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fockers meet uk version

Thankfully that's been rectified with 's Meet the Fockers and the Ben Stiller's character to represent a barely-disguised version of Viagra. This item:Meet The Fockers by Robert De Niro DVD £ Studio: Dreamworks Home Entertainment; DVD Release Date: 2 July ; Run Time: minutes. Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller's latest Meet the Parents sequel was Little Fockers made more than £3 million in its first five days on release.

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And now to the improbable casting choices section of the Little Fockers trailer. As you can see, this instalment stars Jessica Alba, fresh from showing off her comedy chops in that film about the man who graphically attacks the prostitute and, equally depressingly, Good Luck Chuck.

Little Fockers 6 6. That's not such a weird choice. She might be primarily known for her strange, otherworldly work with David Lynch, but remember that she was also in Jurassic Park. Like Robert De Niro, Dern can play both comedy and drama. She's a versatile actor and she'll do well here. Little Fockers 7 7.

fockers meet uk version

He can only play variations on his Bad Lieutenant character, which explains the scene in Little Fockers where he suffers a harrowing, guilt-induced breakdown in a church. Little Fockers 8 8. And, of course, there's Barbra Streisand.

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Little Fockers 9 9. Now for the trailer's big joke. Jessica Alba's character wants Ben Stiller's character to represent a barely-disguised version of Viagra. Let's try to guess the pay-off. Little Fockers 10 Did you guess "Ben Stiller stabs Robert De Niro's erect penis with a syringe in front of a screaming, visibly traumatised five-year-old boy"?

Better luck next time, then. Later, when Greg denies knowing anything about Jorge, Jack still refuses to believe him and drugs him with truth serum to make him talk.

Little Fockers tops UK box office

On stage, Greg uncontrollably blurts out that Pam is pregnant and that Jorge is his son in a Darth Vader -esqe matter before immediately losing consciousness. The next morning, Pam questions Greg about Jorge, and Greg does not confirm or deny that he is Jorge's father, but insists that he knew nothing about him before the previous evening.

Pam believes him, and is willing to work things out with him.

fockers meet uk version

Jack reaches his breaking point with Greg's dishonesty and demands that Pam and Dina leave the island with him. Dina refuses and reveals Jack's actions to everyone. Everyone turns against Jack, with Pam announcing her intent to marry Greg regardless of him having Jorge with Isabel, and Dina admits that they were all aware of Pam's pregnancy. A shocked and hurt Jack leaves with his grandson.

Bernie and Greg pursue Jack, but are soon tasered and arrested by an overzealous deputy sheriffVern LeFlore, for speeding and refusing to remain in their car.

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Meanwhile, Jack is informed that Greg is not Jorge's father his real father turns out to be a baseball player who also resembles Gregand attempts to defend Greg and Bernie, but the overzealous Leflore tasers and arrests him, too. In their cell, Greg, Jack, and Bernie are released by the local judge, Ira, who is a client of Roz and a close friend of the Fockers.

Before they leave, Greg asks that Jack and Bernie stop their feud.

fockers meet uk version

Jack admits that he made a mistake regarding Jorge and reveals his past career in the CIA to Bernie, before apologizing for his actions and making up with the two of them.

During the post-credit sceneJack watches hidden baby-cam footage of the Fockers giving attention to Little Jack over Jack's previous objections: Roz gives Little Jack chocolate, Bernie advises him to use his crying to disagree with everything Jack says, and Greg pretends to drunkenly tell Little Jack to keep it a secret that he left to smoke pot, not answer the phone, when he left Little Jack unattended and that Pam is not really pregnant and only said it so that Jack would let them get married.