

Juliet seeks out Friar Laurence for help, hoping to escape her arranged marriage to Paris and remain faithful to Romeo. At Friar Laurence's behest, she reconciles with her parents and agrees to their wishes. On the night before the wedding, Juliet consumes a potion prepared by Friar Laurence intended to make her appear dead for forty-two hours.

Friar Laurence plans to inform Romeo of the hoax so that Romeo can meet Juliet after her burial and escape with her when she recovers from her swoon, so he sends Friar John to give Romeo a letter describing the plan.

However, when Balthasar, Romeo's servant, sees Juliet being buried under the impression that she is dead, he goes to tell Romeo and reaches him before Friar John.

romeo and juliet 1996 meet 1968

In despair, Romeo goes to Juliet's tomb and kills himself by drinking poison. Soon afterwards, Juliet awakens and discovers her husband dead.

romeo and juliet 1996 meet 1968

Juliet refuses to leave Romeo and kills herself by piercing her abdomen with his dagger. This is still a story about the relentless tide of fate, of the cosmic inexorability of tragedy.

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There are countless resources available — on the internet and otherwise — detailing such themes. SparkNotesthe go-to reference for lazy English students, is as good a place to start as any.

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More interesting to examine is the fresh perspective Luhrmann brings to the material. Where they were aware at all times that they were watching a movie, and that they should be active in their experience and not passive. Not being put into a sort of sleep state and made to believe through a set of constructs that they are watching a real-life story through a keyhole. They are aware at all times that they are watching a movie.

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After the opening narration — delivered by a television news anchor — we are launched into a vivid world of bright colours, quick cuts and broad comedy. The net effect is overwhelming: The artificiality remains but the depth of feeling is real — and so it is throughout.

That duality — between contrivance and truth — is integral to his adaptation, as seen in two recurring motifs: But what of the religious imagery?