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Chance was supposed to meet with Larisa and get her to allow the CIA to protect her. She disappeared, as you know. gave me the impression he would marshal CIA resources to search.” Dumont I can't leave Larisa out of it. It's why all this. Before meeting the guests, however, I inspected the place carefully with the help of the We started talking and they suddenly felt more comfortable around me. I guess the only choice we have is for me to meet her at 9am tomorrow." . He wasn't looking forward to this meeting but it was time to exorcise Larisa out of his .

We started talking and they suddenly felt more comfortable around me. I brought drinks from the bar to those who wanted some, and served them food when the plates arrived on a trolley.

The atmosphere got increasingly lively and everyone was enjoying someone's company. We played parlour games, made jokes and got to know each other only by the sound of our voices. I was delighted to see that everyone was having so much fun!

When the plates arrived on the trolley, I had to be careful with vegetarians, as there was a good chance to mess things up. Fortunately, I managed to give everyone the right plates. The funniest moments were when they tried to guess what they were eating, or when someone lost a fork or a spoon. And they always found something to laugh about, even when they didn't lose anything: I laughed a lot at these remarks, and realized that they felt quite comfortable in the dark, and that they were coping much better than I thought they would.

We played rock-paper-scissors in a very unusual way. I was the impartial judge, and touched their hands to make sure they didn't cheat. However, serious matters were also discussed: Do I have a guide dog?

Can I cook and walk on my own? What are my plans for the future? My answers made them realize that many, if not all blind-related difficulties can be overcome through willpower, hard work and technology. I feel so trapped. Okay, fine bring me your typing.

It's better than being bored. Since the front of the house was likely being watched now, Lee slipped out the back door and made his way through an alley to a parking lot down the street where he had parked the Porsche. He quietly pulled the car out of the parking lot and headed for his apartment.

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When he arrived, he noticed that his answering machine was flashing so he hit the play button as he went into the kitchen to get a beer. He didn't get very far before he quickly turned around and went back to the machine and hit the reverse button and then replayed the message.

I never forgot you. We met a long time ago. You were working for the agency that was involved with arresting me for trying to steal some military documents. We met at a bar and spent a few hours getting to know each other pretty intimately before we confessed that we worked for different sides. Do you remember that night Lee? I never forgot it. It was amazing even if it was too short of a time together.

Well I'm in town right now and I found out you were still working for the agency. I asked you that night if either of us ever decided to switch sides; if we could meet again. Lee, I'm in trouble in Russia and I need to defect. I need your help. Please help me Lee. You know we shared a connection that night. Please agree to help me so we can be together. Can you meet me at Anacostia Park at 9am? I'll wait for you near the entrance and I hope you will come.

I know you have no reason to trust me but I promise you that I'm not setting you up. I just want to talk. I think I might have some information that might interest you and that you will be willing to help me defect to get. My name is Larisa. I hope you remember me. Lee replayed it 3 more times and then called Billy and played it to him.

I had to or otherwise, I would have blown my cover. It wasn't like it meant anything. Are you sure you can stay objective in this?

Should I get someone else to take over the case? I'm just worried about what she is up to. I really don't think she would have let Amanda out of that hotel room alive if she thought that Amanda was agency. I guess the only choice we have is for me to meet her at 9am tomorrow. I don't like this Lee. I don't like it one bit" "I don't either Billy but we have to find out what she is up to. Don't tell her that it is Larisa because that might upset her but she wanted something to do so I offered to bring some typing for her to work on in the morning.

He can tell her that you got tied up. He can go as a drycleaner and the paperwork can be in the laundry. Billy, Amanda really did a good job with Larisa.

I was really impressed with how she handled herself and handled Larisa. I doubt that Francine could have done a better acting job.

Too much is riding on this. They hung up and Lee decided that he needed something more than a beer. He went behind the bar and poured himself a shot of Scotch. He downed it in one gulp and then poured a second one.

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He sat down on the couch and drank this one slower. He hated to admit it but he definitely remembered the night he had spent with Larisa. He was a lot younger and hadn't been with the agency very long.

In other words, he was a young punk who was determined to make a name for himself and it didn't take much for a pretty girl to persuade him into a romp in the sheets.

He truly believed that the night with Larisa had convinced him to be more selective these days. At that time though, he had fallen right into her clutches like so many other young men. He had been assigned a case in which he was to provide security for the Military.

They had suffered some water damage at their D. It was Lee's job to stay with the documents and make sure they arrived safely and then to help maintain the security until they could be returned to their original storage place. It was a boring assignment to Lee and he felt he should be assigned more important things to do. The documents had arrived safely at their new location and Lee believed that no one knew anything about them.

So when some of the guys asked him to go to the bar that night; he readily agreed and left a rookie to guard the place.

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At the bar; all the men had spanned out looking for a little action. Lee soon found himself sitting on a bar stool by himself. Then he saw her. She had wavy Strawberry blonde hair that was pulled back in a ponytail. She was wearing a tight fitting blouse that showed her very full breasts. He couldn't help but watch her as she sipped on her drink. Suddenly she got up to go to the bathroom and he found himself watching how her tight fitting jeans showed off her very nicely rounded butt.

Agent Carew noticed that Lee was watching her and slid into the bar stool next to him. She's a well known Russian Spy and playing with her would be like playing with fire. She doesn't look like a spy. The agency has been tracking her for a while now.

Leave that one alone Stetson if you know what is good for you. She had taken her hair down and it piled softly just below her shoulders. Lee found himself drawn to her and even though he knew he should stay away, he decided to get up and talk to her.

He walked over to her table and said "Hi, is this seat taken? Lee began wondering if Carew came up with the story just to keep him away from her. I'm all by myself. If I did, he wouldn't tolerate such a handsome man sitting with me.