Meet your maker skate video 2016

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meet your maker skate video 2016

Apr 24, Video blogging about our favorite toy, the skateboard. much he, or any Youtube content creator, is making off of these videos – he was vague .. It's worthwhile to consider that in , the global skateboard community may. Adam Spiegel (born October 22, ), known professionally as Spike Jonze ( pronounced He was a co-creator and executive producer of MTV's Jackass reality Jonze filmed, edited and produced his first skateboarding video, Rubbish .. the short commercial film Kenzo World to promote a fragrance by Kenzo in California skate video songs. 6, views. Songs found. Nassim Guammaz - Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters - California . XYZ - Meet Your Maker cover.

Photography, magazines, and early video work[ edit ] While shooting for various BMX publications in California, Jonze was introduced to a number of professional skateboarders who would often share ramps with BMX pros.

meet your maker skate video 2016

The screenplay was written by Charlie Kaufman and follows a puppeteer who finds a portal in an office that leads to the mind of actor John Malkovich.

Kaufman's script was passed on to Jonze by his father-in-law Francis Ford Coppola and he agreed to direct it, [41] "delighted by its originality and labyrinthine plot".

meet your maker skate video 2016

Russell 's war comedy Three Kingswhich depicts a gold heist by four U. Jonze's role in the film, the sweet, dimwitted, casually racist PFC Conrad Vig, was written specifically for him. At the request of Al Gore 's presidential campaign inJonze directed a short video about Gore at his home. The video was shown at the Democratic National Convention. The Moviea continuation of the television show, was released in October Jonze's volume, The Work of Director Spike Jonzewas released in October and comprises his videos, as well as photographs, drawings and interviews.

The film was credited to a fictional Venezuelan director named Carlos Soto, but was later revealed to have been directed by Jonze.

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He appears in the "Exoskeleton" part. Filmed entirely in slow-motion, [34] the video stars West and model Rita G, and sees her driving around the Las Vegas, Nevada desert in a Ford Mustang before stopping to repeatedly stab West, who is tied up in the trunk. Where the Wild Things Are, short films, and Her[ edit ] Where the Wild Things Area film adaptation of Maurice Sendak children's picture book of the same namewas directed by Jonze and co-written by Jonze and Dave Eggerswho expanded the original ten-sentence book into a feature film.

meet your maker skate video 2016

Andy Schrock, YouTube star. The line between the virtual and the tangible is as thin and porous as a sheet of MOB griptape.

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That video of Andy setting up a new skateboard also doubles as an extended advertisement for several hard goods companies he owns: It is at once destructive and creative. The old must make way for the new. Beginner skaters have historically been initiated and educated by the generation of skaters that preceded them. These dinosaurs, found lurking at the local skate shop or troweling the neighborhood DIY, are the linkages to old VM tapes and half-remembered Big Brother interviews.

They give historical context and a communal experience to skateboarding. Youtube, the great disruptor of our culture, must be analyzed and understood so that we can regain our bearings.

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The most obvious effect YouTube has had on this new generation of skaters is an explosion of skill and an expansion of what is now considered possible on a skateboard. Progression is aided in great part through exposure.

meet your maker skate video 2016

Widespread skate progression could only move as quickly as the postal service. See skateboarding splayed out spread eagle before you in all its grotesque wonder, its stretch marks fully visible.

meet your maker skate video 2016

Personality becomes paramount when the level of tricks creates a near-impossible barrier of entry. Youtube and social media has created a more diverse and fragmented culture which can simultaneously contain both Todd Falcon and Grant TaylorAndy Schrock and Julien Stranger. So what are these content creators doing to attract such a following, and who in the fuck is following them anyway?