Meet my family 2 mediacorp news

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meet my family 2 mediacorp news

On The Red Dot is a current affairs/info-ed programme hosted by Cheryl Fox and Otelli Edwards. The show, which airs on MediaCorp Channel 5 and Channel NewsAsia, . 9 out of 10 people in Singapore feel that their family is the most important part of . Enjoy the sights and sounds, and meet the farmers of Singapore. This couple in Singapore wasn't about to let that happen. Read the full . ss keyuan7 Keyuan's new parents meet his former foster parents, the Dings, in Wuwei. . But shortly after they arrived in his birth province on Day 2, the mood shifted. At lunch . Get the news that matters in your inbox every morning!. Four non-typical Singapore households open up about stereotypes and the Asian region, and record the five families through the course of 2.

This was the latest episode presented by Otelli Edwards.

This Is My Family

Follow Junainah and the people that stood behind her as she dealt with depression. This episode marks the comeback of Cheryl Fox. See how family and friends pulled her from the verge of suicide and helped her regain her zest for life.

She didn't know where to find help, but help found her instead. Two of them are autistic.

meet my family 2 mediacorp news

Yet today, Julius is helping others fight Schizophrenia. Witness his journey from the clutches of the brain disease.

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Yet, statistics in Singapore show the number of them who volunteer are increasing. You Only Live Once.

Is Singapore a city of opportunities? Little country, big dreams - Episode 1 of 2

For some, it's a young people's excuse to do something crazy. But is it, really? More youths are pursuing music as a full-time career. Do they have what it takes to survive in this cut-throat industry?


Tread the rigorous path to Olympic Dreams and dive into the psyche of Champions. Find out what it takes to make it to the top. Remarkable individuals who demonstrate what it means to be a great neighbour.

  • China orphan who broke our viewers’ hearts finds a home, 4,500km away in Singapore

A domestic helper and her employer of 25 years. Be inspired by these remarkable stories of friendship. Two rival school athletes turned friends for life. Thirty-five years, and going strong. Share their heartwarming memories. Time for a peek! Get behind the scenes of the stunning equestrian show, Cavalia. We track Singaporean social entrepreneurs doing good in the Philippines.

A former drug addict gets a second chance through a social enterprise. Watch the episode here. Thousands who watched his story on CNA Insider also fell in love instantly. Given up when he was just a few days old, Keyuan was seven at the time of filming and already considered too old by a number of prospective parents, who preferred a child that was younger and female.

In China, children become ineligible for adoption once they turn What if everyone thought that someone was going to do something, and nobody did anything, and he just ended up waiting and waiting - and nobody came?

meet my family 2 mediacorp news

And on Jan 29,he was officially adopted into the Yap family — with whom he is spending his very first Chinese New Year in Singapore, in a real home to call his own. His belongings — a few pieces of clothes, photo albums of his friends at the orphanage, and gifts like a teddy bear from his parents over the months — fit into a tiny bag. It was meant to be the customary show-and-tell every time a child is about to leave — he or she shares about their new family.

But the usually bubbly Keyuan went quiet. Perhaps he felt bashful; or perhaps, he just knew too well what it was like to be on the other side, the child listening and wishing it was his turn. One staff member said: Nothing is known about his birth parents — at just a few days old, he was found at the gate of an orphanage. But though he was orphaned, his early years were not without love. A Muslim couple in the same city soon agreed to foster him, after unexpectedly falling for him just as the Yaps did.

Mr Ding Yun Zhi, 64, had not planned on taking in Keyuan - but something struck him when he saw the little boy for the first time. They raised him with all the care they would give their own son, and he even started calling them mummy and daddy. Keyuan's new parents meet his former foster parents, the Dings, in Wuwei. At the age of four, however, Keyuan was still not able to speak well because of his hearing impairment.

meet my family 2 mediacorp news

So the couple decided to send him to an orphanage in Shanghai that could better help him. Money was raised, Keyuan had a hearing aid implanted — and he was finally able to learn to speak properly. He kept on asking me if it was true. For his new parents, it seems as if his adoption has been the result of the efforts of many, all aligning to help him find a home. His former foster dad Mr Ding put it this way: The long wait is over 7: When will it be my turn?