Tf2 griefing meet the engineer team

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tf2 griefing meet the engineer team

Browse the best of our 'Team Fortress 2' video gallery and vote for your favorite! TF2 Poop: Meet the Heavy's Handheld Portal Gun. TF2 Poop: Meet the. Some time later we made our first Griefing video about new spots where you can We put ourself at work even with lack of experience with TF2 bugs and that was What is the criteria I have to meet in order to be invited?. The Meet the Engineer video is a video which shows insight of the Engineer. Script [The engineer is sitting in front Videos of Team Fortress 2 · Meet the Team.

Will always use the Deadringer if they realize they suck at spy. Will stand in one place with their gun to try and kill an enemy. Will disguise as the enemy Engineer and place an Electro Sapper on all the actual enemy Engineers sentry's, teleporters and dispensers. Will use Your Eternal Reward because they think they can keep a disguise when backstabbing someone for more than 10 minutes.

Will use a Strange Dead Ringer if they can get one, because they don't seem to realize that all they're doing is tracking how many times they fuck up. Will camp with a cloak and dagger Weapons used by all classes[ edit ] Sometime last ThursdayValve decided it would be fun to introduce a small collection of melee weapons which functioned in the exact same way as the default melee weapons, essentially making them nothing more than expensive cosmetic reskins.

The Spy and the Engineer can't use these reskins except the Saxxy for some reason.

tf2 griefing meet the engineer team

It turns killed enemies into Australium statues. Originally only used by the Demoman and the Soldier. In a recent update, they added Strange Bacon Greasewhich turns unique pans into strange pans.

A wooden road sign used by Christfags and hippies alike to hit people over the head with when others don't agree with them. The sign can be painted with random images using the Decal Tool. A staff with a golden eagle on the top. Yet another promotional weapon awarded for buying the "Total War Master Collection", a selection of shit games you won't play.

A skull attached to a backbone. You can only get it if you get it by chance from a Mann Co.

tf2 griefing meet the engineer team

Either way you have to fork out real jewgolds for it. Awarded to the sad cunts who submitted their entries to the Second Annual Saxxy Awards and made it to the finals. A joint of meat which you hold by the bone. Awarded in Genuine quality for buying a game nobody cares about. The ultimate coda to TF2's trading craze. Introduced in the November 28 Two Shitties update, only available if you earn it after completing the Tour, even then you have a 0.

It now takes the cake for the rarest weapon in the game. Hats[ edit ] Consensus among the player base regarding TF2's hats. Just because they thought TF2 wasn't that gay yet, Valve announced that they would release items that would be given out at random during play, to force no-lifes and children to spend even more time on this fucked up game. After much masturbating by the TF2 community, many were pissed that they couldn't get the new unlocks and cried whenever they saw a player with the new item.

tf2 griefing meet the engineer team

Realizing how much jew golds can they earn, Valve started releasing shitload of pay-to-get hats, which players would happily spend money on instead of buying drugs or sex. For a full list of these hats, go here. These are some of the more notable hats in the game which are now "Retired"; unavailable by crafting, random drops, via the Mann Co. Scout's baseball cap because he's a wanna-be Babe Ruth.

A 'Nam style helmet with an Ace of Spades and blunts for Soldier to smoke.

tf2 griefing meet the engineer team

This name supports Pyro's latin background theory. Pissed off profags who thought the fan on top of the bean hat could spin. Demoman removes his suburban skull cap to reveal his stereotypical Blaxploitation afro. Heavy, being the American loving Eastern European he is, has a team-colored football helmet since he was too overweight to be a good football player.

Engineer straps a light to his work hat. Fun fact, this medic hat is not a Nazi hat it was an imperial German one. Literally Sniper's default fedora with crocodile teeth. And by fedora it's a trilby as Valve was too dumb to differentiate this Spy hat.

Trading[ edit ] Serious business, you can spend IRL moneys to get virtual items to trade with other people to get moar items to make your e-peen longer.

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One could also do the OL version of burning money by unboxing crates. There are a number of websites decated to this. All sites have the.

Non-player characters[ edit ] As TF2 progressed down its path to becoming complete shita number of non-playable characters appeared.

Team Fortress 2

Really, Valve doesn't give a shit about any of them except for Saxton Halewho is basically an Australian version of Chuck Norris who is slightly less unfunny but far more forced. One noteworthy fact about Saxton is that his name is an anagram for hot anal sex.

The Administrator's assisstant and a cock tease of Scout's. Heavy has a small Russian lady whose Heavy's mom and three younger sisters who, being brawny Eastern European women, are all about the same size as the gigantic heavy. Also the youngest sister, Zhanna, keeps fucking the RED soldier. The Horseless Headless Horsemann: Following the same teammate around for no reason.

This is also known as ghosting.

Normal TF2 is boring, and that's why we come for!

Intentionally acting like a disguised Spy by avoiding spychecks and performing other suspicious actions. Playing loud, disturbing or otherwise distracting sounds over the voice chat. Chat spam, with nonsensical or repetitive messages sent through the in-game text-based chat system. Offensive speechtext, or sprays. Impersonating a server admin. Actively hunting a specific player so that they can never complete their contract. Refusing to heal certain or all teammates.

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Intentionally healing enemy Spies so that they are able to kill your teammates. Standing in water and using the Meet the Medic taunt. Intentionally and repeatedly healing disguised friendly Spies in order to disrupt their cover. Healing teammates while in a dangerous spot, then stopping for no reason other than for them dying.

tf2 griefing meet the engineer team

Placing Teleporters in bothersome locations Using Teleporters to trap your teammates in inescapable locations. Building Teleporters in between another Engineer 's Sentry Gun and Dispenserso that they cannot stand in the ideal spot without being teleported away usually backwards.

Deliberately placing Teleporters across vital exits and entryways so it is impossible to pass them without being teleported. Placing Teleporters that lead to useless areas, or are just a few feet away from the entrance. Building Teleporter exits in your own base and placing the entrance in the enemies', allowing for Spy infiltration. Building Teleporters that lead to immediately dangerous areas, such as in front of Sentry Guns.